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It gets worse, unfortunately. When Bill Mahr was going to do the free speech segment CBS presented him with an approved list of topics, but he wanted to do a piece that was anti-religion. CBS said no and Mahr pulled out. So Bill Mahr's free anti-religious speech is unacceptable to CBS but this poor man's dubious claims based on religious punditry is acceptable? Not only was last nights segment logically and factually wrong, there is no hope, apparently it will be balanced out eventually.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2006 on Speech free of thought at Skeptico
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Why did the chicken cross the road, Henrik? A: You should think before you ask. I bet 100% of the chicken, 13% of the road, and 53.4% of an unknown singularity of some type that you don't understand the physics of chicken road crossing. Go on, I dare you to answer this question on the blog of your web page using your real name. HA!
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2006 on Henrik Jensen Loser at Skeptico
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