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Barbara Montag
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I like to have Little Bites for a snack when I volunteer. thank you
Sick got so real for us when nasty colds hit us all on Thanksgiving. Of course no turkey for us! thank you
I would happily gift Maryellen to our grand daughter - so on her wish list! thank you
I always take time for myself after the kids are in bed. I enjoy playing games on the iPad mini and having a cocktail. thank you
My favorite first was the baby's giggle. thank you
I like the Rebecca Rubin American Girl doll. thank you
I like that these toys are so unique and provide good learning. thank you
The kids still need jeans - thank you.
My favorite has been Charmin for ages - so soft! thank you
Photo gifts are always special. I like to have them done with the grand kids.
I love that it's more economical than tutoring. Thank you.
The girls and I need boy shorts panties - great fit! Thank you.
Write down the mileage and date you had your oil changed. Vehicle manufacturers often recommend oil changes based on miles or time, whichever comes first. Thank you.
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Jan 15, 2012