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Hi Alice... Thanks for weighing in on this. And thanks for the link to my post on the topic ( I have never had such an acerbic and interesting attack and discussion as in the comments there. I've stated forever my views on this and how this is neither trend nor movement but a change in the world. I believe this with all my heart. And though we all tire of the debate the population is still interested. Rather huge readerships on my posts, almost 100 shares and 75RTs is indication enough that interest, not just arguments, is still high. Thanks Alice!
Let me know when your truck makes a stop in my neighborhood, that is TriBeCa NYC!
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Really nice post Alice. The culture, values and tastes of the world are changing. This is indeed a ground up revolution of taste and health. The market,as in the broad-based consumers, have spoken. In NYC,the corner has certainly turned. I walk by Chambers Street Wines daily and almost daily, I pick up another treasure to sip. Family dinner the other day at Balaboosta with an all natural (and really great) wine list. Business lunch at the Odeon with a great bottle of Trousseau from the Jura on the list. Lunch at an all organic restaurant in the village with a sizable, mostly European certified organic wine list. There are those who close their eyes and see everything as it was yesterday. There are those who demand change to meet their needs and beliefs. Natural wine movement. It's a ground up, consumer and producer reality. Lucky us to be here enjoying it.
Interesting and personal and pleasurable are way more important to me than an ideal of 'perfection'. I feel that way about 'natural' wines in general and that's why I'm drawn to them.
Really lovely post Alice. I'm a big fan of C.Ducroux and Eric Textier. And funny, was introduced to both by the team at Chambers Street Wines. I appreciate this in person view of his personality and vineyard. I only know him from a distance, through the wine itself. My only quibble is the choice of 'farmer's'. It sounds somewhat limited while to me his wine tastes so genuine and fresh and universal that I feel that he made it to share with me;)
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Feb 8, 2010