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It's always great to have a list like that to refer to especially when it comes to charities.
Some great posts this time. Wonderful ideas and stories.
I wanted Harriet to win Best Picture. It was wonderful and what a story.
Sounds like a fun conference you attended. I love your outfit.I bet you had fun in San Diego. One of my favorite places to hang out.
I'm praying he'll have a heart attack. Yes, I really said that. He assaults us every day.
Well, I'm glad I don't have to worry about snow here in LA but great tips. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a scary thing.
That's so interesting. I don't think I've ever come across someone wanting a gift card, but if I do, I'll be aware. Thanks.
Those free trials drive me nuts. I just had a charge for a pair of sox that apparently were on auto-renew that I never saw when I ordered them. I canceled but it screwed up my checking account. Now I'm on a trial for Amazon Prime but I want to see Mrs. Maisel. Decisions, decisions.
I had no idea about the abandon cart idea. That's good to know.
Originally, paying off a house was the plan until 2008 happened. Now, there are a whole bunch of us renting.
I try to eat organic as much as possible. Our local grocery store has a great selection and we have farmer's markets. You still have to be careful to make sure it's certified. The easiest way is to stay away from packaged food as much as possible. It's full of bad stuff, for the most part.
I've been getting flooded with all that too. I joined Kaiser, which I like but kept my dental and vision on a Cigna plan because I didn't want to change my dentist and Optometrist. Although, I love that Kaiser is all through the same system. It makes everything easy.
I can't imagine having 4 servings of red meat per week. I usually stick to fish or chicken. However, every once in a while I may have a burger or filet.
The idea of finding love online is a scary thought although I've heard of some successful outcomes. Good to know about I'd be interested in knowing which other sites are suspect.
This is all so true, Rita. A friend of mine who specializes in non-profits and is a consultant for them suggested Team Rubicon for donations to Hurricane Dorian. She said they are on the up and up and doing great work there. (She does not work for them, but knows how to vet them out)
That's kind of alarming. Something to think about for sure.
In California, chain restaurants have to post their calorie counts and it's so alarming. What you thought was a healthy salad takes up your entire day's budget. I love Maggianno's but taking home an extra dinner usually lasts for a week of meals.
Those types of scams are so rampant. I never take a call from Social Security or the IRS. I either call them or use their official websites that have a verification code.
You're right about that. People who are heavy drinkers, especially.
My cable company makes me nuts. We have Spectrum and the initial package with a "deal" included the Internet, TV, and phone. We don't use the extra phone because we only use our cellphones. We've asked to take the phone off but it would actually make the charge higher. Makes no sense at all. Why should I pay for something I don't use?
I found a product at a spa called Coola that you can buy on Amazon that has safe ingredients. I have to admit that because I wear contacts I often "forget" to wear sunscreen. I always get some in my eye at some point and it burns. I usually walk in the early morning and otherwise don't spend a lot of time directly in the sun. Tell that to my age spots. LOL
We had a great cruise on Royal Caribbean a while back. We also got a great deal on a Cunard Cruise through Vacations to go and got upgraded when we boarded to the Queen's Grill at the same price. You never know. I love Holland America too.
Those are such great tips. We live in an area with a lot of young film students. They are always crossing the street or walking their dogs with their noses in their cell phones. It's scary. The other day an 80-year-old man was killed in a crosswalk in LA because some impatient jerk couldn't wait for him to cross the street. Then, he took off and left him there. It's frightening.
Excellent info as always about finances.
I always love Southwest and had the worst experience flying American. Dirty plane and bad service. Sounds about right to me.