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Barbara Stratton
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You seem to be well versed in how it works, but I don't think most citizens including myself understand the process. It is my understanding that citizens can only listen and not speak at the work sessions which would probably make a better fact finding venue if there is more discussion, but not a place to ask questions. Citizens can only speak at the regular meetings if they pre-register and state what they intend to speak on so meetings are really just listening sessions for most citizens also and most issues seem to have already been decided, which probably refers back to attending work sessions. Minutes can be a good summary of what took place, but the info they contain has usually been voted on so it is mostly history. They also have to pass through another meeting session to be approved before they are available for public posting and by that time they are really history. Valdosta's government 101 class is probably a good teaching experience. I called the week it was announced in the paper and it was already full with no alternates list available and no offer to leave a name for next year. I think more citizens would attend work sessions and meetings if they understood the process.
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Feb 18, 2010