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George, This is a short but very stimulating post, as it sent my mind in a hundred different directions on a Sunday morning. I'm not quite sure what you meant by science being under attack by "those who do not like the questions it asks" or "the findings it discovers". I have some guesses as to what you may be talking about there, but I don't want to guess here, as I don't think that was the main drive of your post. I think your point about education going beyond the three "r"s is a very good one. It got me thinking of a commentary on education written as satire in something titled "Screwtape Proposes a Toast", a follow up to the Screwtape Letters book. It describes the problem with a mindset he describes as "I'm as good as you" especially in education. I am posting some of that in my blog (too long for this forum), it was written in 1959. Tell me if it hasn't come somewhat true. . .
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Jul 21, 2013