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Dear Lord, your head is still swimming from a concussion? A year and a half ago? Sir, you should not be in the ring _at all_. I mean it. Sit down and write a book, then bring your comedy act to Orlando. I'll buy six copies for my friends and then buy tickets to the show no questions asked. But having that much of a trouble with a concussion is seriously bad news. You're probably deeply at risk for CTE already, and ... okay, the worst case of CTE documented in history, the one you did a chapter in your book about, was thankfully, BLESSEDLY unique in the studies of the condition. So much so that I believe it to be a combination of factors on top of the condition that caused the tragedy. But that still means that there's quite a risk for severe irrational behavior. Andrew Martin suffered from this, as an example. Please, for your own sake if not for the sake of your children, don't ever take a bump again in your life. I'll even buy Tietam Brown if you say you won't. Heck, I'll do that anyway next time I'm in B+N.
What do you mean, Patrick, a Molly-... oh. I get it. :P Though it's not EXACTLY a Crack Smash. Okay, it's a standing top rope Crack Smash. And as always, keep up this writing thing. Call me crazy but I think you know a thing or two about it...
Okay, it's good to see your negative opinion on your last days in TNA. Thing is, I'm with you on most things, in general. The whole Empty Arena crack is of course a severe exception ... but I'm glad you said what you said here. And TNA needs work. Dixie trusts certain people more than I'd believe is healthy (Bisch to me seems clueless, but I'm a 'dumb internet smart fan' so I _would_ think that...) and she really needs to hire Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman and someone who can keep them from killing each other to write the episodes. That's just my opinion, though. But good luck in your retirement, PLEASE don't go back _as a wrestler_ to WWE (announcer is okay if you can handle Vince or lay down the effing law!), and go write another novel. Me and my mother have pledged to buy five copies each. Have a nice day!
Tony, I've seen that the Independent Contractor supposedly gives the guys on top a lot of advantages financially (less paid to government = more paid to them), and I get the strange feeling that most wrestlers think they're going to be the top bar none, no matter the circumstances. Plus Mick has a couple of chapters in his new book where he covers the fact that people in wrestling need to know what they can get out of it, reasonably, they need to save everything they can from the business, and they need to know when to fold. (He said he gave himself to 26, and if he wasn't making a living by then, he would step out of the business. Now considering at 25 he got signed with WCW at a grand a week, he never had to worry about that.) I'm fully expecting some of the Knockouts to be confronting this soon, if the reports are correct about their salaries -- the most confirmation I got was an interview Taylor Wilde gave where she quit her job at the Sunglass Hut because she was recognized, which doesn't speak well for TNA's salary scale for her (and she was CHAMP at the time, too!). But, hell, you do what you have to do in this business, and if you can't anymore, you go get a real job and maybe take a booking or two on the weekend.
I have to agree, it drives me nuts every time Katie Vick gets trotted out by someone who never saw the story unfold on TV. Granted, I hated the story probably as much as you did, Mick -- thanks for speaking out on it when you did -- but seriously, all everyone says is 'a necrophilia angle' when that part was only stupid heel posturing. Though the fact that Hunter went along with it kind of makes me fear for the state of WWE in the future -- how on Earth he could think that would be something worth basing a feud on is beyond me. But I digress. I really wish people would start realizing that, to paraphrase your good friend Dee a little, that wrestling is, you know, not a bad thing. But instead, we have Linda getting run through the mud, and probably losing this race if indications are correct, quite probably because of the fact that she had a position of authority in a company that ... GASP ... promotes wrestling! Tell you the truth, from what I hear, though I vote Democrat mostly these days, I think I _would_ vote for her in the election she's in, because she seems to be the better human being. It's a shame that not enough other people seem to realize that.
I'm going to guess that that _may_ have been the cost of plugging the book on, CiranCc -- and knowing that Dixie and VinnieRu probably have no problem whatsoever with whatever publicity they get, since anyone who opens the book will find out about the push to Lockdown '09 from the get-go... even if it seems a bit down on the current position of the company. Also... WWE might be Bischoff-certain about TNA's chances of survival being slim, you never know. (Hearing that Ed Leslie ... let's be clear, Ed "Brutus Beefcake/The Zodiac/The Barber/The Booty Man/The Disciple" Leslie ... is bragging about coming in and doing it "NWO style", I think I fully understand that sentiment.)
It's certainly amazing that they _did_ plug the book, considering that it has the name of one of TNA's more famous pay-per-views in the middle of it. Of course the good people in the 411 comment section thinks it has to do with a shoddy Hall of Fame class or the movie deal... I think it's more about ... oh, the first plank in mending the fence eventually. (Though knowing him, he'd be ecstatic if you weren't under TNA contract in time for Mania 30, likely in the Garden.) I really do hope that the promo gets youtubed ... and now that I realize that the match is gonna be on Thursday, I'm going to first see what the chances of getting home on the Lynx are from the show, and if it's not very doable, I'll get my friend to Tivo it. Because I think I really DO need to see that.
Seriously, you've got the idea. The full Muta is overrated anyway. It's weird... I'm okay with this match happening almost enough to plunk down the money to get to Daytona -- despite the fact that I'll probably have to hang around the place until the morning to get home, or at least find out if I can get transportation that won't get back to Orlando until 5 in the morning when the buses start again. Probably because you and Ric know EXACTLY what you can still do? But typically, I get worried every time you step in the ring, for serious, considering ... well ... (I think I have to break from this to tell you that the Winter Park Borders is selling your book already, which is why I KNOW what I'm about to say. Not to spoil anything, other than GENERIC TWO MASSIVE THUMBS UP in my opinion...) Well you have a couple of chapters in there where you deal with June 2007. And your friend Nowinski had someone diagnose that man with CTE after an autopsy. And CTE has been diagnosed in people who've never had a concussion in their LIFE diagnosed. And that might be the most terrifying thing I've ever read. This is actually why my mom's not interested in seeing you in a wrestling ring EVER unless you're promoting a book. Or being GIVEN the book. I'm a little more relaxed in that (though... seriously, you, Tommy and bring back Scott D'Amore, that'd be a kickass writing team... just saying) but I've vowed to turn the channel if you ever get hit in the head, even if by accident. I'm sure you know this, also from having read the book, but ... take care of yourself, okay?
Well, my favorite is probably... original Son of Beast, though last I heard they changed it massively because of shock damage from the loop. But I do think Boulder Dash would be near the top of even a non-alphabetical list... *sigh* next time I go back to New York I've got to drag my Dad up there. (Note to self, only go in the summer time.)
You know, I think I may have accused you of only taking the TNA job because of it being in Orlando, at one point... having said that, I have two things to say: 1. As an employee of SeaWorld, I am probably not allowed to comment at all about our totally awesome park that's on your totally awesome list, but ... yeah. Manta AND Kraken, and I get to ride for free. Be jealous. (In turn I'll be jealous of your payday every couple of weeks... that reminds me, though, do you guys get in to Universal free? I'd think you'd kind of be contract employees ... look into that.) 2. I'm wondering about Adventureland the movie... which was supposedly filmed at Kennywood in Pittsburgh. (One of many parks I've yet to visit.) Why do you think they used that name in particular, when it evokes one particular park in Farmingdale that I used to live in? The wiki people even thought it was obvious enough to link that Adventureland on the movie page.
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Sep 9, 2010