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And this does what in a country where only 15% can read?
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I've purchased and sent shirts to the troops. They are top quality shirts and I would recommend them for anyone.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2012 on ¡Viva La Revolución! at BlackFive
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The Ogabe Steno Pool once again doing the job real Americans won't do.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2012 on Today's leak of classified intel at BlackFive
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Alyn21 We have lost a lot of blood and treasure in shitcanastan. Only 15% of the people there can read. Its a lost cause to think we can change such a backward people. We need to back off and just nuke the place from orbit when needed. I don't consider anyone there an innocent life. And the first person we need to nuke is Karzi.
Read it at TAH, A little dusty in here also
Toggle Commented May 4, 2012 on ...The Gates of Heaven... at BlackFive
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Don't need another reason to boycott Worst Buy. Years ago I purchased a computer from them and bought the extended warranty. It broke. I sent it back and they sent it back broke. I sent it back to worst buy again and the warranty expired while they had it in their shop. They sent it back broken and refused to fix it saying the warranty had expired. Ron, Pull your head out of your ass. Worst Buy is closing stores across the country because they are hemorrhaging cash. Their business plan is "screw the customer." I hope they go out of business soon and loose every last cent in the process.
Awesome Pam. When are you going to be in Phoenix again. When last you were here I only heard about it the of the event and could not attend.
And where is the "Outrage" over this?
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Its more about maintaining their claim to mineral rights in Antarctica.
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Lonestar, I don't think anyone here is blaming Obama for Afghanistan. I echo the sentiments, what the hell are we doing there? Bring them home already. What strategic interest do we have in that country?
Luap Nor is a dangerous KOOK. Unlike Ogabelini who thinks we don't know he wants to destroy us and Israel Nor is not afraid to state his hatred of Israel. Either one of them could lead us into another world war.
Musashi was about 74,000 tons, Yamato was closer to 80,000 tons if I remember correctly. I would suggest a read of The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors for an account of what happened to them. A gripping read.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2011 on Dec. 7 in US Military History at BlackFive
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Darn, I wish you had given more notice as I can't get out my commitments tomorrow. Anyway Pam if you want a good dinner try Coup des tarts at 16th street and highland. Some of the best food in the Valley.
Is this a necessary government function?
Pam, I don't know if you have firearms training but in my opinion you need to get training and obtain a CCW permit. I'm sure there are many security services that would be willing to assist at no cost. Yes I know which city you live in but it is possible to obtain a CCW. Sean Hannity has spoken many times about his permit. I'm sure you or your lawyer have forwarded this to the FBI and NYPD. My prayers for you always. May YHWH continue to bless you and keep you safe.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2011 on "Die painfully okay?" at Atlas Shrugs
I also think Obama is hoping for a kristallnacht that he can use. The level of antisemitism at these OWS crowds is off the charts.
17,000 plus muslim attacks. MS, Geller, I pray for you daily that YAWH will keep you safe.
Anyone know how long it takes to set up a drop like that?
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2011 on Afghan Airdrop at BlackFive
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Pam check this guy out. You will fall in love with him
"Kufar Dawg said... Laws are meaningless if they're not enforced -- just like the "separation of church and state" clause in the US Constitution is meaningless if US politicians use my tax dollars to fund islamonazism..." Please provide a link to where this is in the Constitution.
From Across the Pond:
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2011 on Shots of the Day: 911 Freedom Rally at Atlas Shrugs
Now that we are at war what steps are we going to take? If we can't stand with Israel then we are done as a Nation.
Bring them home, AAF and Navy remains and place them where we can Honor them. Whatever it takes, bring them home.