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Star rating: 5 stars--outstanding/potential classic, 4 stars--very good, 3 stars--adequate, 2 stars--disappointing, 1 star--poor. Jennifer Aniston, an American actress and the star of the popular “Friends” sitcom, is the latest celebrity to jump into the scented waters. While I give Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum 3 stars, when compared to other celebrity fragrances it probably should get all five. Instead of the expected candy bar and bubble gum compote, we instead get a silky white floral bouquet over a delicious sandalwood and musk base. The result is polished and comfortable, the fragrance equivalent of nicely fitting jeans. Given that a perfect pair of jeans is an important piece in anyone’s wardrobe, having a perfume to convey the same impression is not such a bad thing at all. Not every single perfume needs to be the equivalent of an haute couture... Continue »