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Dave Baldacchino
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Hi Harlan, This probably should be posted in the other blog post dealing with Revit.ini customizations but a) it's closed for comments and 2) now we really have to do customizations in the xml so it should be ok! What does MaterialLibraryFiles=..\Data\Rendering do? This key exists in 2011 too but I have no idea what it's actually controlling. The Material library path cannot be changed and there is no "Rendering" folder that I could find on the C Drive. In 2012 we can create custom material library files but this defaults to the My Documents folder despite of the above setting. Any clues? Thanks!
Now what would be really sweet is if we could figure out how to set a camera view to typical focal lengths: ex: 35mm, 28mm, 50mm, etc. Each will have different fields of view but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an elegant way to achieve this in Revit. Pretty much every other 3D software out there works with focal lengths but not Revit :(
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Dec 13, 2010