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Rick Balkins
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Hello Robert Nobles, As a building designer, (not a licensed architect) - I agree that those who engage in the profession of building design by fraudulent means and methods like illegally using a protected title should be reported. In addition, organizations like the HBA, should verify their facts and not cause burden on building designers who may have intended to do this with no misrepresentation. This should surely be reported so corrections be made for legal compliance. Most of us has no intent to misrepresent the public and many of us serve clients in a manner that is A) professional, B) honest, C) with great quality. This is why I support you on the instance but I want to make sure you understand and not just view all of us as criminals that are out to screw the public. It might be helpful that you don't make allusions that all unlicensed building designers are criminals out to endanger the public. That is a categorization by allusion. Which is a misrepresentation in itself. So be careful and clear about that. I would be happy to talk with you over phone or in person but I am currently in Eugene and schedule would not allow for a lot of traveling to Portland, Oregon.
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Sep 29, 2011