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I sure hope Blockbuster starts dividing its stores with 1-foot-thick floor-to-ceiling partitions so I can walk in and not have to even see the word "Classic". In case it offends my delicate sensibilities. Or, I could just throw the ad away.
Funny enough, I just brought it up to my wife that maybe we don't need Netflix anymore. She's had the same movie on our tv for at least a month. Myself, I have several that I seem to only watch when "I have the time." I also find that Netflix is an enabler... I put these movies in my queue I would never actually pay to see then when I get them I take forever to actually watch. I definitely don't feel I'm getting my money's worth any more. Not Netflix's fault. I still think they're best of what's out there.
I've been a netflix member since 1999. Maybe it's because I don't usually get the latest releases until years later, but I've had a terrible track record with Netflix DVDs than I ever did with brick-and-mortar stores. Although 50% is probably a little high, not much. And my DVD player is only a year or two old. Most of the time I fast forward through the unplayable parts. Skip forward than rewind. If a DVD skips or gets pixelated and I finish watching it, I still tell Netflix about it on their website. Ultimately, I think the convenience of Netflix is worth the extra hassle.
Man, how rose-colored are your glasses?
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2007 on Iran at The Dilbert Blog
Commercially viable probably means just that: makes enough money to sell. Beyond aesthetics, there's a whole other reason hybrids don't sell. They're a lot more expensive for the average joe. And they're not as well-pushed because the profit margin for both dealers and manufacturers is a lot slimmer. I read you'd have to own the car nearly twice as long to reap the cost benefits of the gas mileage, and that's not including maintenance costs being grossly over-priced on unique parts and normal depreciation. It's also a gamble, 10 years from now today's hybrids could have a trade-in value of next-to-nothing or they may have a half-life of only half their non-hybrid cousins. My prediction is that higher gas prices will force a change, but it'll be gradual and in 10 years hybrid (or some other alternative fuel technology) will be a standard option much like Automatic versus standard transmission is today. It's wrong to assume that the people who aren't "green" wouldn't rather have a viable option. It's that there really isn't any... yet.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2007 on The Car You Won’t Own at The Dilbert Blog
The same way conventional businesses have for years. Establish a base of repeat customers with quality products, products they want or feel they need. It might not happen the first movie, or even the second. But once a producer, director, or studio gets the reputation of producing quality films without compromise, moviegoers will flock to the theater when that producer, director or studio produces a film. Examples: Steven Spielberg, Sidney Poitier, Pixar, Tom Hanks, Danny Devito (as producer). Names associated with qualtity. Bring back of the age of original movies. The regurgitated crap being created by Hollywood does nothing to deter movie pirating and promote theater attendance. Also, wait before producing a sequel. Wait for quality scripts, qualitity directors. Just the anticipation will draw in crowds, but if you want to make a Pirates 3, then you should've waited for something of quality to come along.
Seems like every 5th of mine is unplayable. No broken ones per se. But i've had terrible luck. Especially popular titles that I don't get immediately.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2006 on Broken & Unplayable Movies at Hacking NetFlix
As disgusting as I think it is, it's a problem, not just with Netflix but everywhere. I heard some company was trying to patent the double-click. And Apple thinks it owns Menus. The problem isn't with these companies, it's with the patent office which is overwhelmed and technically behind. They need to make decisions based on commonality of an idea. Go back to the basics and patent blueprints, not just concepts.
Problem is that most phishers are savvy enough not to ask for personal info directly. They now put links in their emails that forward you to a site that *looks* like a netflix log on screen, but is really their own site that grabs the logon information. General rule of thumb. If you get an email asking you to follow a link, look at the URL Reference in your browser window. 90% of the time, if it's a phisher, that won't be something you expect to see. Usually, if an email asks me to log in to a site that I'm a member of. I'll just go there without clicking a link inside the email.