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We already have a radically "progressive" tax system: Somebody who makes a million dollars will pay more than twenty freaking times as much taxes as somebody who makes fifty thou, for no more services. That is not what the term "progressive tax" means.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on Just Tax at Obsidian Wings
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I've long felt that "trickle-down" metaphor is a strange one, because it's based on two conflicting ideas: the idea of liquid trickling from a high place to a low place, and the idea of the well-to-do as "higher up" than the poor. When liquids trickle downward, they move from high places without much liquid to low places where liquid accumulates in quantity. That's not a bad metaphor for how money moves, but it makes it clear why expecting things to trickle "down" from the oceans is backward.
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I kind of suspect that the extreme crazies are propelled by the "God's Chosen President" narrative from the Bush years. From that point of view, it's simply impossible for the opposite team's guy to be genuinely good, and thus, the more he appears to be doing good things, the more sneaky and underhanded he must really be. (This narrative also neatly explains the "brither" nonsense: no one could defeat God's party legitimately, so Obama must not have been a legitimate candidate.) Of course, there's been messianism on the part of Obama supporters as well, but that's been disappearing into disillusionment of late.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2009 on Keeping Perspective at Obsidian Wings
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There were always a few Spartacist Youth types floating around Cambridge selling newspapers when I was there. Occasionally one or two would show up at "soft left" meetings and express surprise that we weren't envisioning the liquidation of the bourgeoisie after the revolution. I never thought of them as the "hard left." Just the loony left... I went to Oberlin, reputedly one of the leftiest colleges in the universe. Even there, the Sparts were generally regarded as loopy, and rumored to actually be agents provocateurs seeking to discredit other liberal political groups by associating with them.
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It took me a few repetitions of "my sister" before I realized it wasn't meant literally.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2009 on In A Moment Of Neglect I Might Fly at Obsidian Wings
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