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when Im around outhers I can feel and no things befor they say eneything to me some times I scare em and the think Im a freek of nature outher look at me in disbalief but I love to no the unknown and I can also tell when a person is going to die when i was 13teen my dad beat me because I told my mom she was very sick and needed a doc 2 monthes later my mom had brain surgery 3 tumers in her head also I new agin she was dieing yet my family did not balieve me my mom died my dad hated me after that but threw the years its made me stronger and now I help my kids and there friends and family also I have a lot of animals and i dont like big croudes Ive left places because of nagativity in em can you please tell me what I am and that Im not a horable person I love to help outhers
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Feb 22, 2010