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These are wonderful. I especially like the color one -- and I think it's better that you're only sparsely covered with leaves. Reminds me of the trees themselves. :-)
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Falling into Autumn at Sad and Beautiful World
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That is *totally* the question. I believe I've already answered it for myself with, "hahaha haha ha, no." Although there's still one hour and 5 minutes to start...
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on It's A Musing at Sad and Beautiful World
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Thank you for several LOL moments in a row. Hilarious.
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Yay, thanks for the detailed update! I really liked the Indiana Jones ride too last time I was at Disneyland (2000?). If you ever end up visiting Disney World in Florida, Dinosaur! at Animal Kindom is very similar (different story/scenery, but same kind of vehicle/ride). Your experience with Dodger fans makes me wonder if it's LA sports fans in general who so ungracious. (We had a similar experience with Kings fans after a Sharks game there. I was like, "you WON! Why do you feel the need to be insulting and abusive too?" ) The Sofitel sounds great! We'll have to check it out next time we're in Santa Monica. Looking forward to the next update!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Update! at The Traveling Londons
I'm sorry; I couldn't help but get stuck on the fact that the test is named Shit Outta Luck. I'm totally with you on the mints, and with the mixed messages about how big a deal the test is that came before the mint discussion. (Btw, if they're the red & white kind, my kid would be among those who couldn't have the mints.)
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That sunset is fantastic! Great capture. And I'm so glad you got to see Ken and meet Molly. We've been hoping to get Katie and the Beaner together for a playdate for 4 years; maybe we a road trip down the CA coast is in order! :-)
Glad to see an update, as we've been talking about you guys in our house for a few days. Al has proposed that we go camping this summer, and I proposed that we camp in HPR's park, so we can squeeze in the playdate I never got around to scheduling when y'all were in Philly. :-) We were eyeing Camp Misty Mount, though I still have some fear that a bathroomless cabin, while a step up from a tent, may still be too rustic for me. Let us know if you or HPR have any recommendations for a family vacation in your area! Also, your definition of cul-de-sac was priceless. I'm very interested to hear how you're making the transition from West Philly (where we are considering moving) to Western Maryland.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on the move, settling in; the recap at juliloquy
Yay! I've been thinking of you a lot lately (perhaps because I've been walking by the Shmoo's old day care regularly), and wondering how you're getting along in the new place. I agree with Pam about HPR's closing line in the story -- nice one!
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on Phrederick at juliloquy
Thanks for sharing your story, Glennia! It was similar to mine in many ways, including the part where I was freezing, shivering cold in the OR. Oh yeah, and the painful breastfeeding. YOWSA. I'm glad that Alex turned out so great!
Toggle Commented May 8, 2009 on How I Became A Mother at The Silent "I"
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I had a totally smooth voting experience in Philadelphia this morning.
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I love the paraphrase of Jane Austen at the beginning. Brilliant. Your book was, too -- worth the exorbitant postage to get it from!
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