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I don't eat any General Mills or Hormel products but Kroger owns some of our supermarkets. It's sad to see companies bilking their customers during difficult times like these.
You never know what can happen even with big kids. When my son was about 12 or 13 he and two friends were swimming in my pool. One kid, who was a pretty big guy, decided to stick his face in the filter. His eyeballs popped almost all the way out and he looked like the guy from Frankenstein. Luckily, after going to the ER, he was okay but I almost had a heart attack.
Great to know about Prime Day. Thanks.
A thoughtful roundup this time. Thanks.
I have recently read about those fraudulent tests and the idea of it is infuriating. Not unexpected, though.
I try to change my passwords every once in a while. And, it seems like everything now is requiring a text to my phone or some other authentication. It's frustrating but necessary.
And, they all probably think they are being patriotic which is as far from the truth as it can get. Their loyalty is to greed. It's sad.
Scammers are so awful. I don't know how they live with themselves.
Your casserole looks yummy. We need the recipe. LOL
It's amazing what people will do to bilk others for money. You have to be so careful. Tip: Don't post your vaccine card on social media.
Fun stuff this week. Thanks, Rita
It's awful that there are so many scammers out there. I think the biggest one is the person who is holding up the bill right now. But, luckily, he's going away.
I hadn't heard of that app so it's good to know about. I like the convenience of not using checks but know it's important to be careful.
It's alarming and shameful to think of what many families are going through this year especially as we enter the holiday season. So much could have been avoided.
Your tips apply to all charities. There are good ones and many bad ones. Some non-profits use their proceedings to benefit themselves. They live off them. You really have to be careful.
That's so good to know. I love that I live in California and this is just another reason why.
Online shopping these days can be shady especially ordering from a site that ships from a country like China. I ordered what looked like a beautiful dress and received a butt ugly puke green sweatshirt. It took months to get a refund after threatening to out the company on social media. Another time I ordered a dress and received something that didn't look anything like the original image. Because it was during the pandemic there wasn't a way to return it. For now, it's better to stick to "made in the USA - well-known brands."
That's sad to hear. We depend on Amazon often so we don't have to go out. I've found Big Lots or stores like it offer some good stuff if you are brave enough to walk in.
Great shopping tips.I can imagine there are some great travel deals especially for domestic travel.
Renting a room in a house I have about 12" of space in the refrigerator so it definitely cuts back on snacks. Love omelets with tons of vegetables. So yummy!
I'm driving a Prius right now but it's a 2007. Still, love the gas mileage. So glad I don't have teenagers anymore.
It's so insane that people without a good insurance plan have to pay up the nose for drugs. I hope this gets taken care of once and for all because people in pain or at risk of death shouldn't have to stress out about medication payments.
Thanks for the roundup, Rita. Great posts.
My tax preparer is the brother of one of my high school friends so he's been doing my taxes for a long time. So far, only 1 mistake where I ended up paying more than he had estimated. He is retiring but said he'd still continue to do my taxes. I'm surprised that H & R Block is so expensive.
Our neighborhood exploded with fireworks even though all the public displays were canceled. It was like a war zone. The next day, I sat in a yard with a couple of friends and we had a little BBQ. Spread apart, of course. It was a nice break until I realized the mosquitos had gotten me.