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Televisa is the biggest Mexican media conglomerate in the world. Mexico's media is dominated by Televisa due to strong influences by the PRI. Over the last few years though the PRI has loosened up and allowed competitors like Azteca. According to an article on the BBC "Televisa once had a virtual monopoly in Mexican TV and it is still a major global supplier of programs in Spanish". Recently the BBC has signed a partnership with Televisa. Two BBC entertainment channels have started playing in Mexico as of late 2008. According to MediaNetwork " The roll out of two new channels,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2011 at Global Media News
Televisa is a Mexican media conglomerate. Mexico’s media was dominated by Televisa. They were able to do this by having strong influences with the PRI. Over the last few years the PRI has loosened up and allowed competitors. According to an article on the BBC “Televisa once had a virtual monopoly in Mexican TV and it is still a major global supplier of programmes in Spanish." Many foreign satellite and cable operators are against Televisa’s dominance in Spanish television. Much of its US airing airs on Univision. Televisa is the second largest media company in Latin America. According to the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2011 at Global Media News
According to Internetworldstats "there were nearly 35 million Turks online by June 2010." Many websites are blocked by the Turkey government. These websites include Youtube along with many other google sites. Youtube has been blocked by the government because, according to the BBC "these have included Youtube, which was banned over videos deemed to be insulting to the founder of modern Turkey, Kemal Ataurk." Many popular sites like Facebook are allowed in Turkey which attract around 22 million users. Alittle over a year ago the Turkey government announced they would be banning Google services along with their webpages. There has... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2011 at Global Media News
Turkey has an extensive media section in their country. There are nearly 300 private TV stations including more then a dozen that are national coverage. There are about 1,000 private radio stations including the state radio station "TRT". According to the BBC Television is by far the most influential news medium". Istanbul is considered to be their media capital. The city has 40 major dailies along with 30 publications. According to the Library of Congress "The media is known to exert a strong influence on public opinion" The media in Turkey is quite restricted. Military and political Islam are sensitive... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2011 at Global Media News
The radio business has flourished in India the last few years. Just a few years ago FM stations were granted license in order to send out signals across India. FM radio stations have flourished into many Indian cities. According to an article on the BBC “since they were given the green light in 2000, music based FM radio stations have proliferated in the cities”. Before that there was one of the biggest radio networks called All India Radio (AIR). All India Radio is stated owned and has more then 230 broadcasting centers across the country. They were established in 1936... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2011 at Global Media News
Media is a major part of India. The major parts of media include television, radio and internet. One of the most popular is TV. Since the state TV monopoly was broken in 1992, broadcasting has flourished. According to the CIA factbook "The country ranks 4th in the list of countries by number of teleivision broadcast stations." Just like in the USA there are many private cable and satellite stations. Most of the time according to the BBC, " News programs often outperform entertainment shows. Many 24 hour news channels are up and running and more are planned". In India there... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2011 at Global Media News
North Korea is one of the world's most censored nations. The North Korean government works hard to make sure no outside information gets into North Korea. The three main components that the government control are TV, Radio and Internet. Tv and Radios can not be tuned into anything but offical programming. There is a small amount of televisions and radios in private households. According to, "Only some 10 percent of the radios and 30 percent of the televisions are in private househoulds" Televisions and radios are preset to only get government frequencies. According to , "As of mid-... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2011 at Global Media News
The BBC, which stands for the British Broadcasting Corporation, is the world’s largest broadcasting organization. Their services include 8 national TV channels, 10 national radio stations and 40 local radio stations. The BBC was established by a royal charter. A royal charter is a formal agreement between a government and a company. A royal charter gives companies the rights to do what they want in the agreement. The BBC royal charter lasts for ten years then has to be reinstated. The BBC charter will be renewed in 2016. Instead of being ran by advertisements, the BBC is ran by a... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2011 at Global Media News
Over the last few weeks in Egypt there has been many protests and hopes of change. The Egyptian people have started their own revolution identical to the one in Tunisia. Many of these people want change and are tired of corruption in their country. According to the Chicago Tribune based on an interview with President Obama and Bill O’Reilly “The Egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections, they want a representative government, they want a responsive government. So what we've said is, you've got to start a transition now." One of the most important aspects of the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2011 at Global Media News
  Its no surprise that a big revolution have been going on in Tunisia. Reports originally said that there were only 78 people that have died through the protest. This number was given by the government and is not accurate. New reports say at least 219 people have died during the protest. The figure given was not final and will still be investigated by the UN. It is hard to get an accurate number with so many claims that are false. According to a BBC article “ Earlier reports that a synagogue had been set on fire in the southern... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at Global Media News
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