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Joel Balbien
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We don't need the UN, Cap and Trade, or bureaucratic Command and Control regulations at the federal level to impose appropriate social costs on polluters. Just tax pollution, including GHG emissions at the source, and utilize the revenue to reduce the tax burden on capital and labor. Imports from non-compliant countries can be surcharged with environmental tariffs to offset the advantage of their growing dependence on pulverized coal fired power plants. We can have more freedom, a stronger economy, and a cleaner environment with better public policies rather than capitulation to ecocide.
Government support of later stage emerging technologies would be more productive and less subject to crony capitalism if structured as competitive procurement of products and systems by federal agencies, (e.g., DOD), that consume huge amounts of electricity, liquid fuels, and natural resources. Other subsidy programs including loan guarantees, tax credits, and interest subsidies cannot be readily structured as competitive auctions or incorporate futures markets, that favor the most promising and cost effective technologies.
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Sep 6, 2011