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Barbara Ruth Saunders
San Francisco
Interests: As a child, I read biography after biography, then went on to study psychology. i am fascinated by formation and by how people define themselves.
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Mar 15, 2010
One minor, minor point. I am fully pro-choice. Yet I know there are some irresponsible people who fail to use birth control, and then have abortions. Never in a million years would I advocate public policy that bans abortion simply to "punish" this group. However, I often hear pro-choicers deny that such people exist. I have known 35-year-old women and men who "get carried away" month after month and scare after scare. That is, in my view, extraordinarily self-destructive. But the phenomenon does exist.
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Sounds like a good idea to me to have a Telecommute Day on the same day as Take Your Dog to Work Day. Everybody wins!
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