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I love the outlines for a press release. I spoke with a few musicians that use simple stories such as ("first time playing this venue" or "new song premier") to get their show in the papers and blogs. I always thought you needed some type of insanely good story to impress the journalists, but it appears simple news works as well.
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On the tail end of the news of digital download sales going down 14%, this is welcome news. Crowdfunding is great, but I don't think it's a model that can be used to generate full time income for a musician. Patreon gets there a little bit closer with a monthly model. Instead of one big campaign, Patreon can keep that relationship going. But I love both models. These keep the fans involved directly and create cool experiences that go beyond a simple digital download. Can't wait for part 2. Thanks Bryan! - Seth Jackson
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This makes sense. I never felt comfortable with my musical endeavors on Linked In. I almost felt that it would count against me in a job hunt! I'm curious to see if it would do any positive networking for musicians. Many of these sites are overrun with web/graphic designers. Thanks for the heads up on Clowdy! - Chris "Seth" Jackson
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Oct 27, 2014