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I am restarting blogging in 2015 but the new blog has moved to - it is also available via and other aliases. The topics will be rather similar, with more focus on OER and MOOCs but still continuing... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2015 at elearning compendia
Good point Seb but in my experience it does not seem to help that much to remind enthusiasts (of the latest thing) that progress is slow - but relentless. A few of us are still functional who started the UK HE virtual campuses in the late 1990s - when many virtual high schools started too - and we know the game does not change that fast. I used at this point to refer to our (Sero's) reports on "organisational change" done for Becta which people seem instinctively to refuse to read - a bit like not buying a painting because the painter has died! I also used to point to the article I did (via some facilitation from Seb) with Sloan-C on "online education today" - - and then bemoan that it was not open access - but hey! it is almost so - see - register and read, folks! The US is awash with online learning in HE/FE. And has over 500 online virtual high schools. What IMHO is truly amazing is that despite the relentless prevalence of online learning in the US, nearly every day one can find an article in a "learned journal" from a US academic who has "discovered online learning" via MOOCs and seems unaware of any other kind. And there is a lot more online learning in the UK than most are aware of - and not only from HE. Check out Paul Bacsich
I see the Multeversity as a university for the 21st century which will be both better and cheaper than the current models (both distance and campus). Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2012 at elearning compendia
I am leading the team at Sero who are conducting a new literature search on the topic "Learner Use of Online Resources", with a strong but not exclusive focus on OER, during May-June 2011. The project is funded by the HEA/JISC OER Programme Phase II. Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2011 at elearning compendia
No great ideas but check with pyschologists of reading - re analysing fingerprints, bent pages etc - and check out book clubs for key authors - zealous readers musk know a lot about their behaviour - and arts/humanities students glued to set texts (especially in US institutions)- and in UK, I see them regularly on the train - and marking up the books too To open your mind further check out Jasper Fforde! (recent tweet by an e-learning guru you know) P
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by Paul Bacsich, 25 October 2010 This regular posting provides information on what is new on the Re.ViCa wiki - - on virtual campuses across the world. The posting covers the period since 1 July 2010 from all the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2010 at elearning compendia
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Mar 15, 2010
Fascinating that you had a printout of what looks like a "cafe" screen on a computer conferencing system circa 1992 - the year that FirstClass was installed at the OU. It was said in OU FirstClass circles that Tone Hasemer (also now dead) was the inventor of the "cafe" concept (used certainly for XT001 and I seem to recall even earlier - and thus in many ways of the "social networking" extension of pedagogy that the screen shows. Mind you, the benefits stated correlate with the hypotheses of Harasim, Cross etc prevalent in the later 1980s. All of which to me adds to the poignancy of the screen rather than detracts from it.
Robin is a great loss to the e-learning community and to many of us as individuals. In particular I am very grateful to her for her patience when we collaborated on the JANUS project at the OU in the 1990s: she succeeded in getting at least the basics of evaluation into my techno-managerial head - I trust that some has lasted to this day. I also celebrate the way she kindly but relentlessly propelled me towards research outputs not just EU deliverables.
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