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I'm happy Jarrett you're stepping into this debate. Driverless cars powered by cheap energy are just going to compound congestion problems. Originally as a disabled person who can't drive, I thought driverless cars would even the playing field. Per your thoughtful blog, guess not.
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I've sent this story to Island Transit contacts on Whidbey Island. Currently the board has had some initial discussions about paratransit reform as the sheer cost for a small transit agency to run a full size paratransit fan or truck for ONE unfortunate soul is very disproportionate.
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William, we are. It would be great if your proposal were possible, but Everett to Seattle has Sound Transit. For a long list of reasons, expanding Sound Transit to Skagit County or Bellingham will meet much resistance.
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Good bloody questions. About two minutes ago, I just read a proposal for rural transit to have our interconnectivity. One concern those of us in suburban and exurban Puget Sound have is the opposition of Seattle legislators to us having our fair share of transit funding... especially as statewide highway funding already got a big boost without voter approval. More detail if you'd like.
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Oct 26, 2015