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John Mackey is, to put it more kindly than perhaps I should, kind of a wacky eccentric regarding the virtues of "conscious capitalism."
What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2009 on Goodbye, Rebel at Dogged Blog
Emotions run high in this, but in my view, it comes down to this: Prop 8 supporters won this case because they talked morality and walked law; Prop 8 opponents talked law (and rights) and tried to fight a moral fight in a legal forum. Personally I support "the legalization of same-sex marriage" (my preferred term over both "gay marriage" and "marriage equality" for reasons I won't expand upon here.) I both hope and believe same-sex marriage proponents will prevail eventually. However, I think winning depends upon playing the game on its own terms - law and not moral righteousness, even when we feel morally righteous.
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