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If you go back and review my comments from last year during the games, I have been pretty rough on Shannon. I believe if he doesn't show any remarkable improvements he will be done after the 2010 season. I can't believe that people on Canespace are saying that if a guy is loyal to Shannon he doesn't have to compete for his position. That's crap! Last year, Chavez Grant, probably on of Randy's most loyal players, lost his starting position to a freshman. If you're talking about Glenn Cook--who was going to replace him? AB? Sharpton? We just didn't have the horses. The guys we had were still wet behind the ears. Does anyone of you actually think that Cook is on the same level as Harris? Are you fcking kidding me? Yes, Cook has the size and arm strength..what has he done either in high school or college to make you think that he's on the same level or better than Harris? undefeated in high school, two great comebacks (Virginia and Duke) to snatch two victories for the canes? Every time I heard about Cook is that he's a work in progress, very raw but have the tools to be a good quarterback. Do you guys know about his work ethics, his football IQ? I don't want to bring race in this, but do people assume he is or should be a smarter qb than Harris cause he's white? you have to support your arguments with facts, not empty feelings. Anyone remember Jim Druckermiller...dumb as a rock! He had the size and the arm strength as well. People will bring Marve (btw he's mixed). They both at similar career in college against close to similar competition. Marve never separated himself from Harris. The next best thing to do is to decide which one would crumble under pressure and can represent the U the best. Jacory survives that test and we all know what happened to Bobby!
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I don't want to dive into politics, but I have to make this one point regarding a lot of canespacers' reaction to this news. it seems that since 2001 and through the Bush years, we have become soft as a nation and easily rattled through fear. Examples: Bin Laden post another video (be afraid only Bush can protect you vote for me), there are bad guys out there (ooh be afraid, give up all your rights to the government to be safe), close Guantanamo bay and bring the prisoners here (we can't do that...they will escape and use their koran to kill us...they are weapons of mass destruction--we already have worst scumbags in our prison systems than any where in the world)and the best one of all Obama is a secret, black militant, Christian radical muslim and who hate white people who want reparations to blacks and want to enslave all whites for what they did to blacks (whiny crying--we want our country back lol). For Canespacers, (whining voice) Cannon and Cook left, ooh we are not going to win that illusive championship next season. We won't win any games this year, I'm going to jump of the sky way bridge ahhhhhhh. Get a hold of yourselves people. Let's stop the sissification of America...
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2009 on One Bad Cook and One Loose Cannon at Canespace
I don't know why no one has brought this point. Doesn't mark Whipple work directly with the quarterbacks and the offense? And I'm pretty sure that Shannon relies on the MW's evaluations when making his decisions, if indeed Cook was demoted wouldn't that be based on MW's assessment? Why the heck the same people who got the hots for MW, are now questioning his judgment? Qbs normally leave because of their relationship with the position coach not the head coach. They spend most of their times with the head man. Someone said earlier that MW said all these great things about Cook's potential, it means that Cook was doing great in practice. What did you expect MW to say, "my qbs suck they don't have a grasp of the offense and we need to recruit better backup qbs"? Nothing changes from where we were yesterday. I'm still a 12%. If JH goes down with or without Cook we would be screwed. The same way, if T-back goes down, UF is screwed. If OKlahomo's qb goes down, they are screwed.
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sorry for the double post! didn't see the first one
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any news on today's scrimmage?
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2009 on Canespace LIVE: Part II at Canespace
bg, I didn't say he was overrated...The job he has done with Tampa is stellar. Chucky got more props than he deserved for the Bucs superBowl...the D-fense carried that team and Kiffin was the architect of that defense. I believe his impact will be felt very quickly in Tennessee.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Takin' Care Of Business at Canespace
Kiffin may be an ass#$%, but don't forget that his dad is his defensive coordinator. I think his dad is really underrated as a defensive coach. That's why Junior is even more cocky. I think his dad will try to confuse T-bag who, I believe, doesn't have the goods to be a pro-set quarterback.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Takin' Care Of Business at Canespace
"Your right Iwin, and Odom and Beasley forward tandem will be really hedo/shard but better if beas developes." Dom I completely agree with that statement. Although JO is not as athletic as superman, he's a more mature scorer. I sure hope Spolstra quit playing that dumb trigger defense that he employed last year. I hate it when mediocre team become great shooting team against the Heat because the Heat is mainly concerned about packing the lane. I have to say this about Stan, he has his flaws, but he's one of the top defensive coaches in the league.
While Wade is a very good team defender, he's average at best playing one on one defense. Have you seen how many times he got taken to the hole fairly easy.
I know Wade's main concern with playing Beasley at the 3. Unlike Kobe, Wade doesn't like to guard the opponent's best perimeter player. However, he should understand that this smaller guy may have to defend Beasley at the other hand and beasly can take him to the paint regularly.
leo, I think O'Neal should stay put for the year. Unfortunately, there's really no good quality big out there with heights, unless memphis would like to give away the other Gasol brother. I think we should try to move haslem and the other expiring contracts as fillers. I wouldn't mind getting Odom back into the mix at the 3. other options including trying to get Boozer since the Jazz is trying to dump salary to make space. I favor signing AI for one year to see how it goes. Chambers may end up being a quality pg in the league, but on several occasions i came close to either break my computer monitor and big screen tv because of some of his brain dead decisions. The worst thing is that he came out as a senior in college, not a freshman. You assume that he would make better decisions than that. This line up wouldn't be so bad: AI Wade Beasley Boozer Oneal or AI Wade Odom Beasley O'Neal
I don't post here often because I cannot stand this format. but I try to read comments as often as I can. The deal that Pat is waiting for next year to make a major move is pure garbage. One thing people should know about sports is that next year is never a guarantee that things will fall your way. If the talents are available this year for the right price why wouldn't you pursue them? This is the most retarded argument I've heard. Regardless if Wade signs this year, next year, or decides to leave, you still need very good complimentary guys. If Wade leaves and you get a good talent this year, you still can use O'Neal's money and DWade's money to sign one of the top players...I think Wade is being a diva, but I think Pat's argument only makes sense to a offense to the retards :).
Dom--I like Pat. I've been following the Heat since 1992 and he made us relevant. it doesn't mean that Pat is immune to criticism. I'm happy that he's with the Heat. But, I'm just saying he doesn't have the patience to develop young players. DWade was an accidental pick. We all know that Bosh was his main target in that draft. He tends to overpay for players (jwan Howard--almost, Zo, AC). Man Riley over the years, have probably signed over a 100 undrafted players, even a blind squirrel catches a nut some day. And btw, Stan developed Haslem, not Pat.
As much as I like Pat Riley, I think that he's not so good at drafting and developing young players. Look at his draft history. He's good at overpaying for talents that others did develop.