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Your tips apply to all charities. There are good ones and many bad ones. Some non-profits use their proceedings to benefit themselves. They live off them. You really have to be careful.
That's so good to know. I love that I live in California and this is just another reason why.
Online shopping these days can be shady especially ordering from a site that ships from a country like China. I ordered what looked like a beautiful dress and received a butt ugly puke green sweatshirt. It took months to get a refund after threatening to out the company on social media. Another time I ordered a dress and received something that didn't look anything like the original image. Because it was during the pandemic there wasn't a way to return it. For now, it's better to stick to "made in the USA - well-known brands."
That's sad to hear. We depend on Amazon often so we don't have to go out. I've found Big Lots or stores like it offer some good stuff if you are brave enough to walk in.
Great shopping tips.I can imagine there are some great travel deals especially for domestic travel.
Renting a room in a house I have about 12" of space in the refrigerator so it definitely cuts back on snacks. Love omelets with tons of vegetables. So yummy!
I'm driving a Prius right now but it's a 2007. Still, love the gas mileage. So glad I don't have teenagers anymore.
It's so insane that people without a good insurance plan have to pay up the nose for drugs. I hope this gets taken care of once and for all because people in pain or at risk of death shouldn't have to stress out about medication payments.
Thanks for the roundup, Rita. Great posts.
My tax preparer is the brother of one of my high school friends so he's been doing my taxes for a long time. So far, only 1 mistake where I ended up paying more than he had estimated. He is retiring but said he'd still continue to do my taxes. I'm surprised that H & R Block is so expensive.
Our neighborhood exploded with fireworks even though all the public displays were canceled. It was like a war zone. The next day, I sat in a yard with a couple of friends and we had a little BBQ. Spread apart, of course. It was a nice break until I realized the mosquitos had gotten me.
And, as expected a crisis brings out good entrepreneurs and shady entrepreneurs who benefit from it. Good to know about it. Thankfully, the sanitizer I ordered isn't on the list.
Good idea to check credit reports often. For a number of reasons.
I believe all of this. So many lives could have been saved and we may not have had to lock down and shut down businesses if it were nipped in the bud much sooner.
It's alarming to see people blatantly ignore warnings feeling their freedom is more important. Does that give them the right to infect others? Of course not. I've taken some walks. Being in nature is nice. Most people have been going with the program in Los Angeles, which is nice.
I use them because they make things easier but it's usually for people I know and clients. Good to know, though.
All of the posts were so interesting and fun to read. I really enjoyed reading them.
I don't understand why people think going to church during the pandemic will protect them from getting the virus which could potentially kill their family members. Although I'm glad most of the people in my area are complying with the stay at home order.
It's always great to have a list like that to refer to especially when it comes to charities.
Some great posts this time. Wonderful ideas and stories.
I wanted Harriet to win Best Picture. It was wonderful and what a story.
Sounds like a fun conference you attended. I love your outfit.I bet you had fun in San Diego. One of my favorite places to hang out.
I'm praying he'll have a heart attack. Yes, I really said that. He assaults us every day.
Well, I'm glad I don't have to worry about snow here in LA but great tips. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a scary thing.
That's so interesting. I don't think I've ever come across someone wanting a gift card, but if I do, I'll be aware. Thanks.