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Ground Zero
I came from a package, I am a barbie!
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Okay, so realistically, what would someone buy? Well, because of Haiti, a lot of ppl r interested in helping. So with that said... A form fitting T, V-Neck. Three necklaces hanging from neckline (not real necklaces, just print) Each representing something. The first necklace, which is the highest up, can be of the the earth split open like a heart (which represents the state Haiti is in). HINTS: notice how it can be put back together. The second necklace (the middle) is of a cross. (which could symbolize the RED CROSS for their support, or a religious theme, saying how God is always with his children no matter what) The third could be of a crown, meaning that HAITI will be victorious in the end. The crown can be bejeweled or what have you. So, we started with the broken world, then next the cross and then the crown (which all are charms) . The meaning being: Although Haiti (first charm) is broken, a way will be provided (second charm: cross) to fix all that is lost, so that they will be as kings (third charm) and be victorious. I just completely came up w that!!! Hope u like it girlie!!!
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Feb 22, 2010
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