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Wonder Baltic
What is the Natural Baltic Wonder Necklace? Established in Old World European folk medicinal practices many centuries ago, Baltic amber teething necklaces help teething babies to find relief without the need for harsh ointments or drugs. Baltic amber teething necklaces are the ideal alternative to Western medicine that is used for babies and toddlers when they are experiencing the teething process. As soon as your baby begins to wear the Baltic amber necklace, you’ll notice a real difference in both their mood as well as their behavior, and this is brought about by succinic acid which is a natural constituent of amber. There’s no need to suffer from the side effects related to synthetic medicines, nor is there a requirement to deal with scrapings that occur within their mouths when teething toys are introduced. The Baltic Wonder Necklace – How Does it Work? A fossilized tree resin, amber is found in numerous locations around the globe. Nevertheless, it is the amber that comes from Baltic regions which is the only one that contains high enough levels of the aforementioned succinic acid. This succinic acid acts as a pain reliever, natural anti-inflammatory, and as a booster to the immune system. When babies and toddlers wear the authentic Baltic amber teething necklace, it’s their skin that warms the amber, and this then triggers the release of the acid. The acid is absorbed via the skin, in turn providing relief and comfort through the natural analgesic properties. The Positive Influence of the Baltic Wonder Necklace The Baltic Wonder Necklace sometimes brings about a positive change in a baby’s mood and behavior within a mere matter of a few hours. To reach its full potential, however, you should give it one or two days. Parents have stated that when their own young children wear the Baltic Wonder Necklace, they become less fussy, drool less than previously, and seem to be far happier – as happy as they were prior to the onset of teething. And that’s all down to the “magic” of the Baltic Wonder Teething Necklace. It’s no wonder that these necklaces are now regarded as a “must have” product for babies and toddlers. It’s only the very highest quality of Baltic amber that contains the appropriate quantity of succinic acid to afford the soothing effect, and that is exactly why the Baltic Wonder Teething Necklace comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Baltic Wonder Company happily stand by the quality of their product by providing a one-year guarantee together with rapid customer service and true commitment to a high level of excellence. The Baltic Wonder Company work in direct fashion with their amber miners so as to ensure that only the best raw material is used every time.
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