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I am a human currently attached to a vagina and I only like gay male porn. I have always been into gay male porn. My first discovery of porn was through Harry Potter fanfic and I naturally found myself navigating straight(pun not intended) towards the slash. Now I watch gay male video porn and read yaoi manga, though sadly only the stuff I can find for free on the web. I like it because there is no woman in it. Just hot horny men. I love seeing a man be dominated and the ultimate for me is to see a man in complete submission getting fucked up the ass. I find the vagina completely un-arousing if not downright anti-arousing, seriously even my own. I only wish there were some way I could grow my own dick(as I imagine the strap-ons would not be fully...fulfilling) to fuck a guy with. But what the hell do I know about my sexuality? I'm just a 20-year old autistic virgin.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on All Boy-Boy Action at Greta Christina's Blog
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May 10, 2011