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I loved the timelessness of the book. There wasn't an overwhelming feeling of any particular era. I felt Dennis was the most honest character of the friends. Even Jonah and Ethan kept secrets from those closest to them. Jules was the one most affected by class in the story, although as the one who grew up in the 'lowest' class of her friends I can understand that. Goodman Wolf, really a perfect name for him. You wanted him to be a 'good man' but truth won out he was just a 'wolf'. It was sad that none of them for all their 'promise' ended up really really happy. Jules always caught up in the have and have nots, Jonah consumed with what happened with Barry, Ethan a brilliant mind, rich and married to a beautiful woman but still beneath it pining for Jules, and Ash the poor little rich girl who's brother changed the dynamic of not only her and her parents lives but her marriage with the secrets she kept. Great choice Emma! Thanks for organizing the book group. I've read February's book already cause I just couldn't put it down.
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Jan 31, 2014