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There is a thorough timeline - as thorough as it can be right now, in that the information is constantly being released, corrected and re-released - in the NYT this a.m. . It seems to indicate that KSM did NOT finger the courier - which was suspicious - and that it was then the humint that broke open what the guy's real name is. I posted video this a.m. of the portion of the McCain-Obama debate where JSM tried to morph Obama's promise to get USL into a threat to "attack" Pakistan. 'Course, McCain also promised to get USL and that he knows how to do it. Worth watching with hindsight:
Out of sheer curiosity, Greg, where are you getting your info that "Obama used 'enhanced' interrogation techniques"? If anything, it appears that it was intel on the ground that got us back on the trail. I agree that - even though statements are that we would've taken him alive if we could - we knew that he would be killed in either a raid or a bombing (not taken alive). But, c'mon, the few on the left who made the comparison you mention pale in comparison to those on the right who have likened Obama to Hitler, Stalin, and everyone else perceived as evil. Most Democrats and Independents did not consider Bush to be Hitler (and many said as much), and the ones that did are probably speaking out right now against Obama and all of his (more moderate) decisions. Kudos to Cheney, McCain and other political opponents who have sincerely praised Obama for leading and making tough decisions. That takes far more political courage than the statements that damned with sarcasm or faint praise and tried to pass on the credit to others.
Thanks, David! After watching that video (and, I'd recommend watching all the way thru for that stunt at the very end), I realized my jaw hurt from my frozen expression of disbelief! I'm sending it around, too, Cheri.
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Nicely put, Craig. Thanks. I think your informed speculation hits the nail on the head!
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Clever find, Greg. Except for two things. First, you completely mislead readers regarding the Cherny ad. The failure to file the annual reports was just one-fourth of the claims against Ducey. Your comment that "Cherny manages to make an entire political ad out of these paperwork lapses" is FALSE. Second, your find of the lapse of Cherny's DC registration is not worth much. As another reader pointed out, you have found a registration in D.C. of a FOREIGN non-profit that has been revoked. Cherny's non-profit is STILL IN GOOD STANDING in its home state of Delaware (where else?). (Also, your screen shot should have shown that CT, one of the largest corporation registration agents in the country, was responsible for filing the paperwork for Democracy.) I agree with you that the annual report issue should not be a big issue - even when you are running for State Treasurer. However, your misleading lead and your back atcha gotcha are not very good, either. (I did a Fact Check of the ad, too, here:
Greg, you just couldn't resist those seemingly-clever analogies between sexual orientation and party orientation, could you? Very disappointing. Equally disappointing is your claim that endorsing a Democrat is equal to being a Democrat. No wonder the percentage of voters self-identifying as Independent continues to climb. Good people like Kolbe could actually increase the desire to affiliate with the GOP; but, people like you who denigrate anyone who dares to have their own brain discourage it.
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Aug 30, 2010