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Barbara Corbitt
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what a beautiful quilt! i love the way you made it very special with the bunnies and bear. where did you get your inspiration? where ever you got your inspiration, i want to visit there! lol all i do is hand piecing and hand quilting and i find it very satisfying and calming. thank you so much for sharing.
hi anna maria! what a great idea; having a kids workshop! i can only imagine that they will bring wonderful ideas and projects to the table. what a great way to get them away from the internet and tv. and to really strut their stuff. congrats on becoming a success and getting a permanent site. babscorbitt at gmail dot com
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i love gleeful. the name certainly fits!! this is the most scrumptus fabric i have seen in a long time. i am having a high risk surgery and would love to make me a post surgery quilt with this fabric it would certainly keep my spirits up. thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. babsorbitt at gmail dot com
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i love this fabric! it would make such a pretty summer quilt. thank you so much for a great giveaway babscorbitt at gmail dot com
Toggle Commented May 24, 2014 on Swim Team Blog Hop at Windham Fabric Snip-its
one of my most favorite, alex anderson. i was so sad when they canceled her show. the fabric you are giving away is so beautiful. thank you for a great giveaway
Toggle Commented May 12, 2014 on Pat Sloan: Sew Mama Sew Giveaway at Pat Sloan's Blog
wow, what a great giveaway. i love to see what is new in the fabric world. i love joel dewberry, kate spain, and others are creating. i am a follower via bloglovin.
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since all of my quilts are pieced and quilted by hand, my favorite is a leather thimble with a metal dimple. i can only find them at joanns.
i have quilted for over forty years. all of my quilts are hand pieced, hand quilted and donated to charity. so i dont even have one of my quilts! i would love to win and have always wanted to make a blue and white quilt for myself and this would definetly make a beautiful quilt.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2014 on April Showers Giveaway at nanaCompany
i love love love the patterns. i would mix them to give a quilt more character. thank you for a truly wonderful giveaway.
i really love your fabrics. and the quilts you mamber one with your new line is wonderful. i love your triangle quilt. i would make charity quilts lap quilts for a local nursing home. it is a small facility and i really want to make one for each resident there and take them all at one time. the owner said that would be great but how would each quilt be selected for each patient. i suggested bingo or even drawing numbers. number one would have first choice and so on. after all are cosen i would sew the labels in with their name the quilt pattern, who made the quilt and the date. thank you for a wonderful giveaway
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mine is b it stands for so many things in my life. belief, if my belief was not as strong as it is, i would not be here now. belief in myself. belief that the world is not as bad as most people think. belief in making charity quilts to share with someone i dont even know and the belief that who ever recieves one of my charity quilts will strengthen their faith.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2014 on It's Moda Blog Hop Day! at makelifesweet
i love crush. but it might be very interesting to see you do something totally off the wall of your "normal" patterns. keep up the great work. i am a follower via email. love your work
i love your quilt! it is so beautiful. i would love to be in your head for five minutes. then i would have enough inspiration to make charity quilts for the next year! thank you and your sponsor for such a colorful giveaway especially with all this nasty weather outside. thank you for sharing.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2014 on Its True, its Color.... at Material Obsession
what a beautiful giveaway!!! i would make a charity quilt to donate. i love to pay it forward and thank you so much for a chance to win.
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my christmas quilt would be one of yours! i love emilie's books. my daughter bought me two of them before she passed away and i have read them so much, they are starting to fall apart. thank you for such a great giveaway.
topaz is awesome. what a beautiful, tranquil, calming quilt is would make!! thank you for a very generous giveaway.
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i love to make tuna noodles. they are quick and easy. cook one bag of no yolk wide noodles. drain. add two cans of drained tuna fish, one can of drained green peas and one can of drained corn. add 6 to 8 slices of cheese cut in small pieces. mix well and enjoy.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2013 on Pat Sloan: A day in the life at Pat Sloan's Blog
are you on bloglovin or can i subscribe via email? thanks, barbara
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2013 on What Summer Tastes Like. at stuff about artstuff.
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fried green tomatoes. if you havent had them, you dont know what you are missing. so good it maes your tongue want to slap your brain. all you do is slice green tomatoes, dip in a bowl of water, dip in a bowl of cornmeal and fry in hot grease until tender.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on Pat Sloan: A day in the life at Pat Sloan's Blog
Love this fabric. I follow via email and liked on facebook
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I have never owned a sewing machine but would love to. I do all my piecing and quilting by hand thank you so much for a great giveaway
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2012 on Bake Sew Craft Along at The Train To Crazy
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Would love to win, contest ends on my deceased daughter's birthday
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Aug 16, 2012