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Bernd, You are such an experience networker now and clearly your piece talks a lot about how we need to take this to the next level which I like. Like you I see the use of these tools - to make connections and to talk freely, quickly used for trivial knowledge exchange. There are people who will always use these tools in a collective water cooler experience. However I have been amazed at the number of times relatively trivial conversations that I have followed have lead to very deep connections with people and indeed unveiled aspects of further likeness that could not ever been anticipated from their initial post. For me if we could extract this essence and transfer this to online collaboration this truly would be the next step. Happy to talk more, and thanks for posting and starting this topic.
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Bernd, A lovely post clearly communicating and summarising the bravery and the responses given by organisations in a state of crisis. What I also like is the humanness of your decision making. There is clearly a lot of loss for many people and resolving this I'm sure will take years and become yet another part of the nations psyche and culture. In the meantime I am pleased that you are safe and thanks for sharing these. Mike
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Sally, Thank you for such a thoughtful post. There is much work to do in understanding from a patient perspective the complex thoughts around compliance, adherence and persistence. Whilst RCT (randomised controlled trials) measure this rigourously in a very controlled environment we are very short of understanding exactly what is going on in the real world. We all (manufacturers etc) have an onus to really understand the service design issues right down to understanding what outcomes patients really want. It is difficult for us to understand the complex emotions going on for these patients at a time of intense uncertainty. I'm pleased you are one of those creative leaders hoping to cocreate a solution for these patients - count me in
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Rachel a great post and I agree that with the skills that you outline a (meaningful) relationship will be made. Furthermore a key social skill that is made easier in social media is the ability to maintain and sustain a relationship. All too often our relationships are reduced to a momentary transaction. Relationships themselves have a lifecycle with well rounded social skills they can be lasting can't they?
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Jun 8, 2010