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My favorite film before avatar has to be [Let the Right One In] while not a cgi as avatar read almost no action sequences the character development/story that and star war (the 'original' series not the crappy newer ones with jar jar binks)
indeed although the nearest IMAX is too far away for me to go see avatar in it. I have seen it in 3d. so for me its where is the closest 3d movie theater although admittedly there is only one in the city I live in.
"So, is anyone else stuck somewhere at the moment and wishs they were in the theater? Im stuck on campus because my next class starts in 2 hours an it doesnt make sence to drive home then come straight back :P" my next class as of 12:05 mountain time is 2 hours away as well and I kind of wish I was in a theater as well.
I must ask do you have a psn account, Mine is iJab and like Uncharted (1 & 2) as well. I must the one thing that I kind of wish they did was various missions involving jake and Colonel Miles Quaritchlife on earth what earth is like now. Its a decent game for die hard avatar fans but I kind of wish there was something more to it as well.
googling Leona Lewis "I See You" music video I found ""
Commented Jan 8, 2010 on Leona Lewis "I See You" music video at AVATAR
That is Grand Teton National Park right? I think I just found my new desktop background, absolutely love the grand tetons.
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Jan 7, 2010
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Jan 5, 2010
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Jan 5, 2010