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This years Super Bowl experienced some of the best and some of the worst commercials in television history. This event tends to be the most important and watched match of the year throughout the United States, and many companies try to promote their business in the best manner. Although many... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
I think that you analyzed this section perfectly because you addressed those involved and how their actions may have led to stress or anxiety. Everyone participates in school, but certain people care more about their future. Athletes for example focus on their sports, rather than their academic studies, because they feel they can make it to the big leagues. I am not trying to limit the amount of athletes and denounce their work ethic, but many find themselves in difficult situations when they are unable to provide for their families. Children who decided to take what I call “mickey-mouse “courses are not helping themselves by boosting their GPA’s. It is very important to receive a good education because it will help students succeed, but for those who don’t try, they will find it extremely hard for them to react to different challenges that approach them in life. It is crucial for students to participate in their communities to help them manage their time wisely and participate in academic studies. Some students have great work ethic, while others cram and find themselves in desperate situations to gain a better grade. Those who are organized and prepared will succeed, while those who wait the longest and wait for everything to unfold will find it very hard to adapt to. We as students must realize that it is our first priority to receive a good education, and other things such as jobs, sports, and fun should be sometimes set aside as a second priority. I’m not promoting a boring and academic life style by any means, but we must understand our play in society as teenagers and make those who love us proud.
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I believe this article addresses many issues that surround high school students each year. Many struggle to find good schools that will suit their requirements for their ideal institution. Many try extremely hard during their senior years to improve their GPA and participate in many extra curricular activities. There are... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Rachel, your decision to elect Betty Makoni is very admirable and heart warming. This woman has been able to do a lot for her community and for generations to come. By protecting these battering girls and women, she is able to provide a bastion for her community and help these people gain a better sense of life and accomplishment. The opportunities that Makoni is able to provide to these girls is remarkable and unbelievable in most cases. It is not everyday that a woman dedicates her life to save an entire population from future disease, abuse, and even death. The stories that have been described through your post are disturbing, which makes this person even more special to nominate her for the person of the year. It is amazing how some people are able to leave their old life, to dedicate numerous hours and resources to those who have nobody else to lean on. It is very important for what Makoni does to be recognized at an international level, so that others are able to join her cause around the world. “Protecting the Powerless” is a great title to give this woman because she is not only helping those who are hurt, but those who also have the potential to contribute to society. I am left speechless by hearing this story and her accounts have made me reconsider the great life that I have compared to those who are abused and neglected. It is sad to hear of these stories, but is also a great experience to hear about people like Betty that are able to make a true difference in the world.
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Narayanan Krishnan was a bright, young, award-winning chef with a five-star hotel, who was on his way to Switzerland to open an elite restaurant among others, but before he left his native land, his life changed forever. “I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food,”... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
I agree with you Erin when you realize that high school students do not always understand the lifestyle that certain families live because of their financial situations. It is always good to make sure that you are involved with the family and recognize what goes behind the scenes. Students are always wondering if they can get more money for lunch, or for a new shirt, but they never realize where that money comes from. It is good to educate these students so that they begin to comprehend the image of money and its’ importance. This course would provide an introduction to theory, methods, and concerns of personal finance. It is a great idea to educate students about family planning as well because they do not anticipate the world after college. They come up with these ideas to live in large homes and drive nice cars, but they never set aside this money and eventually find themselves in a difficult situation. Many predicaments like these are present throughout the world, and the government is losing out from repaying these loans or mortgages. It comes to a point where people don’t know how to manage their money, and they find themselves in a lot of trouble, which increases unemployment rates and poverty. We need to begin at the high school level so that issues like these don’t occur in our future. We need to create nation-building ideas, rather than to destroy it financially. We need to recognize what we can afford, and what we can’t.
The idea of offering a finance course throughout a strong curriculum sounds like a fantastic idea. It would not only help in the math department, it will teach students how to reason and organize their lives in a better manner. Many students do not understand what their parents must do... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Erin, your analysis of America’s capabilities to help others is very well done. Your ability to know about America and compare to the outside world is very nicely presented. I also agree with many of the points you made, considering we had similar thoughts. You also made a very important statement that I had not taken into consideration. “The focus should be on getting the country back on its feet; however, long-term aid is rarely a good idea. If the United States gets too involved in the long term there is a possibility that Haiti could become too dependent.” If the United States provides sufficient aid to a country in this predicament, they may find themselves in a predicament themselves. America also needs help in their own country, and for them to dedicate time to another country is very nice and helpful, but the problems within one’s country must be presented first. I think you stretch your assumption of time when you mentions decades, but in overall you made some logical and smooth points that are open to discussion. I feel that if you were to present this plan to the United States government, they would take it into consideration, but it would take some time to develop a well developed and organized plan. “More than a million displaced people still live under tents and tarpaulins. International donors promised Haiti $5.3 billion at a March 2010 donor’s conference. But reconstruction involving better buildings and roads has barely begun. Officials’ sole point of pride six months after the earthquake — that disease and violence had been averted — vanished with the outbreak of cholera.” With these issues still in existence, I do believe there is a need for change, but the United States needs to be very careful with their relationship with the Haitians.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2011 on AID to Haiti at Erin Sullivan's blog
According to New York Times, “Haiti is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world; Haiti in recent years has struggled with problems ranging from near-constant political upheaval, health crises, severe environmental degradation and an annual barrage of hurricanes.” From this example, we as Americans should highly... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Your analysis of the ipad is quite nice and appropriate considering the fact that an ipad is another invention that attracts Americans to buy into another one of those big corporations so that they are able to make the largest profit. The car is a great invention, especially one that is able to run on electricity which would help the overall economy and the environment. This futuristic model is a great way for people from all countries to experience an invention that will not help someone’s pay check, but the overall economy of the nation. The current gas prices the way they are very high and unaffordable to some people. Personally, I would rather invest into a vehicle that will help my budget, rather than a SUV that requires a lot of gas, for minimum mileage. The ability to use solar panels to power the vehicle is also an invention in itself because we are able to preserve the earth and its surroundings. Although I sound like an ecologist, I feel that helping the environment will allow future generations to enjoy the same amount of fun and enjoyment that we have taken part in. “With further increase of such an invention, the world will slowly shape into a more progressive, modernized world.” With this example, I completely agree with your blog and enjoy reading your analysis. The way you are able to look at certain scenarios and develop a strong idea to help improve things such as the environment that is something very admirable.
One invention that is being released this year is the eLegs Exoskeleton. This technology will allow the paralyzed an opportunity to walk once again. An article from Time Magazine states that “the eLEGS exoskeleton is a bionic device engineered to help paraplegics stand up and walk on their own. It’s... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Kayla, it is fantastic that you were able to develop your skills as a mother at a very young age. Your baby Chloe seemed to be more than just a friend, but a way to experience life for the future as a young child. The connection that you made with Chloe is very heart-warming and wonderful. Unfortunately, Chloe lost her water, and the image of your child had disappeared. Your mother acted quickly to allow you once again to carry out the relationship that you loved the most. Childhood toys are one of the greatest sources for memories and old times. If you look back at all the things that occurred in the 90’s, you look back and say “wow, I was born in the 90’s, and look at all the past television programs, sport highlights, and newest technology at the time.” I remember many things about my childhood, and because of this, we as teenagers are able to carry out these stories for the rest of our lives. As you said, Chloe helped you to become a mother figure, and now when you experience it in modern time, you will be prepared to nourish and care for your child just like Chloe. Your blog was very touching, and I hope that you are able to fulfill your duties as a mother in the future. I’m glad that you were able to learn from this experience, and grow into the dedicated and thoughtful young woman you are today. Overall, the story of your baby has shown that even at a young age, children are able to connect with the outside world and remember it for the entirety of their lives.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2011 on Childhood Toy at Kayla Ferreira's blog
My favorite gift when I was a child was my very first baseball glove. When I was a bit younger, I did not play with many toys, but I did enjoy sports because I had grown up in a very athletic family. My dad purchased my first baseball glove when... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Aubrey, I completely believe with what you have posted. It seems that too many people are cheating and this prevents them from obtaining the ultimate education. Especially in Division I schools, many athletes are given special treatment because of their ability to help the school in many ways. Your analysis of how it has been a problem shows that you are somewhat knowledgeable about the subject. As I stated in my post, the academic world should be equal and fair. With this being allowed in our society, it gives students the right to feel that they are invincible. This adds to the problem in another way because it shows that they are able to focus on their sports rather than their education which is their main purpose in school. Education should be the main concern, especially for a young adult. Students need to realize the importance of their future, rather their than fantasies because plans don’t always turn out how you predict them. Student athletes who cheat should be removed from the squad in my opinion. If schools enforced harder regulations on certain policies, than students would realize that their education is more important.
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Feb 11, 2011
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Feb 11, 2011
Student athletes across America have been accused of cheating both athletically and academically. There have been many accusations of teachers helping athletes to do better in school so that they would be able to play their sport of choice. I personally think that this is completely ludicrous and student athletes... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
I completely agree with your analysis of past teachers. You make a necessity to be patient with the students which I feel is very important so that the communication system between student and teacher is a solid one. Many students have different learning abilities, and a good teacher is one that is able to adapt to certain situations. For those teachers that spend time with their students after school and help them with the work outside the classroom, it is indeed a great quality to possess. They find the time to dedicate after school hours to students who do not feel comfortable with the information. Other teachers on the other hand think that what they know is being automatically translated into the student’s mind which is a rather big fault or flaw. Teachers need to realize that their students are at different levels when it comes to different subjects. I feel that teachers may overlook the student in their class when compared to another. For example, some students are great in history and poor in math. The teacher may know that the student is good in history, so he or she must be good in math as well. With that being said, that is a problem that I feel is prevalent throughout our system. For the great teachers who are interactive and enjoyable, I feel that the student is able to function properly socially and intellectually. A good environment within a classroom can only ensure the student of success. Great teachers are known to have special qualities about them, and we are able to recognize as students what is helpful, and what is not. Very good personal overview of your past experiences, and I liked your enthusiasm that was presented within the text. I also enjoyed your comparisons and how you think a teacher should act in order to allow the student to understand and become active within the classroom.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2011 on Teachers at Casey Levesque's blog
Through my years in the system of education, I have found that a majority of my teachers have helped me in more ways than one. When you are in elementary and middle school, teachers tend to teach more than one subject that they may not be too familiar with and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
In 2006, Zinedine Zidane ended his career in a rather disruptive and disrespectful behavior. In the World Cup Final, the last game of his life, Zidance was ejected from the game for "headbutting" an oppossing player in the chest. Due to this event, the media immediately attacked his action. Following... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Casey, in your opening statement you seen to use a great introduction to give an overall analysis on the purpose of Facebook and how it should be used, and I completely agree. People may just add friends to that they may have more than the other, or they just like certain people for their looks or style without truly knowing them. Facebook can be safe in regards to the true purpose of it, but may become harmful when used in correctly. Your second paragraph discusses the lack of knowledge for the true purpose and how the younger generations changed the complete purpose for this great way of communication. I also agree with you that certain people may add friends simply because they are good looking or cool. I mean kids in my sister’s class have Facebook and cell phones and they are in the seventh grade, but I knew some to have Facebooks when they were in the fifth grade. I think it is ludicrous for twelve year olds to have Facebooks because they don’t understand what they can do to cause harm to others as well as themselves. Your paragraph is another strong group of statements that truly shows how young people abuse the true purpose of Facebook. People posting inappropriate pictures and videos do not realize the consequences that may follow. Many people do stalk others through Facebook and it is said to say that this occurs in our world today. I completely agree with your last statement because there should be more restrictions and rules to protect the user as well as his or her friends and family.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on Facebook at Casey Levesque's blog
In our world today, it is very easy to get caught up into different things and into different situations. I feel that the true purpose of face book is a great idea. Friends are able to communicate when they are not in the same school, neighborhood, city, or even country.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2011 at Barbosa729's blog
Personally, I would like to thank you for your great service towards this country. You are very brave and courageous to dedicate your life to a country filled with Americans who need your support. I am sure it is not an easy task for you to defend an entire country,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2010 at Barbosa729's blog
My plan is very similar to yours, because I also want to prepare the students for the life after high school. The school ystem should prepare them for what they may experience in a few years. It is very difficult to take a drastic jump from living with your family, to living alone and I feel that a class such as yours will help them deal with certain situations when they are alone at college. I believe that it is extremely necessary to help students understand the concept of money and organization. It is difficult to organize yourself when you find so many things that you want, but it is those who understand what is needed and not needed that stand out because they will be more organized. Time efficiency also helps because it encourages the student to plan his or her own day so that they don't feel overwhelmed. They should organize time for studies, extra curricular activities, family and friends and other commitments. Also, it is very important to help the student prepare for the life after college. Again, we are entering an open world with many opportunities and chances that we must take in order to be successful. We need to know what we want to do before we do it. It is very important for the student to understand the concepts of raising a family and managing a home. I love your plan a lot and would love a classroom environment liek this because it could help me in more ways than one.
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2010 on Life 101 at Casey Levesque's blog
I believe that if we were to include a class here at Bishop Connolly in our curriculum that would be titled Life 101, it would include topics such as economics, finances, our world today, problems in the United States, political issues, cooking, and gym. Each topic will help the student... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2010 at Barbosa729's blog