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Oh Freddy, I love you so much. I know that your mom misses you more than she could ever tell us, and that she knows you will never really leave, but it's not fair how things turn out. I'm glad that your struggles are over, and hope that you have the best time ever for eternity. I'm glad that your last moments were peaceful, because all of us deserve that. Everyone at our house (furry and otherwise) will say a special prayer for you and for your family. God bless all of you. xoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2019 on saying goodbye---for now at woolythyme
As someone who has royally messed up my own bad knee this summer, I appreciate your frustration (I mean, even my "good" knee isn't that great!). I hope you can feel good enough to get around and at least head north for a while. I am glad you made it to the concert, though - that probably helped. Take care.
(Now I want to try some of that infusion as well ... ) I love knitting socks because they are fun to knit all year round, there are so many amazing sock yarns, and I love to give them as gifts because people are so amazed that you MADE socks! :-)
Holy spit! 21 miles is really impressive - good for you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2016 on Woo! Hoo! I Did It! at Stepping Away from the Edge
I have toyed with learning to swim, but have always chickened out. Maybe I should make myself do it, you know?
Happy Birthday to your dad! He and your mom look like a wonderful couple. P.S. I'm so jealous of you, having both of your parents around to spend time with.
Pittsburgh is the best. Be sure to check out the Frick Mansion sometime. It's across from a beautiful historic cemetery, and also near a wonderful noodle place! Glad you had a wonderful time.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2016 on Weekend Adventure at Stepping Away from the Edge
I love this poem more than I can say. Thanks for sharing it, and Happy Weekend!
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2016 on Poetry Friday at Stepping Away from the Edge
I am a write-stuff-down person too. I'm gonna have to look into this ... :-)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can remember milestone birthdays - like the fact that I just turned 60. But when someone asks me how old I am, I usually think of my birth date and try to do the math. I always figure that they must think I'm trying to think of an age they'll believe ... :-) Have a wonderful birthday and many more!
I hear you. One of my biggest P.O. grumps is people who have been standing in line with you for MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES and then when it's their turn, they are not prepared at all! Come on, folks, you had time to get your wallet out, to fill out the form, etc. GAH! Drives me nuts ...
I am so hungry right now! I think that means this is a good list ... ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2016 on Pure Comfort at Stepping Away from the Edge
I am so hungry right now! I think that means you have a good list here ... ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2016 on Pure Comfort at Stepping Away from the Edge
OK, I understand your hesitation, because I would feel the same way. BUT - those are truly lovely, I am especially IN LOVE with the wren and the flower! And I am incredibly jealous of you, as I have always wanted to learn to do watercolors, they are my favorite. (Of course, not having drawing skills at all is my first problem ...) Good for you! (And let me know if you need someone to give those away to ... ;-) )
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2016 on What's Your Word? at Stepping Away from the Edge
I remember reading somewhere once that Kalamazoo was the Celery Capital of the World ... is that true?
Oh those Christmas pups! I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas Day!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2015 on Ready, Set, GO! at Stepping Away from the Edge
I am in the process of writing my post, but even so, I realize that a lot of this depends on not only where you live, but the kind of grocery stores in your area! Wine. I'd stop at #1 too. ;-)
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2015 on Best Option at Stepping Away from the Edge
I'm going to try and do this as well. But it might have to be more when things are put away, since I didn't really think about it before I got started this year ... :-) Your decorations look wonderful!
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2015 on Pruning with Purpose at Stepping Away from the Edge
I love the group photo - a happy bunch to see on a Monday morning! I've enjoyed NaBloPoMo - more than I expected. And now I'm excited for holiday season, so I'm good.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family! You are lucky to have such fierce turkey protectors. ;-)
YAY! The best smelling days of the year are starting!!
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2015 on Countdown at Stepping Away from the Edge
I love cookbooks! I love some of your notes. Mine are usually related to cooking time, but I do have some cookbooks where I have written "THIS IS TERRIBLE" on the recipe. Sadly, though, I can't remember if it was something I ever tried to improve on, but don't want to find out the hard way ... Thanksgiving cooking is the best. :-)
Wow these pictures take me back to early Thanksgivings in our marriage! I think it's lovely to look back and see that you both looked happy and fun even all those years ago. :-)
Apparently, we would say a lot of the same things ... ;-)
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2015 on Lucky at Stepping Away from the Edge
Like you, I love the holidays and love Christmas cards (it makes me sad that fewer people are sending them). But it's true there are some stresses. Knitting and tea make me happy and help me relax a bit. Enjoy!