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I have been coveting this set for two years! I would use every piece to create multimedia projects for my friends and family but most of all I would be able to share with my grandchildren the fun of creating! They love when I get out my small gelato set. Then I show them how to highlight or mark out the hidden images they created freeform. I always take a picture of them with thier creation to remember our time together. Oh to have it all readily available to just create... that is the dream!
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Footnotes! What a great idea. Not only personally but so helpful when featuring a drawing on a blog like this. Thank you for sharing.
Hey I am happy to see anything aired that includes crafting or anything creative! I already put in my 2cents regarding the show needing to lighten up and be fun vs negative. but I love seeing other crafters who really do live off of their creativity. I can only dream of being a little creative. Definitely not enough to make a living at it. I salute all of you crafters out there that come up with inspiration and new ideas on how to use just about everything to make our surroundings fun and inspirational! I Luv Ya All!!!
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Apr 2, 2012
To ask a person like me who writes paragraphs instead of one line for every thought or idea ... LOL Cross Moon Tree :)
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Luv Luv Luv what you have done Jeanette and thank you cheryl for sharing it with all of us! Way to go. I am sitting here right now looking for the perfect first image to cut with my cricut. I am making a journal cover and the idea that I can use the cricut to help is great! (I need to I have cartridges but havent cut much to justify my investment) :) Keep up the Creativity! Selena AzNacha Tucson Az
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You will be glad to hear I finally got mine done. In the past two years here in my little neck of the woods just about everyone I know developed some form of breast cancer or had to have biopsies done to rule out the symptoms . It was getting very scary. Hubby even said it was probably a good idea to go and get checked. I did and the report was fine. but I was due for another here recently and put it off. Went to have an xray done for something else and the xray doc was bored or something so he had the gals do my mamo while we waited for him to read the other stuff. He took me back to his office brought up the scans and read them right there! I saw someone elses on the screen before mine and I will tell you she is on my rpayer list. but it was kewl that he sat there and went through the scans told me what everything was etc...Seeing them myself really gave me some nice insight and I feel better now that I was given the opportunity to see for myself! get it done gals... toooo many of us are suffering from our "not wanting to know" and "everyone comes before me" syndroms. :) God bless AzNacha Tucson, Az
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Cheryl, LMAO. The first time I went into the bathroom where and read what you had there I immediately took a pickture of it. I HAD to bring it home and post it here! I can't tell you the reaction everyone has to it! LOL (of course I asked after that if I could photograph everything and I did :) Have a great day tell Megan hello :) Selena Tucson, Az
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