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Very nice post. I have thought of you a lot this past week too as we found out about Tracy. Loved your thoughts on God and the clouds. As a child I loved to lay on a blanket in my yard on a bright sunny day and look into the clouds and try and see God! :). I think we forget to do that sometimes when we get older and busier. Take care as I look often for your posts and they are always so helpful. Becky In Wisconsin P.S. If you want COLD and you want to stay in the US no need to cross an ocean...just come and visit me! We have had windchills several days that were -30.
Yes & Amen! Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, It is so nice to see a post from you. I know when I click and see you have a new post I will smile before I am done reading it. You always seem to have just the right words to say no matter what they are. Please keep posting as you really are a great encouragement to many, many people who have never met you in person. I am reminded of the song, "Thank You For Giving To The Lord." When your time comes there will be many lined up who you do not know and they will be there as a result of you sharing with them on this post. Words are very, very powerful. Thank you for honestly and openly sharing. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Nice, nice photo. You look VERY reflective in this pic. Just got back from Branson and the SGP and saw L5. So very sad to see Glenn go but think Matt will do great too! He did an awesome job at SGP; like he had been with them for a long time. Change..... always happening whether we want it to or not! I hope you are able to go to NQC. Someday in about 20 years if we ever retire I would love to go! It sounds like you are using the music to heal. Always nice to hear from you. Becky In Wisconsin
Great to hear from you. This summer seems to be just a whirlwind. We are having a heat wave everywhere; even here in WI. Praying for you and yours. Becky In Wisconsin
Happy Belated Mother's Day. Hope you got to spend yours with your little Isaiah and were able to connect with your mom and kids too. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Thanks for the wonderful post. I have a sister who has been caring for our mom in her home for over 15 years!!!!!!!!!!! I try and give her some little things every once in a a Southern Gosple DVD, etc. When our dad was dying and most everything had left him he still so enjoyed listening to Southern Gosple Videos; just sitting with a loved one and listening to that good music can so lift the spirit of the care giver and the one cared for. Parents, grand parents, can be such a treasure. Pray you are doing well. I also had the crud for two whole is some nasty stuff this year!
Debbie, I also posted 2x last week on the day you wrote but for some reason neither posts are appearing. I just want to tell you I am praying for you through all of your "junk" of life. How wonderful to think this "junk" as stressful as it may be and it is!...we only have to deal with it on a temporary basis. Blessings to all of you and for your daddy to be healed very soon either on earth or in heaven. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, I got an error message after this was posted so here goes again. If you get two...sorry! You will just be double blesses for a blessed Easter. Becky In Wisconsin
Yes, Amen to everything you said! I was at Praise Fest this weekend and was also able to attend a concert with L5 earlier this past week. Two in one week! How awesome is that. At both events Scott (Fowler) did a great job of remembering Roger and sharing his products with us too. Of course when they did the Remember The Music that also made us think of Roger. Praying for you and your children. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Glad to hear your dad is home and pray you will have a nice time with both of your parents this week. It is funny how time flies and stands still all at the same time! Take Care, Becky In Wisconsin
Hi Debbie, Well here it is March already. I know March is a really difficult month for you. How is your dad doing? I pray he is out of the hospital. I also pray you and yours are safe from all the storms that have been so devastating to so many all across the country. Stay safe and keep us posted. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Always nice to hear from you. It does seem there is so much going on with everyone this winter. I have a dear, dear brother-in-law who has been fighting so hard with cancer and a sister who had heart surgery and mom is having surgery today. All this since New Years! I did want to share a happy note here and make someone, hopefully lots of someones smile! We had six babies born in 40 days! Yes I said that right...six babies born in our family, none adopted all born!!! In exactly 40 days aka 5 weeks and 5 days! They are so sweet. Two sets of IDENTICAL, identical in the fact that both babies in both sets of twins were even sharing the same sac! So we have four beautiful twin girls and two beautiful little boys. And they were all here by Christmas! We had the 1st baby shower this past Sat for one set of twins and one of the little guys. I am thinking that may be some kind of record! Six babies in 40 days...and none of them came when they were due! So life is a mixture of tears; tears of joy and tears of sadness. Watched NQC DVD last night and laughed hard as we watched Roger give "Old Red Socks," a hard time. No matter how many times we watch Roger we always laugh even though we know exactly what he is going to say. Even in his death his gift of encouragement lives on!!!!!!!! Do take care...I think I would rather have, "Thomas The Train," stuck in my head than Tim Hawkins, "Someone Broke Wind!" Stuck in my heard!!! If there is anyone out there who needs to laugh so hard they cry, go on youtube and watch Tim Hawkins...better yet go on his site and purchase his big combo meal..this guy is "seriously" hysterical. We had never even heard of him until our daughter showed him us on you tube. I got my husband his set for Valentines Day and we have been laughing so hard over Tim. (Sorry not sure if I should of given him a plug or not...honestly have never met him but he is such a stitch. If this post comes down I will know I did a wrong in posting on him). Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Praying for you and all of your most stressful situations. Will be checking frequently to see updates on your dad. Isaaih will most definitely come to love his time with you and look forward to coming to your home. The love you show him will carry through. "Little People" always make the world a better place! Surely someone who reads this blog must be a Christian insurance agent or know of one! Take care. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, I really had been thinking something was wrong for some time now. I am sorry for your loss. I also believe God will use you to minister to yet another group of people. It seems ministry is your call and you have been very good about ministering to others. Know there are a lot of us out here who are encouraged by you...maybe even more so when it is raw life. It is easy to praise when life is is harder when life is sour. You never loose the focus. Thank you and please do keep posting. We will look forward to your next adventure of life whatever it may be. Blessings for 2012, Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Merry Christmas to you. Hope you are having a great day with your family and will have a nice day tomorrow too. God's best to you in 2012. Becky In Wisconsin
Debbie, Happy Thanksgiving to you. It is always nice to hear from you. Enjoy your family. Including those furry members. When my daughter got up a bit ago she lamented on how hard it is to get up when you have a cat purring next to you. Not to worry...when she came down the dog was laying by the fireplace wanting some company! Becky In Wisconsin
Glad to see your post. Praying for you and all of our friends in MO and family in AR. Life is sometimes so tough. I than feel guilty when I see the people of Joplin and others. At least we are alive even if we do not have health, money, jobs, etc. Just seems so much sadness is happening. As I lay in bed today trying to get up I kept reminding myself, "I've Read The Back Of The Book & We Win." Day after day seems to bring more heartache! I wonder when it will stop....I hope soon. Just a break or some light at the end of the tunnel would be nice. It is so hard to keep on keeping on when each day seems to bring more and more problems instead of solutions. Mu husband lost his self employment after working so very hard for 13 years at this job. I am completely disabled with multiple sclerosis and there is no unemployment with self employment. I don't know how much more of this we can take! I keep telling him and I that God must surely have something good in store for us and he must be getting ready to give us something good?! I pray so. Becky In Wisconsin
Thanks for sharing so much with us. You are a great source of inspiration and strength. Praying for you all these next few days. Becky