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Bill Anderson
Austin, TX USA
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Jan 20, 2013
Just a free association response to your statement: "Value judgments are difficult to make when you have no idea what you are doing, or how you are doing it." A quote attributed to Werner von Braun: "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing." So I look at working through your entire personal kanban series as research.
I'm in the midst of reading "The Civility Solution: What to Do When People are Rude" by P.M. Forni, a professor or Italian Literature at Johns Hopkins and founder of the Civility Initiative. I think that constant connectivity does force us into behavior that can be considered rude. Pete's comment above is a perfect example. Of course, I think that a request for word of mouth advertising masquerading as a Facebook friend request is rude. But maybe that's just me. What's the solution? My choice is going to be to think before I ask for friend links or favors. And to try to reply in a civil manner. And try not to argue. The success and value of this approach is an empirical question. I'm optimistic. -Bill Anderson
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Ross, thanks for this post and for pointing out that attention is my gift to you for as long as I choose to give it. And the abundance isn't about my bandwidth, whatever the heck that is, but about my capacity to focus and attend to people, ideas, activities, things, etc. What I find most disturbing about the overabundance of stimulation is that I need to work harder to attend to what's in front of me. This is all about me, but in order for me to tap my own abundance I need to pay attention, and not partially.
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Ross, always informative to read your summaries. And I appreciate the empirical nature of your review of all the "wiki-ness" in the world. You wrote that in governance Wikipedia folk "value results over process." This sounds dangerously close to saying that "the ends justify the means" and that worries me.
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