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Danny Boy, is this the kind of forum you've been seeking to create... trading researched insults? I wonder how you mix the intelligence in your write up with such lowliness. Last time you called some others something I wouldn't like to repeat. Every individual sets a purpose for converging here. They are not able to read the minds of the rude elitist class commentators. Don't fail to apologize even in your prayers.
This is possibly the best move our SCNC made. Sensitization is a key, especially knowing the SCNC is still budding. Hopefully we will get one of these from the front-runners before next May 20.
Che Sunday, your contribution caught my eyes and I tried to read the second one too. That's very mature and I definitely buy your reasoning.
This guy really struggles to catch spotlight.
Sick and tired of this murderer. Wasn't he supposed to be in prison? Is the CPDM using this man for some political distraction.
May their souls rest in peace!
M Nje, did you know Hon. Ngwasiri needed evacuation for proper medical care? Thank God his case turned better. Where was the medical council? The law of Cameroon is what is applied and not what is written, so please forgive your 'paper medical council.' This is the part I couldn't catch below. “By having the second largest group of Deputies in Parliament, a good chunk of Councils means he is involved in legislation. All these bodies generate a lot of income for the state, as a result of the coordinator( party leader`s ) activities.The salary,bodyguards that the state would provide him with is not even one one hundredth of the income he generates for the state.” Watesih Watesih was written above and below and then below another Watesih. Sometimes you simply indicate you are quoting somebody, I mean not only with the quotation marks. Moreover, I have gone through and realized Watesih actually wrote that and I understand the sense in his writing which does not contradict anything I wrote to counteract your argument. If you have to quote another person again and you place it that way, I'll continue to misunderstand. But I guess others will be smarter to grasp it immediately.
Danny Boy, thanks for the lecture on how the British system works. Your last part interests me a lot. Being a parliamentarian wouldn't make him any richer. If Ni John asks or was to ask for benefits from the government, he does so rightfully as a matter of policy and not because he wants something better than crumbs as you call it. No matter how you put it, detractors will always have something to say. Again, I really don't see how we differ. M Nje, man, if your typing showed you were quoting Watesih, I guess it should have been different. But now,I know. Then I was thinking, the easiest would be to say A or B has it wrong. You would be taken seriously if you gave something to look up to as explanation. For that, I don't see anything. You don't counteract for the purpose of just counteracting.Let me know where or how to 'check it out'. This simple question; do you know how many Cameroonians die each day not being able to pay ten, twenty or fifty thousands in hospitals? Do you know doctors refuse to operate patients if they don't make deposits? Why then, do you think the government stepped onto this? Certainly not because it was the main opposition leaders wife, right?
Danny Boy, actually you don't really differ with me. Whether it takes the form of benefits or privileges or betterstill a monthly pay. It goes with a reason. And the reason is simply because this or that is frontline opposition. You wrote; "His party should provide for his every need". That is your wish or reasoning, it's not what happens. The difference in every country makes the manner of chanelling these advantages differently. So you wouldn't expect Fru Ndi to be paid in exactly the same way as the Shadow cabinet minister in Britain. When the government disburses money to rescue Fru Ndi's dying wife, under what banner do you place that? Ofcourse, benefits to the main opposition leader. Are you also arguing, Fru Ndi should become a parliamentarian and our politics should achieve the same set up as in Britain before he can actually get the advantages? Again the government does not only rely on the MPs debating. You remember many political leaders were called up for consultation on the creation of ELECAM. Whether the product suited expectation or not, just by meeting the PM, Ni John was working for Cameroon. By the way, would that be different from the PM in Britain consulting the leader of the Shadow Cabinet?
Mr.Original Mukete, it's rather unfortunate for the so called intellectuals whom you seek to defend ... God does not give individuals everything. My guess is, it's not upto Fru Ndi to place them in a position where they will be able to overcome adversary, but for them to fight and get there. They should use this big book and device strategies that will put them at the driving seat and not put the blame on Fru Ndi. Or I'd rather say you put the blame on Fru Ndi. Elections are coming again and we don't see the mobilization on the part of your intellectual politicians. Later you and your paymasters will cry for Fru Ndi's head. Mukete, why do you still want to fool people Pr. Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and others are keeping some mysteriously devastating stories or secrets that they don't want to release. These men have been at drawn daggers and are still at it, what ideal situation are they waiting to devulge the secrets? If there are any secrets, then it shouldn't favour your Asonganyi and the rest. Get back to work and next time, don't bring this cooked up and sour sauce that you have served more than twice.
M Nje, I'm afraid we have serious differences. Though Watesih has helped to throw some light, I couldn't refrain from adding a few more lines. I believe you should know about the Shadow Cabinet in Britain. What it stands for and the benefits that pertain to being the head of this body. That is just an example, the name and function in other democracies changes, but they have things in common . . . it's not the party in power and they enjoy benefits from their party organs as well as a great chunk from the government treasury.This is not corruption! I really should shout out loud, it's not corruption and it wouldn't be corruption in Cameroon. The problem that we'll have in Cameroon is that people have a poor understanding of politics nationally and internationally.That is why you had this debate about Fru NDI receiving aid from the government in trying to rescue his late wife. In fact, your reasoning highlights this misunderstanding. About 10 to 15 years ago, an opposition leader in Africa meant you have been imprisoned, put under house arrest, shot at and even maimed. An opposition leader presently is hardly the same and in the next decade would even change more. Again, are you saying; no party leader should be placed on a payroll? If so, then you are selling after the market. Gentleman, once you carry the title officially or unofficially as the main opposition leader, you render great service to your country. You write; ". . . The salary,bodyguards that the state would provide him with is not even one one hundredth of the income he generates for the state.” Question; How did you make that estimate?
Watesih, let me also take the cue from you. First I must acknowledge the maturity in your arguments. This is probably an old debate, but would it or would it not have been ok for the SDF to be sieging at the cabinet. Their refusal to join the government is one of those decisions that have weakened the SDF. I reason this way because,being represented at the NA makes little or no difference since they don't have the majority to overturn or influence anything. They are minority at the NA and understandably would be minority at the cabinet. But the fact that you have about 10 SDF ministers will deepen their influence on national politics. Like some have said, their participation in the NA has given more legitimacy to the Biya government. I don't know how you look at it, but going to the NA is taking part in the government.So too is holding ministerial positions. The question lingering in my mind is were they poorly adviced or what? Again the fact that Biya had the power to sack would not really matter, because the SDF would have a fix number of portfolios to occupy. In a case where Biya goes against their accord, the SDF can then withdraw its entire ministers. Going to the NA and refusing ministerial positions is dancing on one leg or putting one leg in and another out.Either they are in or they are out. Lastly we get this whole idea on what a main opposition or its leader should get or is supposed to get from the government. I think Ni John is supposed to receive a salary like you have in western democracies, receive governments' protection. In this same vein, should it siege at the NA it is but normal they hold ministerial positions. I will be glad to know your take on this issue.
Without being a referee, Watesih's rebuttals on what should be like the latest 'SDF/La Republique prank' is a little personal but has enlightened and clarified a lot. We must also thank Tayong who provoked the hardwork out of him. Now, if you guys want to be too 'cocky', go on and butcher yourselves with 'trying to defeat him' postings.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2007 on Announcement at Up Station Mountain Club
Such a suspense! That is not the right way to leave people guessing. If The Post can't tell us more, maybe a user who knows the face can tell us more. It's strange to have such posting; a face,'help out' an email, phone number and nothing more.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2007 on Announcement at Up Station Mountain Club