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#LOLLL @TheJanitor First you lie and claim it was merely premarital sex even though it clearly says the woman "screams" there: RAPE. So your claim is jesus makes a rape victim marry her rapist as long as the rapist pays off daddy! Your claim, not jesus claim, he said no such thing. You are the ones trying to put the OT into his mouth. Second, now you've equated jesus with Hitler and Stalin (atheists will rejoice!) with jesus ordering mass genocides! Now just how many innocent unborn babies were killed in those genocides?! And how many unborn babies killed in genocide of Noah's flood?! Once again, Your claim, not jesus' action, ordered such thing. Well according to you, jesus has no problems with abortion then! Not to mention there is a stipulation for forced marriage of POWs! Now you trying to force OT into jesus mouth has jesus being the equivalent of Islamic state! What does the bible say about OT obsessives who "deny that Christ has now come in the flesh"? Oh yes I believes it calls you the "spirit of antichrist"! Well, now that certainly makes sense. Typical conservative, too cowardly to own your bigotry, trying to blame everything on jews (moses, jesus) as usual! #TeamGenocideAbortion #TeamLegitimateRape #LOLLLL
#LOLL So now you've got jesus saying a rape victim has to marry her rapist, not to mention jesus ordering mass genocides #LOLL #CongratulationsConservatives
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Apr 26, 2015