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Interests: history, board games, gaming, science fiction, geocaching, community, bdsm, mahabharata, inventions, spanglish, brainstorming, ridiculousness, reading, writing, blogging, books, feminism, comic books, ska, poetry, research, ethics, polyamory, rpg, trivia, collaboration, role-playing games, world literature, word games, narrative, playfulness, gender, interactive fiction, pta, too much information, literary theory, against method, beat poets, being wrong, bilingual poetry, catachrestic moments, christine delphy, cohousing, collaborative writing, composite translation, dale spender, digression, diku muds, dorkiness, dream of red mansions, ethical sluts, feminist scholarship, feminist science fiction, geek fetish, goofiness, half-baked ideas, history of science, icelandic sagas, joanna russ, juana de ibarbourou, know-it-all, latin american poetry, literary translation, llanera, marcus aurelius, milf, monique wittig, multilingual poetry, neobaroque, neobarroso, neologisms, nerdiness, nestor perlongher, nydia lamarque, pancatantra, parlor larps, poetry readings, potlatch, random knowledge, ratatosk, regional spanish, riot nrrd, scum, seneca, sexiness, slut utopia, small press, snarry, spacing out, stoic philosophy, stoicism, talking too much, tiptree award, transgression, utopia, valerie solanas, venezuelan music, wiscon, women poets, xenophilia, xyzzy awards, zines., book reviews, mudding, pansexual, complexity, translation, rambling, bisexual, riot grrl, genderqueer
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Mar 15, 2010
All so true. Fortunately there are plenty of girls who resemble David Bowie and His Crotch. At least here in San Francisco.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on David Bowie's Crotch at Inverse Candlelight
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