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Having worked on both the end user and vendor side I'm more curious about how the customers themselves perceive these public spats that arise periodically. As others had commented on Twitter, I think Cult might be a tad strong in respect to those of us who work for specific vendors being passionate. I think its human nature to identify with your job, perhaps it just doesnt come out from most of the people we interact with because most of us who will read this, or even comment on it, are the ones who are highly active in social media, blogging, public speaking etc. We seek out the discussion, and many times in that discussion it can get heated. I think as long as the information being presented is accurate and not vitriolic, that the discussion is good. Customers and partners alike can benefit from the conversation. But, when it turns personal, when the attacks become personal, when you can't separate the person from the company itself and when the comments are fully ad hominem, then thats where I want to draw the line for acceptable behavior. I've seen that happen a bit too frequently as of late, and it's not always the small handful of bad actors who are participants. Certain corporate cultures promote this kind of activity (or at least don't necessarily frown upon in), and in the end it becomes an ugly part of the business we are involved in. Calling out a competitor and showing your differences, and being passionate about that is not cultish behavior, but character assassination, and the like certainly is. Personally, I'd like to see that part stop.
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Without a dog in this fight right now, its interesting to watch, this whole thread has a very Storage Sales 2009 feel to it. That said, a few observations on my part. With over 500 customer discussions in the last 24 months, the number of times that NPS came up was zero. It carries all the weight and relevance of the Red Herring awards with customers, but those of us who are psuedo-marketers seem to think it matters. Do you know anyone who bought their car based on a JD Powers ranking? Didn't think so. Supportability matters, and if a customer is comfortable with the level of support that Nutanix, or Simplivity offers in terms of VMware, then essentially, that ends the discussion. If the organization requires that 100% rubber stamp (and yes some do), then there could be a problem. Dirty secret for all of the HCI vendors still remains supportability for things like Exchange running on VMDK's backed by NFS (not supported), but if the customer is willing to accept a support statement by the vendor then thats the end of that story. Chuck makes a number of points that competitors are ignoring, instead looking to cherry pick the one argument they think they can win, it ignores the much larger discussion about the nature of HCI and its viability in the marketplace, and frankly its future. I for one have strong opinions about the viability at scale where the TCO starts to break down. Flexibility around resource allocation, and the inability to address bare metal. Bottom line, much like the all flash arena, this space is growing much faster than any of the vendors can adapt. HCI is here to stay and will be the defacto unit of allocation for a certain type of customer, just not all customers. I will agree that, what can be done, must be done in software, but we are certainly not at that phase yet, nor are a good number of customers comfortable with that mindset.
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Apr 8, 2015