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You say you are emphasizing, but you are not really. You are merely labeling his opinions as another type of malady (change aversion). You are still assuming (like most Liberal Doctrinaires do) that ultimately you are pursuing an Absolute Good. And that those who do not share this mindset need change..everything from hand holding to out and out banishment. The part that you do not accept is that this persons observations, memory and data, may in fact be right. Or there may be was in which they are right. You assume that Population Growth is an Absolute Good, hence you then set about trying to find ways to accommodate it. So of course you fret about gridlock. But what if population growth and density is neither good, nor necessary. I lived in Seattle when it was quite nice to get about in car, in fact, at night, for entertainment, and even on weekends it was the best way possible. Parking spaces were available, and cost nothing, even near Broadway and Seattle Center. For a person living that life, how could they possibly think that what you've wrought in 2015 is any better? I know you want to destroy this memory because it contradicts all the edicts of your mindset. How can it be that these people lived a better life back then? They must be Old...or...Republicans! Empathy means walking in someone else's shoes, whereas you and your Doctrinaires only want to crush non-believers under your bootheels.
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Here's what I don't understand...why is it "walkable" to go half a block and get on a bus? Seems like that's not much walking at all. People in rural communities walk all the time...but we walk half miles and miles like drinking a glass of water.
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"...Los Angeles is a vast constellation of dense places" A constellation, yes. But like in one of those Carl Sagan metaphors, if West Hollywood were the size of a grapefruit, downtown would be 10 football fields away. LA will greatly benefit from transit, but only if they are proposing, it finally recognizes the beneficial low density lifestyle and wonderful sprawl that make this city so popular. In fact, transit is great because it allows people to spread out even more...maybe some day, LA will be just an edge city along a Linear City built between San Diego and Vancouver with high speed rail lines running east to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Butte...
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Feb 28, 2010