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Nanje you are a big fool.How stupid are you.Who the hell cares about what you and your fellow fools do in the Embassy there?Greed would kill you guys.All i know is your stupidity would end soon,Bitch.Who gave you the guts to come and talk over this site?Go away and hide your shameful ugly face in feaces.
Ras,Entrepreneur, You guys are all fake patriots and very jealous idiots.Your contributions in this blog says every thing about you guys,clueless and cowards to boot. We all know how our roads,life and How the Government of the Lion man operates in Cameroon. Why is the Yaounde Douala road a two lane road?I mean these are bigs cities.Roads in Douala have turned into very deep holes. What are these Jealous freaks talking about? Ras are you on drugs?Mbua is more patriotic and realistic than you are,and not on the the crack like you are.shebuul,jealosy go kill wounna.
Nche Francis I think you are the one who is out of touch. If you actually know what is going on with the Southern Cameroons issue,then i think it should be you putting your life at stake,instead of these old people. This is your statement,"These individuals are now collecting retirement benifits and social insurance funds in the system you label as colonial". If they are collecting money and are able to feed themselves to their grave,then why are they worried about what La republique is doing to Southern Cameroons. This is still from you"Have you given a thaught over why in the so-called SCNC meeting were only old People?" The answer to your silly question is,they care about milky brains like you.They want to sacrifice their old bodies for ungrateful servants like you. Before i go,Have in mind that Rexon and a host of us, young people, take active part in Southern Cameroons issues.We are fully aware of what is going on,not nonentities like you.Keep sitting on the fence and remain a doubting fool.
UnitedstatesofAfrica Young man,the issue is not disunity.The problem is lack of education about how the Southern Cameroons came about okay. Naivety from people like you makes it look like the Southern Cameroons' course is a loud-sounding-nothing.Boy climb down the fence and be a part of this golden struggle. La Republique took away our history books.Some of us had to learn about the Southern Cameroons from this forum and through news papers. That teacher from Buea and people like you need to go back and dig history books of the Southern Cameroons.And Believe me, your funny mind would be helped and you would be healed of this canker warm eating your brain
Read unitedstatesofafrica and those doubting thomas' Are you surprise that demonstration where held in the Southern CAMEROONS even with the forces of disorder from La Republique? Cameroon gov't. nabs 20 English-speaking separatists APA - Douala (Cameroon) Over 20 members of an English-speaking movement called 'Southern Cameroon National Council' (SCNC), which has openly been advocating the "Independence" of English-speaking Cameroon, were on Wednesday arrested during street demonstrations in Bamenda (Northwest) and Buea (Southwest), sources told APA here. Despite the tight security measures taken by the authorities to deter any demonstrations, the separatist militants were able to stage demonstrations in parts of the northwest and southwest provinces. "At this moment, we cannot give specific figures. We will later assess the situation. But I can confirm that a few people have been arrested", Said a senior official from the office of the Governor of the province. According to that official, those arrested were acting illegally, adding that the authorities had banned any demonstrations from 23 September to 05 October 2008 in the province. The measure had been extended to the Southwest province, where a few protestors have also been arrested for questioning. These protests, according to its organisers were "legal and beyond dispute", as they are part of the activities marking the independence of Southern Cameroon". This separatist movement, which was et sup 15 years ago, marks every year on 01 October, the "Independence" of this part of the country, a date that actually commemorates the reunification of the English and French-speaking parts of Cameroon, which goes back to 01 October 1961. English speakers in Cameroon, who live on one-fifth of the national territory and represent three million out the country's 17 million inhabitants, accuse their French-speaking countrymen of having "colonised" them. A claim described as "unfounded" by the government, but shared by the overwhelming majority of Anglophone Cameroonians, who oppose any scission of the country. http://www.apanews. net/apa.php? page=show_ article_eng&id_article=76671
People Sorry it's in French.But i think those "Anglophones" not Southern Cameroonians, would be able to read and understand cos' it's their language. First of all, Do you think the Southern Cameroons make up only about 3 million of a population of about 17 million? If the Southern Cameroons is a seccesionist group why is the gov't of La Republique un able to successfully try these people they think, are breaking the law? Pls tell this reporter that he/she is a mess.Doesn't know what he's doing, spends his time wasting ink and papers Cameroun-Anglophones-Secession Des militants sécessionnistes anglophones arrêtés au Cameroun APA-Douala (Cameroun) Plus d’une vingtaine de militants de la Southern Cameroon national council (SCNC), le mouvement séparatiste qui milite ouvertement pour « l’indépendance » du Cameroun anglophone, auraient été arrêtés mercredi à Bamenda (Nord-ouest) et Buéa (Sud-ouest), au cours des manifestations organisées à cet effet, a appris APA de sources concordantes. Malgré le dispositif sécuritaire déployé sur le terrain pour contrer toute manifestation, les sécessionnistes ont fait entendre leur voix dans certaines localités des provinces du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest. « Nous ne pouvons pour l’instant vous donner un chiffre précis. Nous ferons certainement une évaluation complète plus tard. Je puis tout de même confirmer qu’il y a eu quelques interpellations », a déclaré un responsable en service dans le cabinet du gouverneur du Nord-ouest. Ce dernier a indiqué que les personnes arrêtées ont agi contrairement à la loi, précisant qu’une décision de l’autorité administrative a interdit du 23 septembre au 5 octobre 2008, toute manifestation publique dans la province du Nord-ouest. Une mesure également en vigueur dans la province du Sud-ouest, où on aurait également enregistré quelques personnes interpellées. Ces manifestations d’après les partisans de la sécession sont « légales et ne souffrent d’aucune contestation » puisqu’elles entrent dans le cadre de « la célébration des activités marquant l’indépendance du Southern Cameroon ». Ce mouvement qui existe depuis quinze ans organise chaque 1er octobre, des manifestations pour célébrer « l’indépendance » de cette partie du pays, une date en réalité qui commémore la Réunification des Cameroun de culture anglophone et francophone, le 1er octobre 1961. Les anglophones qui occupent le 1/5 du territoire et à peu près trois millions d’habitants sur une population totale de 17 millions d’habitants environ, accusent leurs compatriotes francophones de les avoir « colonisés ». Une revendication « non fondée », rétorque le pouvoir et partagée du reste par l’écrasante majorité des anglophones, catégoriquement opposés à la scission du pays.- MBOG/od/APA 01-10-2008
UnitedStatesofAFrica Where the hell are you coming from with that idea that SCNC members are leaving this forum Fool? Think again OK.Our members are increasing every day.People like you,i wonder if you do come from the Southern Cameroons, pretend not to be on our side. If for real you are from the Southern Cameroons then you are pretending not to support the idea. You come to this forum write horrible things mean while at the back of your mind you are praying for the final Southern Cameroons independence. I know some of you guys come here for info on how this struggle has gone.Not here brothers.Write what ever stupid and nonsensical thing your little mind can produce.The fact is, we are getting there.Don't worry, you would soon close that large bu cal cavity,what--ever-place-you-come-from-man
Sacrifice Forjindam, Sacrifice Anglophone > Development > > Zaccheus Forjindam took over a moribund and rusty > shipyard factory, scarcely making a hundred million > CFA a year, twenty years back. Through his > training, commitment and hard work, he projected > Chantier Naval to the status of the best shipyard > factory in the Gulf of Guinea, making billions a > year. > > As the Gulf of Arabia became volatile with the wars > for Iraq, Americans focused their oil hunger in the > Gulf of Guinea. Forjindam's savvy qualified Chantier > Naval as the base for review and repairs of all oil > rigs and derricks from Liberia to Angola. > > After twenty years at the head of the factory, > Forjindam transformed Chantier Naval into the most > profitable public enterprise in Cameroon, while > his colleagues like Oboufegue of SNEC, Obenofundem > of PAMOL, Marcel Niat Njifendji of SONEL, Njalla > Quan of CDC etc., plundered the resources of their > own companies, necessitating privatization and > liquidation. > > Forjindam's company grew predictably, leading to > the opening of another and bigger shipyard in > Limbola near Limbe. With the Limbola project, it > became clear that a deep sea port in Limbe was > feasible and long delayed. Is that one of his > crimes? > > We are not trying to justify the antics of any > embezzler here. Perhaps it is necessary to examine > this particular case well. The way Forjindam was > fired during a board meeting of Chantier Naval and > handed to the Judicial Police is unprecedented. Lets > not be dulled by la Republique's witch hunting > antics. Remember Biya reminded us recently that he > was a chief sorcerer. And in my rejoinder to > Barrister Bernard Muna's reaction to the "Statement > of Mfoundi Elites, I hinted that Biya was planning > to secede from the banks of the Sananga to create a > Beti republic. > > It is a pity that the Cameroon Anglophone press > indulges in stale reporting and playing for > those who pay the piper. Yet, we should not ignore > the warning signs of a divisive oligarchy Biya had > installed. > > Forjindam went too far to delay the Kribi deep sea > port and diverted the funds towards Limbe. What the > Enterpreneur' s opinion has done is celebrating the > bashing of a North-West son who promoted Biya's > constitutional review fraud in that province. This > opinion fails to examine the merits of the issue, > and avoids to address the long term ripple effects > of the sacking. > > We hinted before that, in Biya's secession agenda, > the Kribi deep seaport will be floated, consequently > eclipsing the Douala seaport and pushing the Limbe > deep seaport into oblivion. Could somebody tell us > whether it was a coincidence that the very next day > after Forjindam's sacking, Biya's boys presented the > master plan of the Kribi deep seaport to the public? > > Forjindam was clearly presented to detractors as the > one who stood in the way of the Kribi project, the > one who was pushing the largest single development > to West Cameroon in more than 25 years. > > Those in la Republique see West Cameroon as a colony > to be exploited. After petroleum from Ndian, and > timber from Manyu, Biya's boy, Ndima and the Chinese > are sweeping all fish from Limbe with impunity. Fish > is now cheaper in Yaounde than in Limbe from where > it is howled. They are respecting no fishing quotas, > but nobody is pursuing Ndima and his Chinese in > court, because he is a Biya man. > > Lets even say Forjindam is guilty of unorthodox > accounting, is this the best way to pay him for his > honourable services to resurrect the dead shipyard > company and take it into the 21st Century? > > Somebody will jump to the conclusion that I, Fon, am > a cousin to Forjindam. I have never shaken his hand, > even though, as an editor with Eden Newspaper I had > many occasions to do so. Forjindam was so > condescending that I avoided being snubbed by him > and saw him as a cankerous Biya stooge. > > To me, after transforming a moribund and rusty > shipyard factory into the most profitable public > company in Cameroon, Forjindaam should have been > placed on an honourable percentage of the profits he > brought in. It happens in all advanced corporations, > where super managers' bonuses are more than their > salaries. This acts as motivation for them to turn > in more profits. > > The death of Chantier Naval has already begun with > the removal of Forjindam. Bekoro, the interim > General Manager will do what the Beti ethnic > oligarchy knows best; loot andplunder the company. I > may even say within five years the shipyard company > will return to its rustiness. Liquidation and > privatization will follow. > > May the fight against corruption continue, while its > victims constitute and opposition to challenge the > "Life President". > > Like Late Christopher Nsahlai, the friend of the > "Life Presidency" who helped gained this life > enterprise for Biya, but could not live forever, may > other political jesters like Forjindam know that > their life president died long ago. What they have > now is his ghost wreaking havoc in the camp. An > embrace with the zombie will zero their existence. > More Nsahlai's will fall before the party is over, > and let the crook, Paul Nji Atanga wait for Biya's > demolition band wagon. > > We Southern Cameroonians may only rejoice that the > club of destroyers is auto destroying itself. > > Fon Achobang >
Mr Fonggang, Most of these guys are not journalist by prefession.Some are mere news paper contributors.Please don't genaralise. Good for Forjindam.ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thank u Forjindam for giving us a port "per say' in Limbe.U can now dock in Limbe from calarba Nigeria.What a lovely thing. Achidi Achu,John B Ndeh,an all other SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS in La Republic,think twice oh.Make a decision now before the wind get's to You too.
Simplice, You are a sick man.Find help, man.
People Ebini is a nonentity. Ebini we know you a traitor.Please keep your mouth shut cause you know nothing about what's happening with the struggle. Thanks, The post for exposing Ebini's stupidity.Thanks,the post for the story, for you give us the chance to tell the world who this betrayal man Ebini is. ''Why don't You just go home, and see your family,drink your mbuh.Or better still talk to the post about your cultural something'' You have always betrayed us.2002 you were part of a meeting to talk about La Republique Du cameroun's student union. Man stop carrying the wrong message to the people of the Southern Cameroons.
"Salary increase" For those that are languishing in jails picked up by these illitrates, so call security officers? Fools calling themselves Magistrates and judges will get a salary increase for hastilly sending courageous youths to jail for no just reason.Youths who sacrificed thier lives on the streets to get them this salary increase. What a shame to you idioting magistrates and judges. IF i were a government official i won't take this salary increase. Why take this increase and at thesame time, foolishly punish those that faught for these increase. How ungrateful these governmant officials could be.
Poeple, Of what use are these MPs?
Is this bribery? These guys are clowns calling themselves Magistrates
__,_._,___ HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer ] Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation (SCAPO) Press Release Summary SCAPO Files an Official Complaint to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Paul Biya and Other Political and Military Leaders of French Cameroun for Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity. Genocide against the Bamileke People The Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO) has filed an official complaint to the Prosecutor of the ICC calling for the indictment of President Paul Biya of French Cameroun and other political and military leaders of that country for the crimes of genocide committed against the Bamileke people from 1962-1970 and other subsequent crimes against humanity. It is believed that the total number of Bamileke people killed between 1962-1970 could be up to 1,000,000. However, the crime has been carefully concealed because it directly involved very senior political figures in the French government. This implies that the genocide against the Bamileke people was the first recorded (but not reported) genocide on the African continent and may have taken place on a far larger scale than the Rwandan genocide which happened a few decades later. The complaint was supported by a 278-page document which shows that the crimes of genocide were committed with full participation of the political and military leaders of France and French Cameroun. SCAPO has decided to release the entire 278 page document to the general public so that they can fully appreciate the criminal nature of the regime that has been in power in French Cameroun for 50 years. Main authors of the Genocide The key personalities who played important roles in the genocide are listed below: Government of France Government of French Cameroun 1 General Charles de Gaulle (Président) Ahmadou Ahidjo (President 1960-1982) 2 Michel Debre (Prime Minister) Paul Biya: Chargé de Mission in the Presidency (1962-1968); Secretary General in the Presidency (1968-75); Prime Minister (1975-82); President (1982 - ?) 3 Pierre Messmer (Prime Minister) Andre Marie Mbida (Former Prime Minister) 4 Jacques Chaban Delmas (Défense Ministre) Charles Assale (Former Prime Minister) 5 Pierre Guillaumat (Defense Minister) Sadou Daoudou (Minister of Armed Forces) 6 Jacques Foccart (Head of Africa Department of the Elysées Palace ) Andze Tsoungui (Prefet and Future Minister of Armed Forces as well as Territorial Administration) 7 Constantin Melnik (Advisor to Michel Debre) Enoch Kwayeb (Minister of Territorial Administration) 8 General Max Briand Jean Claude Ngoh (Prefet) 10 Col Jean Marie Lamberton Arouna Njoya (Minister of Territorial Administration) 11 Maurice Delauney Jean Fochivé (Director of SEDOC) 12 General James Tataw (14/06/1955) 13 General Pierre Semengue (1/10/1956) 14 General Oumaru Djam Yaya (16/10/1957) 15 General Mambou Deffo Roland 16 General Youmba Jean Rene 17 General Meka Claude Rene 18 General Taka Songola Gabriel 19 General Abdoulaye Oumarou Garoua 20 General Baba Souley 21 General Ngambou Essaïe 22 General Tchemo Hector Marie 23 General Jean Nganso Sunji (1/10/1956) 24 General Philippe Mpay (1/10/1960) 25 General Zacharie Douala Massango (22/8/1960) 26 General Benoît Asso’o Emane (6/11/1959) 27 General Laurent Claude Angouan(10/4/1960) 28 General Camille Nkoa Atenga (1/10/1961) 29 General Pierre Samobo (11/6/1960) 30 General Simon-Pier­re Daga Founangsou, (1/10/1961) The above listed army officers on the French Cameroun side were already commissioned officers at the time of the genocide against the Bamileke people. They all participated in the genocide and have perfect knowledge of the location of the mass graves where the headless victims were buried. All of them owe their promotions in the armed forces to the role that they played in the killing of their own fellow citizens. The direct role of France in Genocide In spite of the direct role that was played by France in the genocide against the Bamileke people, SCAPO has decided not to call for the indictment of any political or military official from France . The reason is because it is French citizens who participated in the genocide that finally came forward to reveal the secret to the world through their book publications. If they had not had the moral courage to take this step, the Cameroun genocide would have remained hidden forever. SCAPO salutes them. SCAPO also believes that it should be left to French citizens themselves to decide what to do with their own leaders. SCAPO also wants to take the opportunity to appeal to President Nicolas Sarkozy to follow the footsteps of his country men soldiers who decided for reasons of conscience to break the silence in order to tell the truth about crimes which were committed by the leaders of their country in the jungles or Equatorial Africa. This was not a conventional war like in Dien Bien Phu . This was genocide pure and simple. We ask President Sarkozy to do everything possible to ensure that a special criminal tribunal shall be created so that those criminals who are still in power in French Cameroun should be tried. This is the only way for France to make a clean break with its Gaullist past and to take its rightful place of honor among the great nations of the world. For us that should be enough. The genocide in French Cameroun started with the mass slaughter of the Bassa people during an insurgency war which started around 1955 in order to crush the UPC movement which was led by Ruben Um Nyobe. By the time that French Cameroun was granted independence by France January 1, 1960, the UPC movement had practically been crushed leaving at least 200,000 people dead in Bassaland with Rueben Um Nyobe and Felix Rolland Moumié having been killed in 1958 and 1960 respectively. Why the Bamileke were targeted However, the unusual aspect of the genocide against the Bamileke was its intensity and its barbaric cruelty as well as the fact that it took place after the unification between the British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun on October 1, 1961. Its intensity and barbaric cruelty was explained by the fact that it was done by a mechanized armored division of the French army which was sent into French Cameroun on the orders of President Charles de Gaulle as part of a military cooperation agreement which was signed by President Ahidjo and Charles de Gaulle after French Cameroun became independent. This mechanized division was commanded by General Max “The Viking” Briand, a veteran of the French Indochina war and Colonel Jean Marie Lamberton who was the military strategist of the genocide. SCAPO research has made it possible to establish with certainty that the mission of this mechanized division of the French army which was supported by aircraft was clearly ethnic extermination because there is absolutely no evidence to show that the Bamileke villagers, with no outlet to the sea, had access to any source of modern weapons. All the intelligence reports indicated that the rebels (maquisards) who were fighting in the bushes were armed with machetes and pangas and occasionally with automatic pistols. On the other hand the army of General Max Briand rained napalm on Bamileke villages razing everything to the ground and killing everybody in sight. SCAPO research has made it possible to establish that the reason why the genocide against the Bamileke people took place after unification between British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun was because President de Gaulle and President Ahidjo were both strongly opposed to this merger. Their opposition stemmed from the fear that if British Southern Cameroons came into union with French Cameroun, this will reinforce the demographic power of the Bamileke who were opposed to the government of President Ahidjo. The Bamileke and the Bassa were the main supporters of the UPC movement. The French government believed that the Bamileke and the people of the British Southern Cameroons were essentially of the same ethnic stock but with different colonial experiences. Hence they could not accept an unsolicited merger with Southern Cameroons which will numerically strengthen the Bamileke rebels. It is for this reason that France and all the other French-speaking countries of West and Central Africa (including French Cameroun itself) all voted against UN General Assembly resolution 1608(XV) on unification between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons on April 21, 1961. Link between Unification and Genocide against the Bamileke When the resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly, in spite of the opposition of France and French Cameroun, President Ahidjo reluctantly went to the Foumban Conference of July 1961 where negotiations on unification were supposed to take place. At the Foumban Conference no union agreement was produced and consequently, no document was presented either to the National Assembly of French Cameroun or to the Southern Cameroons House of Assembly for ratification on the union between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons . However, President Ahidjo unilaterally proclaimed into being the Federal Republic of Cameroon and the two sides simply celebrated unification on October 1, 1961; but President Ahidjo had another secret plan for the Bamileke: ethnic extermination. The research done by SCAPO has enabled us to understand that the unification which was celebrated on October 1, 1961 was perceived by the leaders in France and Cameroun as a victory for the UPC and a crushing defeat for French policy in Cameroun . It was with gnashing teeth that President Ahidjo celebrated the 1st October 1961. But this was a victory for which the Bamileke were going to pay dearly. President Charles de Gaulle and Ahmadou Ahidjo chose the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke people as the only solution that will guarantee that the admission of the British Southern Cameroons into the political space of French Cameroun would not lead to an Anglo-Bami alliance which will eventually use its demographic majority to destabilize the political power base of President Ahidjo who was a Moslem Northerner. President Ahidjo had preferred unification with Northern Cameroons and was disappointed that Northern Cameroons voted to remain in Nigeria . The implication of the link between unification and the genocide against the Bamileke people is that they effectively became the vicarious victims of France ’s opposition to unification between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons . This means that by denying the Southern Cameroons the option of full independence in 1961 and imposing unification with French Cameroun in spite of the open opposition of France and French Cameroun itself, the United Kingdom and the United Nations must accept partial responsibility for the genocide against the Bamileke people. This also implies that if the British Southern Cameroons had been granted full independence in 1961 by the United Kingdom , there would never have been the need for the campaign for the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke by Charles de Gaulle and Ahmadou Ahidjo. The research conducted by SCAPO showed that nearly all the Bamileke who were victims of the genocide are not aware of the link between the genocide and unification. According to most Bamileke people, the French were simply motivated by pure hatred. This thesis is unfortunately too simplistic. 1st October Versus 20th May It is worth noting that after the capture and execution of Ernest Ouandié in 1970, which brought the rebellion to an end, the Ahidjo government decided to move to the second phase of its power consolidation by organizing the referendum of 1972, following which the unitary state was proclaimed on 20th May 1972. For President Ahidjo, 20th May represented the crowning day of his revenge and victory over the UPC movement and the Anglo-Bami group. He had finally succeeded in crushing the UPC movement and the Anglo-Bami group was in his pocket. From that date, Ahidjo was the unchallenged and the unchallengeable master of the whole Cameroun . It is for this reason that 20th May replaced 1st October as the National day. Witnesses and survivors ready to give evidence SCAPO research has established that there are thousands of Bamileke people who survived the genocide and have perfect knowledge of the location of the mass graves where headless victims were buried in their thousands. This is because the soldiers who went into the bush to hunt for maquisards always came back into the towns with the heads of their victims as trophies. These Bamileke people can serve as witnesses only if they are sure that the government in Yaoundé and the Camerounian military hierarchy is completely cleansed and the country gets rid of all genocidal elements in the regime. The Role of Paul Biya in the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke SCAPO research has established that President Paul Biya played a very central role in the genocide campaign against the Bamileke because following his return from France in 1962 he was immediately named Chargé de Mission (Minister of Special Duties) in the Presidency of Ahmadou Ahidjo at the age of 28. It is largely on account of his role in handling the genocide dossier that he was rewarded after six years with the promotion to the post of Secretary General in the Presidency of Ahidjo at the age of 34 in 1968. He subsequently became Prime Minister in 1975 and finally succeeded President Ahidjo in 1982. His remarkable rise to power from Chargé de Mission to President of the Republic in 20 years at the age of 48 was largely a reward for the role he played in the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke. With President De Gaulle and Ahidjo dead, President Paul Biya and his generals are the custodians of the secrets of genocide, the inheritors of power acquired through genocide and the main beneficiaries of impunity. After 26 years of being President of the Republic of Cameroun and 46 years of being at the center of power, Mr. Biya was planning to amend the constitution in order to present himself for another 7 year term in 2011. The present crisis in the country was a direct result of the people’s rejection of his ambition for a life Presidency. Other Crimes Committed by Paul Biya SCAPO finally decided to file an official complaint with the prosecutor of the ICC because research has made it possible to establish that Mr. Biya has committed other crimes against humanity since coming to power in 1982, notably: The massacre of Northerners in 1984, following the failed coup attempt by loyalists of President Ahmadou his predecessor. Mass graves related to the Maguida massacre are located in Mbalmayo, some 150 km south of Yaoundé; The death of 2000 villagers in Lake Nyos in 1986, following the testing of a weapon of mass destruction by an unnamed foreign power, based on the authorization of President Paul Biya. When this event took place, an intensive spin doctoring campaign was launched in the international media in order to make the world believe that the Lake Nyos victims died from inhaling toxic gases which emanated from the bottom of Lake Nyos . Our interest is not in knowing the identity of the foreign power that conducted the test. Our interest is in the fact the President Paul Biya gave the authorization for the test to be conducted in an area which was populated by innocent people and that he was paid financial compensation for giving the approval; The selective transfer of soldiers and gendarmes who are HIV+ to army camps in the British Southern Cameroons ; this information was revealed to John Fru Ndi by Ahmadou Ali when he was the Minister of Armed Forces. This is clearly a sinister design to make sure the people of the targeted region are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus through sexual contact with promiscuous soldiers posted in the region. The long-term goal is clearly ethnic extermination. State sponsored terrorism against the people of the British Southern Cameroons. Such state-sponsored terror has included the arbitrary arrests, detention, torture, and extra-judicial killings. All of this has been carefully documented including pictures. To the extent that this was done in a systematic way over a number of years and targeted at the citizens of the British Southern Cameroons , this constitutes a crime against humanity. These are additional crimes against humanity which President Paul Biya and senior military officers have committed as a result of the impunity which they have enjoyed from the genocide against the Bamileke. The SCAPO research has also enabled us to discover that Mr. Biya has committed other very serious crimes, but which fall under the jurisdiction of Camerounian law. These serious crimes should normally have been followed up in the law courts by the state prosecutors if French Cameroun had been a country which respects the rule of law. In filing the complaint to the Prosecutor of the ICC, SCAPO is fully aware of the fact that French Cameroun is one of the few African countries which have so far refused to ratify the Rome Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court. There is no doubt that the refusal of the Cameroun government to ratify the treaty is because the criminal regime is aware of their culpability for crimes which fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC. SCAPO believes that it shall be the duty of the United Nations to make sure that everything is done in order to ensure that the horrific crimes that have been committed in French Cameroun do not go unpunished. Why SCAPO decided to act SCAPO decided to take the genocide and crimes against humanity to the world community because there were clear indications that the people of the British Southern Cameroons are the next target of the Biya regime because of their desire to be separated from French Cameroun to become an independent country. SCAPO realized that it needed a sovereign platform in order to go public with this incredible story about French Cameroun. That is the reason why SCAPO proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Ambazania on August 16, 2006. SCAPO wants to make it clear that the genocide against the Bamileke people and the state policy of concealment as well as the participation of the ordinary citizens of French Cameroun in this policy of denial has made the people of the British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun two people who are fundamentally incompatible and can no longer share the same political space or live under the same flag. The people of the British Southern Cameroons can no longer live under the control of a terror regime that organized the mass slaughter of its own citizens with the help of a foreign army and has kept it a secret from the world. Why the British Southern Cameroons must be separated from French Cameroun Consequently, the constitutional reforms which are envisaged by President Paul Biya only concern French Cameroun. Any citizen of the British Southern Cameroons who accepts to participate in the constitutional reforms advocated by Paul Biya should know that they are representing themselves. Indeed they shall be considered by the people of the British Southern Cameroons as traitors and a threat to their survival as a people. Mr. Biya and his criminal generals shall be eventually indicted and arrested by the Prosecutor of the ICC. This implies that the succession of Paul Biya is on the cards. We would like to take the opportunity to call on the potential successors of Paul Biya to understand that the people of the British Southern Cameroons are determined to create a separate country, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifices and whatever the consequences, in order to achieve this goal. The reason is because the discovery of the link between the genocide against the Bamileke people and reunification has completely changed the political equation in the Cameroons . The people of the British Southern Cameroons are now convinced that this separation is vital for the mutual survival of the Bamileke people as well as for the people of the British Southern Cameroons . It is true that the Bamileke and the people of the British Southern Cameroons are brothers and they consider themselves as such. One of the reasons why SCAPO has decided to go public with the genocide story is in order to ensure that the Bamileke people should never again be targeted in French Cameroun for mass slaughter. But our decision to form a separate country is based on our belief in the old saying that: “It is better for two identical twins to live apart than for them to die together”. This is the most important message that we want the Bamileke people to understand. If they ever allow the criminal regime in Yaoundé to mislead them to fighting against the people of the Southern Cameroons because of so-called “secession”, they shall end up being the big losers. The Southern Cameroons shall henceforth be known as the Republic of Ambazania and would like that the separation from French Cameroun should be friendly and brotherly, and failing that, it should be peaceful because, one way or the other, we shall have to live together as neighbors. However, if the successors of President Paul Biya decide to embark on a military adventure against the British Southern Cameroons , we shall take all the necessary steps to ensure our self-defense against this criminal and genocidal regime. The cost of this adventure shall be extremely high for French Cameroun. French Cameroun will undergo an implosion with unpredictable consequences for its own existence. Such an adventure will fail because no country in this region shall accept hegemonistic behavior by a country with a genocidal past. And the final result shall be the same: namely independence for the British Southern Cameroons . SCAPO calls on all the people of the British Southern Cameroons to get ready for the trying times that lie ahead. The moment for the final battle of independence is at hand. SCAPO calls on the African Union and the United Nations to intervene in French Cameroun in order to create the environment leading to the peaceful separation of the British Cameroons from French Cameroun before it is too late. Done this day March 3, 2008. © Copyright March 2008, Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO
Government officials said the forces were evenly matched but have not ruled out the possibility that the rebels could take N'Djamena. The BBC's Stephanie Hancock, recently based in Chad, says insecurity has always been the hallmark of Mr Deby's 17-year rule. But the tide began to turn in 2005 when he changed the constitution so that he could run for a third term in office, she says. This prompted mass desertions from the army, and the situation was made worse by the accumulation of oil wealth by Mr Deby and his entourage. From BBC AFRICA
UnitedstatesofAfrica If you are not on Biya's side,then you are one of the most stupid,foolish,selfish,egoistic,illiterate,unintelligent southern camerooonian i have ever come accross. Your words speak for themselves.One does not have to go far enough to find out weather you and Biya are on the same page. If indeed you are of the Southern CAMEROONS,of which i doubt,Think again and find a better way to put forward your facts.Dannyboy exposed his id,you would be next. We OF THE sOUTHERN camerooons would be free weather you and your click Biya go on vodoo sprees, we would succeed.
THE NORTHERN CAMEROONS QUESTION: A Tactical Diversion by A.F. NDANGAM National Vice – Chairman of SCAPO In conventional warfare a tactical diversion is used to send enemy troops from the point where full scale attack is planned. Those advocating a British Cameroon approach to the Southern Cameroons struggle have told us that all along in the struggle we have been speaking a language which is unknown at the UN because what the UN handed to Britain to administer was a single entity called the British Cameroons. In support of this point of view they have quoted Article 1 of the Trusteeship Agreement for the British Cameroons: “The Territory to which this Agreement applies comprises that part of the Cameroon lying to the West of the boundary defined by the Franco-British Declaration of 10th July 1919…” They have asserted categorically that “British Southern Cameroons cannot become independent without the British Northern Cameroons” They have dismissed the government of professor Angangwe as “an expensive joke” and “another non-starter”. The emergence of this afterthought Northern Cameroon doctrine in our struggle is said to have come from a certain research carried out by Professor Martin Chia Ateh who addressed a letter (supported by UNESCO) to the UN Secretary General 5 years ago. All these sound quite attractive . However, the present writer invites the reader to the other side of the coin. To start with, it is conceded that the UN gave Britain a single Territory (the British Cameroons) to administer. It is also conceded that Article 1 of the Trusteeship Agreement defines a single Territory. But are these all that there is to it? Long before the voice of Mr. Martin Chia Ateh came to be heard in this struggle. The Standing Committee of the AAC was convinced that the introduction of the British Northern Cameroon into the Southern Cameroons struggle was a tactical diversion. It was clear to members of the standing Committee that La Republic du Cameroun was behind the manoeuvre to divert focus in the struggle, and drag in Nigeria as an ally with whom they could easily suppress any idea of self determination for Southern Cameroon from both sides. SOURCE AND ORIGIN OF THE DIVERSION At the end of the All Anglophone Conference in Buea on 3 April 1993 a 72 members Standing Committee was set up. This committee met regularly under Barrister Ekontang Elad. At one of its meetings a few months after AACI members of the committee were visibly stunned by a newspaper report of the resolutions of a certain meeting held in the Nigerian town of Gembu by a joint delegation of people from the Southern Cameroon and Northern Cameroon. The meeting was reported to have expressed satisfaction at developments in Southern Cameroon to break away from the Republique of Cameroon and the Northern Cameroon delegation at the meeting promised financial and material support to the people of Southern Cameroon for the struggle. The person who led the Southern Cameroon delegation to Nigeria for the Gembu meeting was the S.D.O. for Nkambe (Are you surprised?) This same S.D.O. of Nkambe was of Beti origin (shocking?) This SDO was shortly after the event given a promotion high-jump to the position of Governor. Who had designated him to represent the people of Southern in that meeting across the border? What was his concern about the struggle by the people of Southern Cameroons to be free? Did a meeting really hold or it was all a fake? The hot debate in the Standing Committee meeting raised quite a number of unanswered questions, and came to the conclusion that the Gembu Conference was a ploy by the government in Yaounde to drag in Nigeria as an ally against “recalcitrant breakaways.” Although we have not heard more of the Gembu meetings it would be naïve to believe that the plan to derail the Southern Cameroons struggle by making it appear like a joint plan has disappeared. If the present activities of the pro- Northern Cameroon has no link with what that Beti Governor started, and if additionally those now clamouring for us to include Northern Cameroons in our struggle do not consult or confer with Governors of LRC in this afterthought idea, then we can only wish them well . However, it appears self-contradictory for SCARM to carry the words “SOUTHERN CAMEROONS” in the acronym of their name while singing “NOTHERN CAMEROONS TOO”. Wouldn’t it be proof of seriousness for this group to first delete “Southern Cameroon” from their name? More important than this incongruity, all of us in this struggle should behave responsibly by pursuing our ideas without harping on some half-century old silly and sarcastic remarks by an American WHOEVER and trying to stretch the remarks to present- day leaders of the struggle. Those who attended the AAC I from start to finish and listened to the convenors address the opening session of the conference will recall that the sustained applause that greeted professor Anyangwe’s presentation on that occasion was matchless. Today, the four distinguished lawyers who convened us to AAC I have all vanished from the scene – all, except professor Anyangwe who continues fighting at the battle front steadfastly. Those who followed developments on the Southern Cameroons case at the ACHPR in Banjul and read the powerful submission by Southern Cameroons on Communication 266/2003 called it “an authoritative document” in the annals of Southern Cameroon History and “a master-piece contribution” so with Professor Anyangwe’s recent publication, “A BETRAYAL OF TRUST.” Reading Dr. Yongbang’s recent publication on behalf of SCAM concerning the Northern Cameroons, one is forced to ask, is the Prof. Anyangwe we know the person we should single out as deserving John K. Emmerson sarcastic “in experienced, untrained and naïve”? for the simple reason that he calls his government that of BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS? To those who have accepted leadership positions in the various movements, it is incumbent upon us to be responsible and relate to others with due respect even when we disagree on points of view. The bold assertion that British Southern Cameroons “cannot become independent without the British Northern Cameroons in International Law” calls for a rigorous assessment of the facts because if we were to hastily accept this, it would mean undoing all what we have done so far in the struggle. It would mean a new start, and worst of all, it would be a straight plunge into despair. FACTS FROM THE WINDWARD Facts do not seize to exist just because you ignore them or because you have no knowledge of them. They do not fail to exist because they do not conform to our expectations. There are bitter facts in our history which hurt us as a people and as a nation. For example the UN is the source of International law yet it is the UN that bungled in the decolonisation process of the Southern Cameroons and inadvertently facilitated the annexation of the Southern Cameroon. What emerges in the decolonisation process of the Southern Cameroon is the betrayal of a trust (to borrow from professor Anyangwe) not independence, because in that process Southern Cameroons passed from political dependency to political servitude. And yet we cannot ignore the UN. But first let us briefly look at the following points: It is a fact that the UN signed a Trusteeship Agreement with Britain and the latter undertook (Article 3) to administer the Territory “in such a manner as to achieve the basic objectives of the international trusteeship system laid down in Article 76 of the United Nations Charter” This meant developing us towards self-government or independence. Britain failed to deliver under the terms of the Trusteeship Agreement and instead proposed Independence by joining. This change was not in our national interest and we rightly think that the UN should not have accepted this. But they did and the plebiscite was conducted. We think that since the Territory handed to Britain to administer was a single entity called British Cameroon, separate plebiscites in Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons were uncalled for. One plebiscite should have been conducted throughout the British Cameroons. But this did not happen.. Britain worked hard for 2 separate plebiscites to be conducted and so there were separate plebiscites in Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons. This is a historical fact. After the plebiscite the UN adopted Resolution 1608 XV to endorse the plebiscite results and name the dates for terminating Trusteeship in Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroon and anyone who reads it perceptively cannot deny the fact that this resolution also divided the British Cameroon officially and irrevocably into two. Let us look at this fact closely and concretely: Paragraph 4 of UN (GA) Resolution 1608 XV states as follows: Decides that, the Plebiscites having been taken separately with differing results, the Trusteeship Agreement of 13 December 1946 concerning the Cameroon under United Kingdom administration shall be terminated, in accordance with Article 76(b) of the Charter of the United Nations With respect to the Northern Cameroon, on 1 June 1961, upon its joining the Federation of Nigeria as a separate province of the Northern Region of Nigeria; With respect of the Southern Cameroons, on 1 October 1961, upon its joining the Republic of Cameroun. Yes, it is the UN that handed a single Territory called British Cameroon to the UK to administer. Yes, it is the UN that signed a single Trusteeship Agreement with Britain for the later to develop the Territory towards self-gevernment or independence. And it is also a fact that that same UN formally divided British Cameroon into two by adopting Resolution 1608 XV by a vote of 64 FOR 23 AGAINST with 10 ABSTENTIONS. Any idea that the UN does not know separate Territories called Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroons is simply diverting the struggle. We know that the hardest thing about facts is to face them. Yet it is in the very act of facing (and accepting) the facts of our present circumstance especially the irrefutable fact that Northern Cameroons IS part of Nigeria in conformity with International Law, that we draw attention to the gravity of the injustice that was done to the people of Southern Cameroon. For example, the reader who reads paragraphs 4a and 4b above is bound to ask why the UN could have defined the status of Northern Cameroons after it joined Nigeria (4a) and remain silent on the status of the Southern Cameroons after it joined La Republique du Cameroun (4b). Did this not amount to thrusting the Southern Cameroon into the arms of LRC to be annexed? This is a valid question to ask which draws attention to injustice, but we cannot ask it if we choose to evade or ignore the fact that the UN itself formally divided British Cameroon into two: Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroon. The purpose of this tactical diversion is couched in euphemisms that conceals nothing even to a casual reader: “ the UN is making the necessary adjustments to rectify and regularise the independence of the British Cameroon.” “These adjustments will take time” “Diplomacy cannot be rushed or hurried.” “What is required of us is a proper understanding of the UN system” We need to learn “how to run a state.” We need to have “patience.” Patience is the companion of self satisfaction. We have been patient long enough. Let no one misrepresent our mood. We are a people deprived of our right to self determination. We are an angry people! Our patience is exhausted. Those who want to be patient and wait for the UN to “make necessary adjustments to rectify” etc, Should be left to steer their own boat to Antarctic waste but should let our own ship sail on without diverting us from the direction we are heading to. We are in the right direction. However, the facts That the UN knows Northern Camroon and Southern Cameroon separately is manifestly evident. That it was the UN itself that officially divided British Cameroon into two, is as clear as daylight. Professor Anyangwe has indicated where the people of Southern Cameroon stand collectively. SCARM is free to have its minority say on the matter and if the Vice Chairman of SCARM refuses to serve in Professor Anyangwe’s Government on account of his disagreement with the majority view, for God’s sake, it is his democratic right and opinion (formed regrettably on hasty conclusions). The Ministry that was assigned to SCARM will certainly have a new Department Head at the appropriate time. I understand that down to the present UK’s Queen Elizabeth’s reign there are still bald-leaded old men in a room of the White Hall in London carefully studying the nuances of words and phrases in the petition for independence from the American Colonies. Time was needed on the British side of the Atlantic and patience on the American side for “necessary adjustments and rectifications” Let those who have thrown the weight behind Professor Anyangwe remain steadfast. The new leadership has emerged to unite us and move the struggle forward. Let us believe in the rightness of the course we have pursued so far i.e. self-determination for the British Southern Cameroons. Which I believe ( excuse me ) we will come to accept its sovereign branding as Ambazania) Let us also remain hopeful. Hope alone sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. Let us allow no one to divert us to the Antarctic waste. We are on the right path and Southern Cameroons (Ambazania) will achieve sovereign independence, God being our helper. Happy New Year?
NEW YEAR 2008 MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS BY SCNC NATIONAL CHAIRMAN, CHIEF AYAMBA ETTE OTUN ON 31ST DECEMBER, 2007. Fellow Southern Cameroonians Brothers and Sisters in the liberation struggle, It is my singular pleasure and a bounding duty as your humble servant, to address you on the eve of the New Year, 2008, which I want all of us to dedicate as the year of HOPE and Intensification of the liberation struggle of our God-given Fatherland, SOUTHERN CAMEROONS - which has been annexed, and its people made tenants and slaves for almost five decades. First of all I like us to pay gratitude to the Lord Almighty, who in His infinite mercy has guided and guarded us this far on the long and difficult road of our liberation struggle. Annexed, subjugated and impoverished as we are, standing on the historical and legal truth, we have adopted non-violence and not violence as the instrument to fight for FREEDOM and JUSTICE. We are equipped with the intellectual, spiritual and moral armaments which have sustained us over the years as exemplified by our Motto; “ The Force of Argument, Not the Argument of Force”. Like the biblical Goliath, La Republique has at its disposal all the lethal weapons, which it has used over the years to torture and kill peaceful Southern Cameroonians whose only crime is that they want FREEDOM. Like David, we are armed only with the sling and pebble of TRUTH, which we have been using and will continue to use for the restoration of our Sovereign Independence. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will guide us through the struggle, so I invite everyone of you to fervently pray on your knees, for Him to hasten the day of our liberation. During the year 2007 that has just ended, the SCNC covered many milestones on the long and difficult journey to sovereignty. Our annexationist enemy, La Republique du Cameroun placed many hurdles on our way. But unperturbed and with greater zeal and determination, we continued to fight for our inalienable right to freedom and sovereignty as we defied intimidation, illegal arrests and detentions, torture, rape, looting of property and even death. I salute you all for your courage and determination to pursue the struggle to its logical end so that a free Southern Cameroons Nation can be bequeathed to posterity. During the course of the year 2008 - I entreat all Southern Cameroonians to rededicate yourselves to the liberation struggle of our fatherland and to be more determined than ever before to achieve our lofty objectives of restoring our identity as a unique people and country which La Republique du Cameroun has tried in vain to efface from the map of the world. In spite of the rampant arrests, torture and detention of SCNC leaders just before 1st October 2007, the celebrations of our 46th independence anniversary was exceptionally successful. Our national flag was hoisted at various strategic positions throughout the national territory and in the Diaspora. At home, flags were hoisted all over Mezam, in Boyo, Bui, Donga Mantung, Ngoketunjia and Momo Counties in the Northern zone, as well as in Kumba town and Manyu, Lebialem and Fako counties in the Southern zone. Activities of the SCNC both at home and in the Diaspora were really on high gear. May 20 Day of National Mourning was spectacular. We congratulate our compatriots both at home and abroad for the massive turn out to demonstrate to the world that we will never surrender to intimidation and give up our legitimate right to FREEDOM. The record making commemoration of our stolen independence on October 1 at which Southern Cameroonians turned out massively at No. Ten Downing Street, London , Paris , Brussels , The Hague , New York and even in South Africa and Nigeria , clearly demonstrated the unyielding determination of Southern Cameroonians to regain their freedom. The UN and the international community in general must rise to the challenge of the moment and respecting the inalienable right of Southern Cameroonians to sovereign independence correct their mistakes of 1961. This is a right and not a privilege as prescribed by international law. During the second half of the year 2007, National Vice Chair and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Commission, Nfor, Ngala Nfor, scored several diplomatic victories as he represented the SCNC at the UNHRC in Geneva - where he lobbied for our cause. Great diplomatic victory was scored this December when he addressed the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), Political Group of the European Parliament, and the Nonviolent and Transnational Radical Party Conference in the European Parliament, Brussels. This was a gigantic step in our diplomatic offensive as our message was taken directly to the door step of the older and well established democracies. Leaving no stone unturned, Nfor Nfor is still shuttling and making friends for the legitimate cause of the Southern Cameroonian people. The arbitrary arrest and illegal detention of Nfor, Ngala Nfor and other SCNC Leaders at a well publicised Press Conference on January 20, 2007 in Bamenda demonstrated to the enemy that the Southern Cameroons struggle for freedom and justice was no longer a thing Yaounde could dismiss with the wave of its left hand. We take this opportunity to salute all our friends who petitioned the annexationist regime to respect international law. The increasing number of our friends is thanks to the successes diplomatic offensive is scoring. This will assume a higher gear in the New Year 2008 as more and more organisations and democracies are endorsing the right to self-determination of all oppressed peoples as the sole guarantor of global peace and international cooperation. SCNC’s commitment to Nonviolence as enshrined in its motto “The Force of Argument… is yielding fruit for the world is turning against violence and wars. The truth on which we stand will defeat the enemy. The case in the Bamenda High Court against Nfor Ngala Nfor and other SCNC Leaders, which attracted enormous international attention, was last November 06 ruled in our favour. This victory declaring Southern Cameroons a historical reality recognises Southern Cameroons as a political and legal entity in international law. This is what we are defending. This is the truth and on this rock annexationist la Republique du Cameroun will be defeated and forced out of our land as other imperialists before had to do. While Justice Nchou Julius Cho summoned courage to dismiss and acquit Southern Cameroonian leaders illegally arrested and detained under squalid conditions in Bamenda, Justice Ako Kenneth Tanyi in the Kumbo High Court had to use a prefectoral order of 2003 to convict SCNC leaders in a similar case. La Republique ’s oppressive laws have no standards. To Justice Ako Kenneth his master’s interest must be protected so he passed the kangaroo judgement for to him a prefectoral order never expires as far as SCNC activists are concerned. The truth shall tell. In addition to this SCNC cases are still subjected to rampant and prolonged adjournments. All these tactics of intimidation by the oppressor will not make us surrender. On the contrary we are strengthened for we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We call on our friends and international community to take judicious notice of this and act in defence of our inalienable rights to freedom of assembly, speech, opinion and thought. By now, many of you will be doubting as to what happened with our case in Banjul, The Gambia. In effect, a ruling was expected at the November/December session of the ACHPR. This ruling didn’t take place due to the fact that the Commission was being transformed into a court and other internal restructuring had to be taken care of. We call upon all Southern Cameroonians both at home and abroad to stay calm and wait for the outcome of the envisaged changes at the continental judicial arm. We assure everyone that the SCNC is following up the matter, the outcome of which will be celebrated with the pomp it deserves. May I take this opportunity to congratulate SCNC structures both at home and in the Diaspora that have already finished with reorganisation as directed. To the elected officials accept my congratulations for being called to serve. I wish to remind those who have not yet finished to expedite action as all these democratic elections most be finished by February ending. While we are struggling for the liberation of our country and its peace-loving people from the stranglehold of the diabolic and barbaric annexationist regime of La Republique du Cameroun, some of our fellow brothers have recently gone into romance with our enemy. A recent newspaper “The Post” quoted Ni John Fru Ndi, chairman of the SDF as having told P.M. Inoni Ephraim, that the government was too “lenient” with the SCNC. We believe that Fru Ndi did not put on his thinking cap, nor weigh his words properly when he made the statement which apparently pushed the government of La Republique du Cameroun to wage an all-out war to intensify its genocide war against Southern Cameroonians. By pointing out that government position against the SCNC was too lenient, Fru Ndi publicly demonstrated that he and his so-called SDF are anti-SCNC which is fighting for justice and freedom for Southern Cameroonians. He who is not for the SCNC is against it, so we warn all Southern Cameroonians to stay clear of SDF procrastinations and prostitution with the enemy. We also warn other Southern Cameroonians licking the boots and picking the crumbs from the table of La Republique du Cameroun, that as friends of our enemy, they are equally traitors of the legitimate aspirations of the Southern Cameroonian people. History has never smiled kindly at traitors. May I also draw the attention of all Southern Cameroonians both from the home front and in the Diaspora that on December 10th 1948 the United Nation General Assembly adopted the universal Declaration of Human Rights which affirms the inalienable rights of people everywhere and upholds the basic FREEDOMS, which people are entitled to. Before I end this address, I invite you, fellow Southern Cameroonians, to observe a minute’s silence in honour of all our fallen martyrs who have either been killed or tortured to death, especially those recently shot and killed in the University of Buea , Kumba and Bamenda by the forces of occupation. May their souls rest in perfect peace. We accordingly observed three days of national mourning on their behalf and call on all Southern Cameroonians at home and in Diaspora to respect and give these victims of La Republique’s repression the honour they deserve. In conclusion let me remind you that 2008 is a year of HOPE and great expectations for our suffering and dispossessed people of Southern Cameroons. To realize our cherished goal, I invite everyone of us to eschew divisive tendencies and unite behind the leadership of the SCNC as they steer our ship of FREEDOM to its final destination of SOVEREIGNTY for our nation and forever save its oppressed people from the misery imposed on us by La Republique du Cameroun. Finally let us all chant this song of liberty: “ We shall overcome. We shall overcome We shall overcome someday Deep in my heart, I do believe We shall overcome someday” May God Bless and steer our cause to Freedom Long live the right to self-determination Long live the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons, Long live World Democracy and International Cooperation, God bless you all.” CHIEF AYAMBA ETTE OTUN National Chairman SCNC
7512wilson, Boy i am sure you are one of the most un informed BOBANS.Are you really a BOBAN? Man,your ideas make me laugh.You have been in this forum for a while now,i espect you give us back what you have gathered here in this forum.Or do you want to tell me that what you are talking about here are your foundings? Boy go back and read the HIstory of the Southern Cameroons.Stop deceiving yourself. Simplice,Grow up man.Remember you are very insignificant.There's nothing i can learn from you.If you want to know how much,and how i am struggling to remove La Republique out of The southern cameroons,join the Scnc or be a part of one of the groups,fellow.Don't seat at the fence,Bro.
7512wilson, You seam not to have learnt any thing from this news paper,The post. What the hell are you talking about? Where the hell are you coming from? Stay where you are and forget about this forum.Cos' you have proved that for the number of years you've been in this site,nothing,i repeat,nothing has gotten into that you milky brain. Get the hell out of this forum and i wish you don't post anything any more.Cos' i don't think you will be able to teach any body any thing.Please go go go go go. This is a forum where we either learn or teach.But you haven't learned any thing and you are not,and have not been able to teach us.Please leave you are loud sounding nothing.
People What a list. I wish,that these people listed come together and give us what we are looking for. And, i also wish,that, this is for real not a joke. Any one who thinks, his or her, job,political aspirations are at stake,because his or her name was included in the list is not a true Southern cameroonian. Poeple, let me make this clear to u'all.That there's nothing like,north west and south west Southern cameroons.We only have a one southern cameroons. So forget about the North west and south west story.That comes up only when you talk of La Republique.Please, go back and read the real history of the Southern Cameroons. Let's stop talking about bias and stuff like that,Please.
People, When are these illiterates, primitive fools called police people going to change from this inhumane behavior.Not too long thier friends went on a rampage in Bamenda kiiiling scores of unarmed civilians,today they are killing 14 yrs old students.Do they have kids?When are we going to start taking the police to courts for unlawfull killings?I think it's high time people we make these fools using our tax money to kill us pay back.When are these colinisers leaving our motherland.Hell to La Republque,hell to these primitive fools called police. My heart goes to Ngome Herbert's family. Herbert Ngome,may your soul rest in perfect peace.Oh poor little boy.Why would it be you. I hate these people called law enforcement officers.I wish i could fly like the UFO"S.(unidentified flying objects)
INTERNATIONAL INTEREST MEETING IN SOUTH AFRICA I have been delegated by the organizers of this very important meeting to inform everyone that all is set for the International interest meeting for the Independence of th Former British Southern Cameroons to be held in South Africa as indicated by popular response from the suggestions which included Eritrea, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa and Nigeria. DATE: November Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, 2007 Pick Up Location. OR Tambo International Airport formerly Johannesburg Internatonal INSTRUCTIONS. 1: Those compatriots travelling to South Africa for the meeting, should indicate their names individually, Airline and Flight Number to tanformi@gmail. com . If you are travelling in a group, each individual must provide this information in advance so as to be included in the pick up to meeting site. You will NOT be picked up without prior notification, whether travelling in group or not. 2: Organizers would like to have this information by November 15th, to finalize accommodation arrangements. Send all requested information to tanformi@gmail. com . This communication serves as final invitation to all interested Former British Southern Cameroonians at home and and abroad. Please give this invitation the widest publicity in all fora. DR. Martin Ayim Coordinating by Delegation