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Tracy: I enjoyed your description of the 221B Con. However, one passage stuck out: You write: “It is unfortunate that any devotee of the master would condemn a younger fan, however that fan was first lured up those seventeen steps.” I assume you refer to the hoopla over the 'elite devotee' article. Philip Shreffler’s essay on the elite devotee identifies the primary quality of the devotee as intelligence, and he says nothing about age (or gender, for that matter). What is unfortunate is that Prof. Shreffler’s essay drew attention to a young female fan, but did not single out any of the older male fans that he could have mentioned; had he done so he might have made it clearer that his focus was intelligence, or lack thereof. Barbara
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2013 on A Report From 221B Con at Strictly Sherlock
Hi, Tracy -- I just found your blog, and I am catching up on your great posts! This one struck me because I have read Ms. Manente's paper, and was rather put off by it. She doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that every generation of new Sherlockians faces the same dilemmas of acceptance by older Sherlockians, the same differences in technology, media, the same differences of knowledge and experience, etc, yet somehow new Sherlockians -- young and old -- acquire experience and knowledge, make the social contacts, and before long find themselves to be at the center of things. There is an unfortunately adolescent quality about the assumption that her's is somehow a unique generation, and a bit of, what?, hubris?, in assuming that she has the right to speak on behalf of that generation. I've met a lot of younger Sherlockians at various events, and they simply fit right in easily; we've all been there, though Ms. Manente doesn't seem to realize this. I don't really mean to sound so harsh -- she also strikes me as an intelligent young woman who will continue to be a leader in this or that Sherlockian movement, and that is to be encouraged. I simply had a vision of her reading that essay 30 years from now and wincing at that younger, naive self... We've all been there, too!
These pattens are amazing, and I'd love to be able to buy many of them -- will they go on sale at some point?
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Feb 2, 2012