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What are "racist and sorting-based mechanisms"? This looks suspiciously like English, but clearly isn't.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2019 on Elsewhere (294) at davidthompson
"My existence trumps your experience" I wonder where that bit of projection is coming from.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2019 on Not Quite Getting Over It at davidthompson
Why did England keep rationing so long after the war? That seems whacked. In any case, how are diabetics supposed to fare under this regime? Meat is both tasty and zero carb, while eating a lot of beans, rice, and such seem the opposite of what the doctor ordered.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2019 on One Tenth Of A Sausage at davidthompson
Isn't blocking somebody from walking down the street while holding a rifle felony kidnapping?
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2018 on Bad Souls And Bedlamites at davidthompson
Bleach causes chemical burns. Pouring bleach onto someone's crotch is surely sexual assault? These guys are lucky none of that splashed into their eyes.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2018 on She Seems Nice at davidthompson
Perhaps I'm crazy but I see a parallel here in the attitudes of many of the few remaining modern-day dhimmis (like the Copts in Egypt). They are often called "Islamochristian" because they've spent so long under the yoke of Islam that self-interest is almost unthinkable. They've internalized the notion of Muslims as the superior, the deserving, to whom everything is owed. Creating a population of same-thinking whites is I think the ultimate goal of "anti-racist identity".
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2018 on Milking Those Intersectional Teats at davidthompson
If your cause requires bullying to get the message across perhaps it, and your defense of it, isn't as righteous as you think it is.
"SJWs, how am I racist?" If you have to ask we can't explain it to you.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2018 on The New Rules at davidthompson
Abba is part of the "violent logic of whiteness"?
Toggle Commented May 14, 2018 on Laurie Has A Sister at davidthompson
I've noticed that actresses complaining about the pay gap appear blissfully ignorant about how much younger they are (5-10 years seems to be a good estimate) than their male co-stars. I don't know about you but to me it would be a privilege to start earning at 19 instead of 29. I don't think I've ever seen an "introducing" credit for an actor, like the one Cameron Diaz got for The Mask. Many of these actresses are also models, which can be a highly paid profession, one mostly barred to men, so it would be interesting to compare total income (modeling + acting) between the complaining actresses and similarly aged actors.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2018 on Elsewhere (266) at davidthompson
"Am I safe in assuming that the corrections to both sexes were mostly designed and administered by women?" One would assume so, which means that in the long run "corrective" teaching will only be given to boys, not girls, just like it is in every other feminist-run first world country. "The islamic sharia culture that Sweden is busily importing and imposing on itself will prove to be saner and less destructive of children than what the native 'elitist' culture is devolving into" It would argue not. At least the Swedes don't raise 10 year olds thirsting for blood. See any number of PLO children in propaganda videos. Plus things like teenage rape gangs, the Quran's admonition to beat your wife if she disobeys or displeases you, etc, etc. Nobody does spiritual and moral destruction like Islam.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2018 on Your Children, Their Politics at davidthompson
Google and Facebook are at the vanguard of this, but given Tim Cook's public statements I can't help but think Apple isn't far behind.
I use Fastmail for my email service. It's a paid service, but no SJW leanings that I can tell, and it's an Aussie company.
At least the author has a choice. An actual diabetic doesn't.
One wonders how diabetics, who must eat very low-carb diets, are supposed to fare in a high-carb vegetarian utopia. Perhaps the Colony solution is being contemplated.
"Despite my rebellious appearance, I enjoyed a level of tolerance from authority figures and society at large that can only be attributed to my whiteness." Being a leftist, she cannot bring herself to recognize the more likely scenario: her eccentricities are tolerated because she is female.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2015 on Undone By Her Radical ‘Do at davidthompson
Every time I see her name I think of the Ray Bradbury story.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2015 on Such Details Are Beneath Her at davidthompson
This specific sense of entitlement is a particularly feminine one, not especially related to elite status.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2014 on New Injustice Discovered at davidthompson
Let me get this straight. Liberals have long been trying to get whites to abandon their culture if favor of of the "superior" and "more vibrant" non-white cultures, and now that they've succeeded they're damning whites for doing it?
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2014 on The Wrong Colour Buttocks at davidthompson
Is she using "vaginal butchery" as a synonym for "childbirth"?
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2014 on The Patriarchy Made Me Do It at davidthompson
What sort of idiot wants "deliberate urban degeneration"? What purpose is served by creating it?
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2014 on Something About the Tone at davidthompson
how we dance in and out of these impossible gender binariesu Impossible? Last I checked humans still had only two sexes. A woman can pretend to be a man, but that doesn't make her pretense any less binary.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2014 on Elsewhere (127) at davidthompson
Now that "feelings" have been identified as a physical body part or something, the state can intervene in this case of violence. This sort of tyranny is inevitable result of the feminist slogan "the personal is political". Hurting somebody's feelings is now of government interest. Make no mistake, it is still the case that only certain people's feelings count. If she had sent him that email nobody would have cared.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2014 on Elsewhere (127) at davidthompson
Wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt doesn't mean you have the stones to murder your enemies like Che did. I very much fear that the sort of people who feel privileged enough to openly commit vandalism and assault will indeed have the stones to murder like Che. All for a good cause, of course.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2014 on Elsewhere (127) at davidthompson
“we demand body and gender self-determination” Only so long, naturally, as somebody else pays for that self-determination.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2014 on Elsewhere (118) at davidthompson