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You always express yourself in a way that engages me to tap into my true feelings. When I need palliative care, I hope for a Crol Mulvenon clone. ❌⭕️❤️⭕️❌
Gina, it was YOU who introduced me to Brene a long time ago. I also signed up for this exercise/discipline and my daughter, Rachel, has joined me. It segues nicely with your NME journaling program. You are a good role model for embracing your vulnerability and putting yourself out there. You and Brene have much in common... Glad you are my friend.
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This is a tough topic to discuss. Denial plays significantly in the early hours of hearing a bad prognosis and the emotions often play tricks on even the most realistic family members. Having your wishes written out and acknowledged by each important family member in advance could make a very big difference in how one's final days play out. Thanks for your caring insightful blog today. I have been in the position of having to make a final decision for another person and I can tell you---it is not easy!
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I guess I've come late to the party! Just saw this blog post today. Thanks, Gina girl, for posting pages from my NME journal. I am almost through January for this year and the diary is already fat and juicy. I absolutely love this journaling format you taught us! Not every page is artistically satisfying, but when one is---oh the thrill! Every day IS an adventure and journaling allows me to savor it. XxOo
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