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Durham did that because he was more interested in protecting the FBI rather than prosecuting Sussmann.
Why it's almost as though they're trying to create an unsocialised, unemployable, permanently resentful caste Blacks are being taught that they are royalty and whites are, basically, their servants. What is there to resent? I would argue, rather, that people for whom there are no consequences have a marked tendency to become abusive narcissists.
And "that person" is still allowed in the facility? If she were male she'd have been kicked out immediately.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2022 on It’ll Be Our Little Secret at davidthompson
It occurs to me that this is not an entirely happy thing for a new mother to tell her husband, the father of their child. Indeed, a thing to brag about. And yet women demean men like this all the time, with no sense of self-awareness and no worry of reproach.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2022 on Daddy’s Baggage at davidthompson
Contrary to popular opinion, it's how the corporate world functions for the most part. The amazing thing is more stuff doesn't fall from the skies, so to speak I think it depends strongly on where you are. I don't see much of that in the software engineering domain. Every time I get interviewed it's multiple rounds of interviews, with code writing tests at every step, some of them live (so real bad if stage fright is your thing). Frank incompetence is weeded out real fast, though I'm sure extroversion and good looks are a huge leg up. In today's legal and political environment being female is too. I'm surprised they still do it, because testing has been forbidden by judicial fiat in most employment realms. Seems only a matter of time before somebody starts suing software engineering departments for racism in their hiring practices. I know there are black software engineers, but I've never personally met one. The only blacks in our engineering department work for IT, not one of the coding teams.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2022 on Feeding On Failure at davidthompson
The bulk of Abrams’ money comes from paid speeches, investments, book deals Ah, speeches and book deals. The money launderer's methods of choice.
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2022 on They Don't Work For Us at Libertarian Leanings
Why is it, that the prominent philosophers of the current era all appear to be wimminzes? In the current era men aren't allowed to have opinions on anything, and if one is foolish enough to offer his opinion it is automatically wrong if a woman disagrees with it.
Grocery prices are going to rise a lot more when wheat and fuel shortages due to the invasion kick in. Everything is going to get more expensive because of fuel costs.
two hours spent debating whether a gay white dad was sufficiently “diverse” to join a volunteer parent committee I suspect a man of any stripe would have difficulty being deemed "qualified" to join.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2022 on Clowns Ousted, Conspiracies Invoked at davidthompson
Funny seeing a Canadian wearing a Buffalo Bills hat.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2022 on Come Together, Right Now at Libertarian Leanings
Redacted? Then all the good stuff will be hidden.
Greatly increased cancer rates are being seen in vaccinated soldiers.
Nothing to do with the vaccines. Nothing at all.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2022 on Collapse at Libertarian Leanings
That's in part because the government response is being led by Anthony Fauci, who ran a similar (failed) vaccine-only response to AIDS when that was the disease of the day.
It's the vaccine, stupid.
Maxwell's convictions are glaring only because it's so rare for women to be charged, let alone convicted, of sex crimes, even when they are clear co-conspirators with men. Usually prosecutors let women skate on the sex crimes charges if they agree to testify against the man.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2021 on Nothing to See Here... at Libertarian Leanings
Nothing is immune to cancelation. Mastercard and Visa can order their payment processors to refuse your business, removing your ability to earn revenue, and your domain registrar can block publishing of your domain to remove you entirely.
Neither do you have to believe that everybody who doesn’t like vaccines is a neo-fascist Confession through projection: it's the people pushing for vax passports and mandatory jabs that are the neo-fascists.
Queensland did even worse, non-emergency care is entirely forbidden to the unvaccinated. I presume New South Wales and Victoria will shortly follow.
What's the NNTV for the Pfizer shot in adults? I don't recall ever seeing that number.
Australia and New Zealand are about to institute a fully two-tier society, with the unvaccinated unemployable, unable to patronize stores, and unable to travel anywhere. They are squeezing as hard as possible to force compliance.
"There Is No Federal Vaccine Mandate for Private Workers" That may be, but there is nothing stopping companies from acting as if there was. So far as I can tell no court has entertained a restraining order or lawsuit objecting to company vaccine mandates or mandatory testing (for which there is never any rational basis, such as evidence of an employee exhibiting symptoms), and state unemployment agencies appear to have decided, whether they have the legal authority or not, that getting fired for being unvaccinated is a voluntary separation, so you are ineligible for unemployment benefits. The only thing that stops this is action by a governor or legislature.
Despite this, Florida employers are proceeding with "vax or get fired". You probably can't get hired after that either, because most won't hire unvaxed employees. So much for the science.
Not good enough, employer mandates need to be blocked too, so governments can't outsource their mandates.