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There's been some recent polls for red states showing potentially competitive races, such as recent polls in Kansas and Utah. It would be cool if you mix in some of the normally less competitive states, in addition to the standard swing states. Some examples are South Carolina, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho (high Mormon population like Utah could make it a poor Trump state), Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota.
-Governor (D): there have been recent rumors that Brian Moran is considering running. He has been showing up at various events, and his behavior has lead to speculation that he is making a return to politics soon. Include Moran as an option for general election matchups, and possibly a head-to-head matchup versus Northam. -LG (D): Justin Fairfax is running, and Del. Eileen Filler-Corn is expected to announce soon. Other mentioned as likely/potential candidates include Natural Resources Secretary/ex-Hampton Mayor Molly Ward, Jaime Areizaga-Soto, Education Secretary Anne Holton, Assistant US Attorney Gene Rossi, Del. Jennifer McClellan, and businessman/'15 State Senate candidate Mike Hamlar. Poll primary and general election matchups (this would be great to see any polling for LG, so we can have an initial picture of the state of the race). -Governor (R): Ed Gillespie, Congressman Rob Wittman, and Prince William Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart have announced runs, while Pete Snyder is widely assumed to enter also. Bill Stanley and Shak Hill are also possibilities. Poll primary and general election matchups. -LG (R): Sen. Bryce Reeves, Sen. Jill Vogel, and Del. Glenn Davis are running. Other likely candidates are Shak Hill, Danny Vargas, and Israel O'Quinn. Poll primary and general matchups. -AG (R): Rob Bell, Chuck Smith, and John Adams are running. Obenshain had ruled out any statewide runs in 2017 when he announced he was passing on Governor. Poll a primary between the 3 and head-to-heads against Herring. -opinion on whether SCOTUS should overturn McDonnell's conviction or not -opinion on McAuliffe's rights restoration executive order -opinion on nonpartisan redistricting (in light of the redistricting fight and efforts to push for nonpartisan redistricting in the state). -in addition to ratings for obvious people (McAuliffe/Northam/Herring/Kaine/Warner), how about asking about Eric Cantor (with the 2 year anniversary of his defeat, how do people feel about him- any more/less popular now) For President, the Green Party has not qualified for ballot access in Virginia yet. Don't include them, or ask with and without. Gary Johnson makes sense to include in state and national polls, since the Libertarian Party has qualified all over. But the Green Party is not likely to fare as well, so this could distort polls including that option when it might not exist in many places.
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Jun 10, 2016