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These are clear indications that authority will soon change hands.i have seen it happened to Mumbutu of Zaire, Eyadema of Togo just to name a few.If you dont live power power will live you.We will no longer listen to consoletary speeches or your divide and rule tactics while the house is on fire.The people of this country were more united peaceful and happy before you came with demonic spirits.The people of Cameroon had shown great sign of maturity by living you in power for soo long despite your incompetence as they can do to any son of the soil.You should know that the Cameroonian people are peaceful and tolerant people but we will not tolerate any longer because you dont have love for this nation.The child who was born when power was handed to you is now frustrated some where in a foreign land or a thief,those back at home are still with their parents under the same roof.Those in public services have not been able to feed their families or have shelter of their own or provide good education for thier children.the good Educational system before has become playing grounds producing graduate that do not even meet the needs of this country .The resouces of this nation is being used to develope another country , individuals or to pay dues for magical societies all over the world for the suppression of the people of this country.Despite our wealth we still go without food,homeless,health facilities or welfare amenities and when we request for what belongs to us you say we are being manupulated by others.if there is anybody doing this its you Mr.President.You and your gun men.But we can assure you that this time we wont can either choose to go the way of Samuel Doh or Mumbutu.Because the people of this nation has rejected you as their leader.You talk of this country being guided by the constitution.which constitution are you refering to us are you talking of your self made constitution that you imposed on us or a constitution made by the people of this land. that you can change anytime you wish to to suit your selfish ambitions? We believe we were born all equal with the same rights to what belongs to Cameroon and to contribute to the development of this nation and no individual or group of persons can deny us this right.We are not in a chieftency or monarchy So long as the future of this country remains obscure and you wish to impose your leadership on the people of this nation you will have no rest until we get what is ours and decide what to do with it.There are many sons and daughters of this land with good leadership qualities,sound accedemic and moral background wishing to guide this country to an expected end why not give others a chance.Is Cameroon your personal property? or you faught for our independence?. You have to leave by all means .it will be better to hand over quietly what belongs to us and escape anywhere you want to than insist until you are caught and slaughtered.Your magical powers will dissappoint you this time.Our sole desire is to see you out by any means.
Football is not only a sport but an expression of power.onbehalf of the cameroonian supporters here in Ghana we wish to extend our profound gratitude and congratulation to our boys.Ghanians today are as quiet beyong imaginations.The host to win has became an illusion.We equally wish to thank God for making it possible that we meet Egypt again.After our first match with Egypt,Mohammed Zidan made a proclamation that Cameroon is an inferior side.There is a saying that a first fool is not a fool but a second fool is a real fool.we got to see if his assertion will stand.Through out the competition the Egyptians have claimed to be evangelists of the Muslim faith through their hypocracy and sending out a strong message to black Africa that we should get converted and worship the moon god. The Isrealites whose power comes from sun were once slaves to the Egyptians but today they are their masters and shall never be till Thy Kingdom come.The moon has no light ,its just a reflection of the sun.The Egyptians should expect a manifestation of the glory of the Almighty God, our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ come sunday.To prove to the Egyptians that those who move by faith in Christ is more than those who depend on laws and rituals As advice to the Lions.The Egyptians strength lies on two pillars:racism and the fact that they are current cupholders.The North Africans calls us slaves and inferior beings because of the color of our skin or history .secondly they are highly motivated by the fact that they are the defending champions.These two factors are the main contributors to their success.As people who are highly psychologically oriented when ever they are playing with a black nation they fight to keep this supremacy but i will like to say that on earth there is no nation as inferior like the Egyptians the bible says curse be on that man who goes to Egypt for bread. God will never and never allow us to be a slave to such a nation again as children of faith,descendants of Abraham. They only brought back the cup to give to the rightful owners come sunday,the 10, 2008 Power has move from the east and now in the west.This is the lesson they must take back to Cairo We are a chosen people the Head of All gods,Jesus Christ to whom all kneel shall bow.He never fails.The Cameroonian team they will meet on sunday will be one transformed body and soul by the King of Kings.Gods glory shall be revealed. Allez Les Lions.God is with you.
on behalf of the Cameroonian supporters here in the center of the earth Ghana.we wish to say congrat to the Lions especially to song for such a very high spirit of motivation injected in the team.The performance of the lions in their last match with Tunisia has been rated the best in the entire tournament.A lion is still dangerous even at its old age.We pray that the guys keep this form.We got to pray that the boys are energised full ninety minutes.Because of the short breath they almost collapsed at the victory line.we pray it never happens again.The black stars are fully prepared.The slogan is "host and win" but i think luch is not on their side.For we need this trophy than they do. We want to assure the team we are fully behind them and God is also on their side.The cup is ours come rain or sun. Once again we say Congrat to the entire team, the administrative/technical staff and all those back home praying for the team.Football is one of the most valuable assert we have,talent given by God to us which most not only be developed but highly protected.without it the world could have known of us.what we have we keep. ALLEZ ALLEZ LES LION
Onbehalf of the Cameroonian supporters here in Ghana we wish to congratulate the Lions for making it to the quarter finals.We have won a battle not the war.The performance of the Lions rated here is below average 40 out of hundred.Thier victory has largely been attributed to divine intervention than good performance.Though by the end of the first round the right guys seemed to have been gotten some of them are not well positioned,much has to be done to improve their skills as lack of vigilance,no mapping,poor ball distributions,a porous and seasonal confuse defence and too much concentration of action on only one part of the pitch characterised their play in the first round. The second phase of the competition will be more demanding expecting more prowess and expartise on the part of the players and there will be no room for correction for once beaten you are out.No chances must be taken at all.We dont want to see a situation where Geremi gets the ball and does not know who to give it to ask no one is asking for it and he end up kicking it into space,we eaqually need to see accurate of the reasons why the Brazilians will always be on top is thier vigilance and even distribution of the ball such that action is not concentrated on only one portion of the pitch or around a single player.spreading the ball has the benefit of creating chances of penetration and causing the opponents to lose focus.we will also like to see a one to one mapping of the players each player should have an opponent to keep reducing the chances of free shoot by their opponents.The defence got to be fortified , made less porous and the seasonal confusion eradicated.Lastly the players should occupy thier rightful position.prior to this first half i have never witness a match with ETO in the midfield.we will like to see him leading the attack up front, mounting pressure and giving more strikes.As a formidable FIFA asset he will be given more protection and and light touch on him can lead to a penalty. with aggressive and hard play but avoiding faults and the above taken into consideration nothing can stop us bringing the trophy home . Congratulation to all the players and the adminitive team for listening to us.We are here to take the cup home and nothing less. ALLEZ LES LIONS
The era for deals is over.Biya must quit whether he likes it or not.The Cameroonian people must get up to see that an effective change is brought into the political scene for a better future of our children and development of the nation.its time Biya knowa that mysticism has no more power over the people of Cameroon and the next election must see him out of office.There are lots of educated Cameroonians with enough experience to take this nation to the next level.Cameroon is not an exclusive property of an individual or group of individuals.We must denounce every attempt to change any clause in the constitution to his favour.we must see into it that an independent electoral commission is set up outside the ministry of territorial administration. God is no more on his side and even the cosmic forces will not act to his favour.The Churches got to share in this responsibility that our country move forward.Not the kind of cosmetic changes claimed to be effected by traitors that have succeeded plunging the country into total uselessness,changes vices to virtues.A cameroonian child is unable to distinguish good from bad. This is the time for change
Congratulation to the was a spectacular show .we hope they keep this up and we shall continue moving to the stadia to give them the necessary support but the Lions must remind themselves they are the best in the Continent having the best FIFA record so far to have qualified to the quarter final in the world cup.This should be taken very seriously because the guys do not seem to be hoping of getting the cup.But i wish to say we got to get the cup no matter what.secondly certain players should be maintained in each match Job Desire, he brought a lot of luck into the team,Mbami should hardly be replace he has a mastery of his position than any other, any replacement only causes havoc.Young Song is inevitable.Atuba must be very careful with his ambitions as most often we find he abandoning his post trying to strike this brings much load on captain song as he rushes to cover there by comiting total disaster.Kamini should not abandon all to his defenders.His positions need to be carefully calculated.Lastly the style of play.we are not Brazilians or Europeans we are Cameroonians and have our own natural play style highly admired by others.The players must be aggressive, hard play but avoiding fauls.This is what we uses to win all our trophies. With all this taken into consideration the Lions will still remain king of the forest.God is on our side. Congratulation Captain Song.
There is just one thing that makes us proud as Cameroonians out here .Football.Onbehalf of the Cameroonian supporters out here in Ghana especially those of us residing here ,the defeat of the Lions in their encounter with the Pharaos of Egypt was a heavy blow to our face.when will the Lions wake up from sleep.Every participation of the Lions in international football competitions only witness the distruction of achievements left by their predecessors.Beaten 4-2 infront of reputable individuals like His Excellency Issa Ayatou,football legend Roger Miller is completely humiliating.not to mention the foreigners supporting us.Something got to be done and fast. The game of football is an energetic sport.The players aught to have enough energy .we cant expect old fathers to posses the required energy.We must accept the truth that three quarter of the team is made of old men who cant even run or attack creating lapses for penetration and free shoot.once beaten they cant fall back .Look at the impact created by the young song that came in he energised the team supplying passes in a pracmatic manner,attacking that culminated to the goals scored in the second half.We need more young blood into the team while the old ones can be fitted only when necessary.This is what the Egyptians did ,the young guys had the speed,mounting counter offences that led to goals. We need more young players like the young Song .Not inflexible players with over weight that only stand and watch their opponents. I pray this get to the ears of those concern because if we have to keep fielding these old men we will only end up losing our pride and even the prestigeous position we occupy in CAN. Howeveri will like to thank The Living Legend Eto for not allowing too much humiliation to us
Dear Editor Permit me to seize this opportunity to channel this information to fellow Cameroonians in West Africa:Nigeria,Benin,Togo and Ghana and especially members of the CPDM party. In view of the up commit summit meeting of African head of state.we intend carry out some preparations to Welcome our father.His Excellency president Paul Biya. If you wish to join us kindly call 00233289117067 or 00233276537595 For detail discusions Ba Njeko T T
Thanks Tayong You are just a pure image of my past in the days of total blindness and ignorance.Are you voicing what you have been thought or does it emanate from a personal observation.You need time for maturity and acquisation of widom. The only reason why i decided to participate in this forum is that i think we owe our brothers and sisters back at home and other paths of the world who are not moving forward but living in a state of imagination. The person you become does not depend on wfere you are but on who you are.i am in Ghana for studies and believe when i return home i will try to find you to actually know you better. We in the CPDM are responsible and dignitarious men and women not louzy and irrational thinkers who get up one morning and start chasing the shadow,poisoning the minds of the ignorant ones Have a goodday
Dear Mr.Tayong its rather unfortunate that others got to you before me.There is an adage which reads 'until a man loses what he has then will he know its worth' Are you forseeing war in the country? you seem to have completely castigated the system in which you find nothing good. 'If you got to see a masquarade well then you dont need to stand on one spot.'visit your neighbours then will you know how to appreciate the man Biya and his goernment. Until i got out then did i know we are blessed not only with a wise,intelligent and well focused leader who is preparing the cameroonians to better survive in the highly competitive world. No leader comes to power to perfect the system but to give his own quarter in the evolution of the life of that country.Emancipation and mental evolution is the path His Excellency Paul Biya has taken.Knowledge is power As one of his students i am very proud in him.He has proven his genuity not only in domestic matters but also internation.We have been able to overcome many issues peacefully perhaps if it was anyother this country could have been thrown into total chaos. He is God chosen and knows what is good for the country at any time. A child is always stubborn to go to school at his early school years not knowing there lies his future. Here is my postal address Ba Njeko. T . T p.o box 8285, Tema, Ghana
I am called Ba Njeko.I am a Cameroonian living in Accra,Ghana.I wish to extend my greatest satisfaction to the entire Cameroonpost newspaper for making us abress with the day to day socio,economic,cultural and political developments in Cameroon.I wish to make some few comments on yoour last report of the SCNC debacle. It is not a sin for one or a group of people who fee maginalised to seek for means to revamp thier situation as a member of a family,country or nation.The protection of minority right is a provision of the Human right declaration enshrined in the UN charter but when a group of people who claaim to be the mouth piece of a people unilaterally resort to orthodox measures that jeopardises the smooth functioning and the tranquility of the entire nation then their actions should be seriously checked. I am a christian and in every statement i make i like refering to the Holy Scripture.The Bible says let no one put asunder what God has put together. Those who claim to be the protectors of the Anglophones with seperatist tendencies are working contrary to the devine plan of our beatiful nation that had taken time and energy to build.The SCNC are not only exploiters but ignorant men and women who have completely lost sight of world evolution.We are living in a time when people are moving together.Africa is now thinking of a continental government not just a union where we can live under a single unbrella,the Europeans are pulling themselves together into a powerful block to rival the US which had this vision many years ago. Secondly a divorce order granted the problems face with anglophones will never stop.The 'cam no goes' and those who first saw the whiteman will still be at each others throat and it will go on and on. The advice to these adventurers is that instead of dividing they should start seeking for means to build a more stronger and beautiful nation.'Think of what you have done to this country and not what this country has done for you'.A good child who feels offended and love his country cannot say i am no more part of the family.But seek for a consensus within the family.The Bilingual character of our country is a formidable resource to us Cameroonians outside.Instead of saying i am Anglophone Cameroonian say i am a Cameroon.Dont hide in some obscure area in the south of north west or remain in a selfish ambition and think you are doing us any good by this irrational ideas.The only way is to fit into the system become biligual and you enjoy the land we live in.Thanks