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Thanks PPP for being so interactive, Pennsylvania resident here so I would love to see where others in my state stand on these issues: 1. Does the DNC convention being held in Philadelphia make you more likely, less likely or indifferent to vote for Hillary Clinton in November? 2. Regardless of who you intend to vote for, which convention do you believe had better unity? (Republican or Democrat, Equal, Unsure) 3. Regardless of who you intend to vote for, which convention have you paid more attention to? (Republican or Democrat, Equal, None) 4. Favorable/Unfavorable of both Tim Kaine (Democrat) and Mike Pence (Republican) 5. Do you believe that US trade deals have been good, bad, or indifferent to you and your family? 6. NAFTA/TPP approval rating (Positive, Negative, Unsure) 7. What is more concerning: Possible Trump ties with Russia or DNC email leaks depicting potential favoritism of Clinton over Sanders? 8. In your opinion, does Donald Trump have a real chance at flipping Pennsylvania, which has voted Democrat since 1992, red in November? Thanks!! Hope you consider some of these!
From Pennsylvania here... Love you guys being so interactive! 1. Opinions on a Trump/Santorum (former Senator) ticket 2. Governor Wolfe's approval rating 3. How much does Hillary's tough stance on coal/steel have on you? More likely to vote for her/Less/No difference? (Very curious how it relates to WV) 4. Do supporters care that Trump and his children attended college in the state? Non supporters? 5. Pro Life/Pro Choice would be interesting. 6. Should people be allowed to use the bathroom they identify with? Shower? 7. Should Penn State University reinstate Joe Paterno's statue (touchy subject, non political, but curious how voters would respond...) (Yes, No, Unsure) Just some ideas here!! Thanks PPP!
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Jun 1, 2016