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Rexon, I like your last posting here.
In as much we do not celebrate Cameroon's sickening image at home and abroad, we are very frustrated every time masked people come to tell us 'le pays avance.' In what sense? It's not only business that's risky, every thing about Cameroon is risky. What obtains in Cameroon now can't even be compared to Zimbabwe, whose image was painted black by western powers for seizing their brothers land. Oh God! 24 wasted years under Biya, from 'rigor and moralization,Liberalisme communale' to 'le bout du tunnel' and then to 'Grands ambitions.' WHAT NEXT? Since all the demagogy registed zero percentage success. When he came in 1982, we all supported him, and we were all unanimous that we have a handsome president. But that's all Cameroonians have seen in Biya, his handsome face in photos that must hang at every prefecture and all the high offices. Nemesis caught up with us a little too late. Like comedian Antonio says; "Paul Biya, la mal chance de Camerounais"
Ongola-Iwondo your first write-up was clammed with selfmade mistakes, now it seems more grammatically upright. Brother keep up with the debate, it makes the forum more fun. I should ask; are you one of those identity chameleons? Second;Do you write from the heart or from the pen?
Recently I was at your idols chambers and his boys do not even know about your sky riding projection of the former. In fact from our chat, they do not even compare him with any well known politician. Good news to me means these few; my village is electrified, tarred or has access to internet, dictator Biya resigns and to a large extent, former Southern Cameroons regaining its birth certificate. Lest I forget; happy resurrection! Kumbaboy, when you force a child with food, he ends up vomiting. You have over stretched to help out impart knowledge. Let sleeping dogs lie, Vally is a bended tree. We will try not to loose hope on him.
Such congratulatory gathering is a fine opportunity to party for the locals,exchange of accolades for some and a superb night for visionary speeches for others. If not, after that, what next? The minister will struggle to put some of his kin into public schools to 'wash his name incase he is sacked sooner or later.' Experience has shown us that, not even the post of PM will bring a single km of tar into the forest of k.muanenguba.And that is exactly what people need. Appointed or not what difference does it make to your locality? mmmpppppphhhhh!! Please excuse me for sighing so loud.
Jesse Jackson; “In politics, an organized minority is a political majority.” Two UPC’s Two SCNC’s Two SDF’s One CPDM, Plus, the CPDM is still officially the majority. Power take over is utopic.
Stonehall Did you address me or sb else? I like your flame, but do I sound like what you have written? You don`t need to read too deep sometimes. I saw my postings here long before yours and I will be around for long. It`s true I am still trying to catch the train I left for a while.However, note that, you did not start exposing Mukete and I am not writing for the purpose you want to put accross,.I just hate to see falsehood, any time, any how.
The maggots are still around. Same old concoction! Somebody is fooling or is trying to fool somebody here, if not, the maggots are fooling themselves. We know you. Mukete welcome back, to you or me, it all goes, because I have been far off the net in Cameroon. Welcome back again with that same stuff. BenB/F What happened to you? Hope you are still around. Agbormbai Where are you too? Time reveals so much. I`ll see you Cheers!
Good comments StoneHall. I see the hand of Mendo Ze in this set up. He would have preferred dying at the lucrative CRTV. Mendo Ze used to hand cash to a crew covering any event, depending on how they smile at him or greet; 'bienvenue professeur', 'directeur', or even 'papa'. Now, careless cash does not flow, things are more or less tight.The voodoo clique which Charles Ndongo use to be a ring leader no longer holds. Turn it upside down, I can`t think Vamoulke is taintless, the million figures are scary and almost unbelievable. If I agree with one thing about the letter,that is the; 'CRTV is truly a time bomb' for them 'Biya's mini church ministers.'Trained liars are not so different from Gendarmes torturing Anglophone Cameroonians.
THE JOKER GOT IT! Arie Haan and Theo De Jong`s appointment came a long way. First, Theo`s brother lives in Cameroon and sure is a business man. He introduced the pair`s file for the position. The shortlist after all home based managers were eliminated looked like this; Jacques Santini(French coach 2002 to 2004),Claude Marie Le Roy(well known here), Ratomir Djukovic(Serbia & Montenegro, Ghana coach for Ger 2006 WC) and Arie Haan. Worth noting that an inexperienced pair with head Italian, Franco Baresi as well as the Belgian, Enzo Scifo had been eliminated too. As for the choice of Arie Haan, he was hardly ever poised to win or selected. His candidature came in late and was not highly rated from the start by FECAFOOT, especially as other big names along side his. The most highly rated postulant was Santini, but his requested wage was above what the gov`t could pay. He asked for 40.000 Euro that's twice what the gov`t was offering. Moreover, the gov't had a dateline to catch up with, meanwhile Santini was joggling about consulting his legal advisers. The well known and 'all-knowing' Claude Marie Le Roy who could not bring anything to Strasbourg club as they descended to D2,just like his spell with Senegal and DRC was again around the corner. He asked for an amount superior to the one Haan accepted.He had little chances too, as the authorities concerned stated that Cameroon's team was not made for him to stroll in and out. Ratomir Djukovic, accepted even a lower salary proposition. Having coached Ghana and other countries, the powers that be judged he was not still qualified enough to coach Cameroon.It is funny this guy left Ghana faking medical reasons though Ghana was ready to continue with him. Just to turn around and apply for the Cameroon job. Arie Haan was the like the joker, the coach that had no chance, but he finally ended up being the coach. If the eliminatories for the ANC wasn't very close and the PM had not given an order, as to the early appointment of a coach, Arie would not have been the Lions coach.His name in Holland is very much linked with an unsuccessful coach.Dutch sportloving netizens in a pool, do not appreciate Cameroon`s choice for him. He is not actually the high profile coach we were looking but the gov't too can't pay his betters, like Wenger or simply any English or Spanish first division league coach. Ambassador Milla even insisted for a cheap or low wage coach, saying he is tired of questions in Europe as to why Cameroon`s national team coaches have to resort to FIFA before their salaries are paid in full. There are many reasons for not appointing a home made,based or simply a Cameroon national as head coach. With everybody`s eye wide open to the tv and players performances now, it is difficult for tribalism to operate. The core problem lies in the fact that we do not have confidence in our one nationals. If Manga Onguene was the coach who failed to qualify us for the WC, it would have been a different story today. But we had two Europeans with doubtful abilities. No matter how we look at it, pressure or no pressure from the ministry or whosoever, we place little confidence in our own coaches. We feel whitemen have something special to offer. Personally, I`m still yet to discover the qualities of Artur Jorge that Paul Akono lacks. More widely, Durudayo, Big Joe and others have taken my thought into something deeper. And going by you I would wish to see a Cameroonian be the head coach some day again. Though I`d rather say let`s make them friends instead of trying to do what would not help even our pride.Only development can bring us real pride. It is not creating stringent conditions for aliens wishing to get to Cameroon. Back to the Lions bench, I thought Patrick Mboma be brought in.All he needs is to be groomed for this position. Mboma should have been appointed one of the assistant coaches and not an adviser, so that he could take full responsibility after two years. Well, for now, we know Arie Haan has a nation`s cup to win or depart.Any success he gets here, would be probably the most cherished of his career. Long live Lions!
I do not know what magic made it possible for me to sign in.In fact my last try turned successful. For once we can say good bye to the unqualifiable impersonation and slander. I am personally thankful to the post for this step. And though our wranglings here would not reduce the drive between Kumba and Buea from 3hours to 55minutes as it used to be, it helps to mould some minds. The level of contributions have been placed very high,more or less a political science school.I really admire those who brainstorm and impart knowledge and as well as those who also keep chasing names instead of ideas, you make the site fun to browse. Good luck to you all!