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Hey Chris Nice blog post--just a few points I think worth (in the interests of disclosure to your readers): a. I think you slightly mis-understood what and how the model calculates--sorry we didn't go into the maths on our call, partly because it's non-trivial unless you have pretty good maths. It is important to note that we don't really like using the word 'influence'--in particular because most influence models are either trivial (in that the simply look at first order not second order effects) or not robust. What we do look at is 'authority', or the sense that someone says things that other 'smart people' will tend to agree or positively evaluate. This is slightly different to influence--and it is a distinction worth noting. b. As I mentioned to you on our call--and have previously mentioned on a video interview with Robert Scoble ( ) we do have an immediate question around practitioners and commentators. The issue is not really one of technology, it is one of policy. How do you weigh up the authority of a niche specialist against the authority of a broad generalist? One useful analogy is in conferences and conference panels--one will often find the highly specialist sitting on panels with the generalist (in my history, it was common to for an Economist journalist who covered a vast sweep of an industry to sit next to someone with many years of practice in a niche area). In the next couple of weeks we'll introduce some new ways of search for authority which might address this issue--but it's absolutely not clear that their is a simple answer. c. Seth Godin - I recall that I told you that we didn't include Seth Godin in marketing and that this was one of the classic data loopholes that we would need to fix in our data aggregation. It's disingenuous for you to suggest that we didn't know about that -- and it would be appropriate for you to note that PeerIndex specifically identified Seth Godin as someone whose impact we needed to calculate, rather than give the impression to your readers that you spotted this yourself. d. Finally, a lot of people have a lot of opinions of their own impact or authority. Just look at the number of people who believe Fox news and hate the BBC, and vice versa. We're not really in a position to judge which school of thought is better. What we can do is social network analysis to help describe the strength of particular nodes or cliques. What isn't robust is a methodology of looking at your two twitter accounts in isolation and attempting to make generalisations from them. (A more robust sample would be to look at a thousand accounts). I suspect the issue is more likely to come from the fact that your Chris Skinner account is much more active (in terms of tweets) than your FSClub account--and this means it will take us a little longer to accurately track the Chris Skinner account. (At this point we are rather gentle with how we access each individual account, and it has thrown up some issues around accounts that are very active. We sometimes miss activity in highly active accounts--your personal account being one of them--this will be rectified shortly). best wishes Azeem
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Aug 16, 2010